Energetic Creation Circle

Are any of these you?


  • You are stuck or struggling in an area of your life, or even with getting clear on what you want in your life, and wish you could receive help that goes beyond just reading a book or taking an online program.
  • You know you have a greater purpose and feel like the “real” you is ready to be expressed in the world, but you don’t know where to start or what to do next.
  • You would love to understand who you are at a deeper, soul level and discover how to live from that place for greater fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness in your life.



Then you are in the right place!

You are someone who has been feeling the call of your soul to be more than you have been. To live more fully, in joy and peace. To stop living a life that has been traveling a path laid out for you by others, but instead to create an amazing one for yourself.

How would you like to be able to have access to receiving personal guidance, support and assistance in uncovering, embracing and more fully realizing who you are and came to be?

Now’s your opportunity!

Beginning now, you’ll be part of a circle of those wanting the same thing, to ask your questions and receive energy work and coaching that will help you create the change and growth you are wanting in your life.

You have likely been trying to figure this out on your own up until now, and probably explored information here and there to help you, but you still haven’t really experienced change like you would like to. You just wish there was an easier way to get in touch with who you really are and live your life from that place.

That would be amazing, wouldn’t it!?!

Well, let me invite you to explore a way to do this…


Become a member of the Energetic Creation Circle!



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When you become a circle member, you’ll receive…


Access to two live 90 minute calls per month that include energetic healing, vibration raising, and consciousness shifting as well as coaching and Q&A. You’ll be able to ask questions and for guidance and support on whatever level you are needing at the time. If you are experiencing something in your life that you want to change or receive support on creating change, you’ll be able to receive it.

The calls will be offered with higher vibrational energy running the whole time that you will be on the live call and listening to the recording, and it will continue for at least 3 days beyond it. This higher vibrational energy automatically goes to work in your energy field, raising your personal vibration and allowing your energy and physical body to begin healing itself on all levels. Being that you will be on the call with others who are wanting similar shifts, such as living in a more joyous, peaceful and fulfilling way, their energy will amplify that as well, so the energy you receive will be amazing and the miracles and magic that happen in your life will be delightful!

By becoming a member now, you’ll receive instant access to multiple product audios to get you started along with the monthly calls in which we will be focusing on shifting your vibration for releasing struggle, lack and worry, to experiencing peace, calm and abundance as your natural state.

In addition to the live calls, and their recordings to listen as you desire, you’ll have access to many of my digital products for additional value and benefit in listening to them and doing the exercises between the live calls to help you continue to stay in a higher vibration and maintain it by anchoring it into your energy field as your new natural state.

You’ll also be included in my daily energy work will I will cleanse, balance, activate, energize and harmonize your energy to keep you in a higher vibrational frequency throughout your day and assist you in anchoring the work you are doing as your new natural state.

If you ultimately decide you want to go deeper and are ready to jump in with the one on one work I offer to individuals, you’ll receive a discount there too. Spaces available for working with me one on one are very limited, so we’ll determine when you are really ready to take this next step.

And, you will be part of a private Facebook group to ask questions, share experiences and receive support from me as well as the other members.



What is the monthly investment?


You receive all that is shared above, along with future content that will be added, as a member of the Energetic Creation Circle at the special introductory investment of only $78 a month! This is an amazing investment to get started, as I have had clients invest thousands with me to work with me.

This is less than most energy healers charge for a single session that isn’t long enough to create the permanent change you desire. It is less than a coaching session that, again, would be for only a single session where lasting change isn’t created that quickly. And, it is less than most psychics charge for a reading which provides you with possible future events that may change if you make different choices.

Change is a process because the conditioning, beliefs and patterns you are currently living from take time to shift. It may be a short period for some of these, and longer for others, depending on the depth and influence they have in your life, but it does take time. We are meant to live the experiences of life fully, whether we perceive them as good or bad, and we cannot bypass the experience of each and every one of them. Being a member offers you the opportunity to receive support, guidance and energy work that will help you create change and be able to anchor it as your new level of patterns and beliefs if you participate and allow yourself the opportunity for the transformation to occur.

This special introductory rate will remain your investment as long as you continue your membership and will be automatically reoccurring each month until cancelled. Note that this special monthly investment offer may increase at any time, so take advantage of this introductory special and lock it in.




Additional Limited Time Bonus Offer:

As an additional Limited Time Bonus Offer, join now and you will receive a 30 minute one on one session with me valued at over $100. This offer will end as soon as my schedule fills up, so be sure to take advantage of this incredible offer!



Join Now by Clicking a Subscribe Button Below to Become a Member!


If you’d like to save, invest in a full payment for the year!



Let’s create some amazing shifts to experience magic and miracles in your life now!






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