Deep Dive Clarity Session

Do you want more clarity to understand what is creating the undesirable experiences in your life to occur?


Then, it’s time for a…


Deep Dive Clarity Session

 A single, one on one session for greater clarity and understanding


Are you ready to shift the old patterns, emotional traumas, out of date beliefs and energetic connections to other people that are keeping you stuck in undesirable experiences that seem to just keep repeating themselves, over and over?


It is time to understand what is keeping you stuck in areas of your life, and what you would like to create and experience differently.

When you are unaware of an old pattern, emotional trauma, out of date beliefs or energetic connections you have to people in your life that continue to create the situations, circumstances and experiences that you would like to change, then you are unable to consciously choose to change them so that you can experience something different and more to your liking.

The things that keep you stuck are like programs running in the background of your energy field. They continue to influence how you experience:

  • your finances and levels of abundance
  • your relationship with other people such as family members, friends, lovers, in business and at work
  • your body and level of health you have
  • your spiritual growth and development
  • and ultimately being able to trust yourself and your decisions as your authentic self.

In this sessions, the focus is gaining clarity and understanding on what is keeping you on a hamster wheel of experiences that you are ready to change.

During your session, you will discover what it is that hs you repeating the same old unwanted patterns. These patterns may include:

  • emotions you have not processed fully
  • generational energy that keeps being perpetuated down through your family
  • outdated beliefs that you acquired when you were young and have been functioning from subconsciously ever since
  • or, some type of connection to another person that has you living in a state of not being good enough or fear.

Once you understand what is at the root of these unwanted patterns, you are then able to heal and transform them into healthy ones instead.

What would it be like to have a healthy relationship with your finances and prosperity, the people in your life, your body and living in excellent health, and knowing yourself as your authentic soul self who is already enough, abundant and magnificent?

Each session is unique and created especially for you, depending on what your life is like currently and what challenges you are currently facing. I use a variety of tools and techniques, depending on what will best serve you in achieving the results you desire.

These can include:

I also receive guided and intuited exercises and activities, specific to you and what you are currently experiencing in your life. These are offered to help you create greater results by anchoring the work you experience during the session, to raise your vibrational frequency, allowing it to become your new natural state of being, thus creating more pleasing life experiences which will benefit your growth and expansion.

Much of the information that comes through in the session is intuited and shared in a way that is specifically for your easier and better understanding of it.

This work allows you to experience quicker results and more clarity, creating an opening for you to come from a greater place of authenticity. From this place, you will be able to the life you desire, rather than simply accepting your life the way it is now.

However, please realize that deep transformation is a process, and while this session is meant to address a single area in your life right now where you desire to create change, it is only the tip of the iceberg for what you will experience during multiple sessions of working with me.



In your session, you will experience ~

  • Being held in a sacred space of love and a high vibration throughout the entire session, which will activate healing and shifts to occur for you on deep levels
  • Relaxing, cleansing breathing to clear and release, as well as open you up for the highest results to occur for you.

*A recording of your session is provided to you as an mp3 file for download and to access whenever you want to review the information shared. You will receive the recording in your followup session email, within about 48 hours, along with a summary of the information shared in the session for easy reference.

**Sessions are offered remotely, so you can be anywhere in the world and still experience this work. If you are local, you can inquire about in person sessions.


Are you ready to say YES to YOURSELF?

Perfect! Then request a complimentary Soul Discovery Session with me to help discover if this work is a good fit for you.

Request a complimentary Soul Discovery Session Now!

We will get on you the path of clarity to what your dream life looks like for you so you can begin to take action steps right away to living it now.


Tracy Tolliver, of West Bloomfield Twp, shares about working with Tammy…


You’ve helped me immensely, Tammy. There is a real difference in the love that I feel for myself, the gratitude I feel everyday and my willingness to do the work necessary to move forward, and consequently, move up. It’s become so very obvious to me when I’m thinking, seeing and acting on a higher energy level than someone else in my life. It’s changed my perception, attitude and the way I react to someone making choices based in fear. You’ve helped me to see this. You’ve helped me to make choices that have created positive change in my life. Little by little (and sometimes in grand leaps) I am changing in positive ways. You have a gift. You can truly help people to think and see better things in themselves and others around them. I’m so thankful for the work you’ve done with me. You’ve helped to move me from a place of fear, indecision and longing to a place where I can honestly see myself. I can (and have begun) to do the work.. a little more every day. I leave behind the feelings of despair and overwhelming thoughts and move to a place of clarity, health and abundance. I’m making time to meditate, to focus on what is truly important to me. You’ve given me that gift. Thank you, from my heart.





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