Welcome Infinitely Divine Soul,


Are you ready to get in tune with the truth of who you really are?


If you are…


Ready to have more peace and joy in your life;


Tired of feeling like you are not in charge of your time or choices;


Want to experience more clarity around what you want, who you really are and what your purpose is;


Find it challenging to connect with your authentic soul self because of your conditioning to hide who you really are for fear of judgment and not being accepted according to society’s, or your family’s, rules for the way your life is supposed to be…


Since you have found your way here and are reading this, then you are likely experiencing one, or both, of the following:


There is a part of you that has a deeper knowing there is something more you are here to do, that you are meant to be sharing your gifts and living a greater purpose for your life.


You sense a nudging to connect with your Soul on a deeper level to experience life from a place of your Authentic Self where the freedom and empowerment of expressing and creating as the divine being you are is waiting for you.


It’s amazing that we have been so conditioned to live in this third dimensional world in a state of separation so that we distance ourselves from each other, our source, and most importantly from our own Soul…

…rather than to connect with who we really are and live in the fullness of our Authentic Self and Soul’s truth.


You may be unaware of living your life from a place of what others expect of you over what you may even know to expect or want for yourself.

You have a deep knowing that there is so much more to you and the life you want to live, but there still seems to be a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You have dreams of what you would like, but have no idea, or not enough clarity, to bring them into your reality.

You keep living the same types of draining and unhealthy patterns in your relationships, health and finances that you just can’t seem to change to experience something new.


What if you were to align with what your Authentic Self (your Soul self) really wants, rather than what society dictates you ‘should’ want, to experience a sense of being centered, at peace, in control and in love with your life?


Can you paint a picture of what that would look like if you were loving yourself enough to let yourself live that way?

It is possible to create this in your life and more!


What holds you back from opening yourself up to allowing all that you desire into your life are your beliefs, thoughts and the emotional charge created around them…

…from an early age, you became conditioned to view life from the perspective of those around you, so today, you are most likely still functioning from those limiting patterns that keep you from experiencing the relationships, health, finances, spiritual growth and truly loving yourself, that you really crave and long for…

…this conditioning keeps you stuck in what feels like a life that is dictated by outside forces you have no control over and repetitious, undesirable patterns you can’t seem to break free of…

…to really feel you are enough, worthy and loved so that you can experience your life more fully.


There is a way to shift that conditioning and create new patterns that allows you to live the life you want and love yourself enough to do it!


 Are you ready to turn your desires into your reality

by tapping into the power of the Authentic You?


Are you ready to receive the guidance and support to create

a loving relationship with yourself that empowers you to

express yourself in the world as your Authentic

and True Soul Self where greater freedom

and wholeness in your life exist for you!


If you are…Great!


Take the next step in creating the life you want and

 discover how you can make this happen for you

through workshops, sessions, products and

the Energetic Creation Circle that help you do it!


You are not alone in this!

Let Tammy support you on your journey!


You are a powerful, divine soul and it is time you be who you really are!

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