Welcome Conscious Woman,

You see the good in your life, but there is a part of you that weighs heavy with a deep knowing that there is something more that wants to be expressed through you. You may not be sure exactly what it is, but it is nudging and calling you to connect and align with it to live your life more fulfilled with peace, joy, love and freedom.

You may be one of the many women that have been conditioned, through generations and societal expectations, to believe that it is more important to put everyone else first and actually feel guilty when you desire things for yourself. You give all your energy to your family, career, and the daily to-do-lists of life, and find that at the end of the day you are depleted and weren't able to find any time for you in all of it.

You feel lost at times because you know there is so much more to you and to the life you want to live. You have studied in the areas of spiritual and self growth and transformation, but there still seems to be a gap between where you are and where you want to be. It seems more like they are dreams of what you would like, but you really have no idea, or enough clarity, of how you are going to get there. So, you continue to do as you have done, maybe inserting some small piece of spiritual and self growth information in to keep you on the path to where you one day hope to arrive.

What if you were to connect and align with your Soul's truth and purpose and live it now? How would your life be different? Would your relationships be more harmonious, supportive and loving? Would you love your career choice more, or even step into creating your own business around what you love doing? Would you experience more financial prosperity and abundance in your life and create the freedom for you to live where you want, travel and see the world, drive the car you want and just say 'yes' to those things that make your heart sing? Would your health be more vibrant and have you feeling like you did in your youth? Can you paint a picture of what these would look like if you were living them now?

It is possible to create this in your life and more! What holds you back from opening yourself up to allowing all that you desire into your life are your beliefs, thoughts and the emotional charge created around them. From an early age, you began creating beliefs, that were meant to keep you safe, from observing and interacting with your parents, teachers, classmates, church, and others, that you began to accept as true and take on as your own. When you have thoughts of what you would like to experience, your subconscious accesses your belief system and bases the possibility of being, doing or having in relation to the thought and moves forward based on your previous programming of what will keep you safe. If believing something bad will happen for you to become fnancially independent, then your subconscious will not allow you to become financially independent so the probability of something bad happening is kept to a minumum. When your belief system is activated by your thoughts, you become emotionally invested in whatever is based on that system and form a charge around that emotion which in turn keeps you from taking the steps, or embracing the opportunities, that your thoughts have indicated you are wanting, which are not in alignment with your deep beliefs around them.

This may sound complicated, and you may be wondering how you can possibly change this, but there are ways to shift your beliefs so that you are able to release your resistance to the new experiences that you are desiring to create in your life. It is a process, so no quick-fix is going to make it happen, but know that it is totally possible if you are ready, committed and willing to put in the effort to create what you want! 

If you are a conscious woman who is ready to create and experience the growth, healing and transformation that will set you free from the life you have been living, to connecting and aligning with your Soul's truth and purpose and living the life you want now, then let's connect so we can discuss the best possible next steps for you to create what it is that you want!

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   The Definition         of Insanity:        Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. ~ Albert Einstein