Distant Healing Energy Sessions

Are any of these you?


  • You feel tired or lack the energy to do the things you want to do.
  • You have a health concern, condition or dis-ease in your body that limits what you can, and want to, do.
  • You want to experience change in your finances, health, relationships or some area of your life, but feel stuck where you are.
  • You would love help in feeling better in, and about, your life.



Then you are in the right place!

You are someone who knows there is a better way to be living your life then you currently are. You feel like if you could just feel better in your health, relationships, finances and with yourself, you would be happier.

How would you like to be able to have access to receiving healing energy that will assist you in opening the space for the better to come into your life?

Now’s your opportunity!

Beginning now, you can receive high vibrational energy that will open you up to experiencing your natural state which is well-being, wholeness, joy, abundance and so much more. Life isn’t meant to be a struggle or painful. It is your birthright, as the divine being you are, to experience healing in all parts of your life.

You have likely been hoping and praying for a way to have more relief in your life and create something better in the areas that just aren’t what you want them to be, but are unsure of how to go about doing that. You just wish there was an easier way to feel better and experience more good in your life.

That would be amazing, wouldn’t it!?!

Well, let me invite you to explore a way to do this…


Join NOW and become a member of
the Distant Healing Energy Sessions!


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When you become a member, you’ll receive…


Two monthly distant healing energy sessions. You will receive healing energy, at the designated time, that will work with your intention (s) for what you want to experience, heal or shift in your life. There is no need to call in or be anywhere, other than just to allow yourself to relax during these sessions, or continue about your day. Either way, you will be receiving the healing energy that will amp up your healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and open the space for changes to occur where you need, and want, them the most.

Each session brings in higher vibrational energy that is enfolding you during the entire session. This higher vibrational energy is directed by your intentions to work in your energy field, raising your personal vibration and allowing your energy and physical body to begin healing itself on all levels. The changes that occur from this healing energy then are reflected in, and influence the energy of, your life experiences and outer world. It will continue for at least 3 days beyond the session as well.

In addition to the distant healing energy sessions, you’ll receive instant access to guided meditation audios to get started for additional value and benefit in listening to them between the sessions to help you continue to stay in a higher vibration and maintain it by anchoring it into your energy field as your new natural state.

And, if you decide you want more support, you can upgrade your membership to the Energetic Creation Circle for live support from me with additional healings, activations and energy work on two calls per month plus additional audios of energetic exercises, processes and more benefits.


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What is your monthly investment for all this?


You receive all that is shared above as a member of the Distant Healing Energy Sessions for the investment of only $39 a month! This is an amazing investment to get started, as my private one on one clients invest hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to work with me.

This is less than most energy healers charge for a single session, and only one session doesn’t offer enough time for deeper, lasting healing and change to happen.

Change is a process because the old patterns and beliefs you are currently living from take time to shift. It may be a short period for some of these, and longer for others, depending on the depth and influence they have in your life, but it does take time. We are meant to live the experiences of life fully, whether we perceive them as good or bad, and we cannot bypass the experience of each and every one of them. Being a member offers you the opportunity to receive the energy work that will help you create change and be able to anchor it as your new level of patterns and beliefs if you participate and allow yourself the opportunity for the transformation to occur.

This rate will remain your investment as long as you continue your membership and will be automatically recurring each month until cancelled. This monthly investment offer may increase at any time, so take advantage of the current investment and lock it in.



It’s time to live your best life, so start experiencing the higher levels of healing that can help that happen NOW!



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*You can cancel your membership at anytime and will continue to receive access to the member’s area until the next billing cycle.*
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