Energetic Creation Session Package

Do you want to experience your Authentic Self and have the freedom to live your life the way YOU want it?


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Energetic Creation Sessions

 24 week Package for profound transformation, healing and conscious change


Working with the energy of creation to tap into the power of the authentic you to consciously create your life the way you want it through new, healthy, enjoyable patterns and choices that become your sustainable natural state of being.


In these sessions, the focus is on consciously creating your reality the way you want it by shifting your beliefs, thoughts and emotions in an area of your life you would most like to experience differently than you currently are. There are laws of the universe that govern how the energy of everything works and by working in a more conscious and desirable way with these laws, as well as the energy that makes up and creates all things, you can actually create shifts in your life and what you are experiencing in it. By shifting your perspective and how you vibrationally relate to a chosen situation, circumstance or person in your life that you want to experience change around, your life molds to how you would rather be experiencing it.

We will explore the issue you bring to the session and consciously reshape how you experience it to more of what you desire. We will check in with the constrictions and limitations that are contributing to the resistance that is keeping you in the unwanted patterns you are continuing to experience, and as they reveal themselves, so can they be recognized, released and brought to resolution. When you become aware of how your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions are always creating your experience, then you can consciously make choices that produce the results you find more pleasing.

Also in this session, you will experience even more shifts, healing and transformation on all levels. Really going deep allows for more clearing and releasing of stuck energy and unwanted patterns that you have been experiencing over and over but haven’t been able to shift on your own. Much of what comes through in this session is of a high vibrational, intuited nature and you will be receiving healing energy that is being sent to, and enfolding, you during the entire session to help in creating shifts for you on an energetic level.

Each session is unique to where you are in the current moment and your level of consciousness so different types of tools and techniques are used according to what will best serve you in achieving the results you desire. These can include:

This work allows you to experience quicker results and more clarity, creating an opening for you to come from a greater place of authenticity. From this place, you will be able to the life you desire, rather than simply accepting your life the way it is now.

However, please realize that it is a more advanced way of creating change in your life and does so profoundly. Much of the information that comes through in the session is intuited and shared in a way that is specifically for your easier and better understanding of it. It is actually fun to create your life this way the more you get the hang of it!


Included in the package and sessions:

  • Guided and intuited exercises and activities, specific to you and what you are experiencing in your life, are offered to help you create greater results and anchor the work we do during the session allowing it to become your new natural state of being in a higher vibrational frequency and new, pleasing experiences.
  • During the time of your package, you will be added to my daily energy and healing work that cleanses, balances, activates, energizes and harmonizes your energy field and physical body so that your energy is set to a high vibration every day. (value ~ priceless)
  • Membership in the Energetic Creation Circle with access to additional live support calls and all the meditations, processes, and energetic exercises there to help you experience more shifts and healing in the work you are doing through the sessions. You receive access to the Free Gifts as well. (over a $468 value).


In each of your sessions, you will experience ~

  • Being held in a sacred space of love and a high vibration throughout the entire session, which will activate healing and shifts to occur for you on deep levels
  • Relaxing, cleansing breathing to clear and release, as well as open you up for the highest results to occur for you.

*A recording of your session is provided to you as an mp3 file for download and to access whenever you want to review the information shared. You will receive the recording in your followup session email, within about 48 hours, along with a summary of the information shared in the session for easy reference.

**Sessions are offered remotely, so you can be anywhere in the world and still experience this work. If you are local to me, you may inquire about in person sessions.


Are you ready to say YES to YOURSELF?

Perfect! Then request a complimentary Soul Discovery Session with me to help discover if this work is a good fit for you.

Request a complimentary Soul Discovery Session Now!

We will get on you the path of clarity to what your dream life looks like for you so you can begin to take action steps right away to living it now.


Rasheda Devaney, of Belleville, shares about working with Tammy…


I met Tammy through a mutual person and have been connected with her for a few years on Facebook. Things in my life got to a place that I really wanted a change and I didn’t know how to do it on my own. I wasn’t quite sure what Tammy did exactly, but I felt guided to connect with her more. We chatted in her complimentary session and I felt that she understood what I was going through and wanted to change. I decided to work with her in her Energetic Creation Sessions, and I didn’t know what to expect from the sessions.  In the very first one, we removed an attachment to a toxic relationship I had been in for several decades. It was amazing what I felt as she released the hook that was in my energy field, originating in another lifetime. Now, that person is no longer an influence in my life, or my energy, and I am enjoying new relationship connections and opportunities for a healthy, happy one. She also did clearing and releasing work, that again originated in other lifetimes, for other very significant and close relationships in my life, and they have improved so much from what they were. Even the others in them, once I shared what had occurred in the sessions, recognize that they feel different as well and it is all more positive for all of us. I have experienced a shift in the heaviness and lack of clarity and trust I was experiencing, to now recognize what is true for me more. I trust myself and my instincts more now too. Something even more unexpected from this work is that others have noticed something different about me. Nothing they can quite put their finger on, but I have been getting comments that I look like I have been on vacation or lost weight. My life has definitely changed for the better since working with Tammy. I would highly recommend working with her to desired create change in your life as well.




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