Ready to release the energetic clutter that is keeping you stuck?

Does it feel like no matter what you do, the same old patterns keep showing up in your life in your relationships, finances, health and even your spiritual growth? It’s like you have hit a plateau and you just can’t seem to move to the next level of ‘great’ in your life.


This is likely because of the energetic clutter you have accumulated in your energy field over your lifetime, possibly even brought forth from previous ones as well.


So, what is energetic clutter?


It is the negative, or dark, energy that accumulates in your energy field. It creates a “cloudiness” that keeps you from connecting with your authentic self more clearly and easily so that you make your choices based upon what is for your highest and best good.


Your energy field, which surrounds and extends beyond your physical body, includes your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. They are also referred to as your aura, or auric field. These hold your emotions, your thoughts, your memories, information and your connection to who you really are, and everything about you.


As you move through life, your energy bodies take on the “stuff” of the world around you. They absorb, if you will, energetic information from your experiences and the people you encounter throughout your life. This “stuff” becomes “stuck” in your energy field, and it is almost like a cancer that then starts infiltrating your thoughts, emotions and your ability to connect with your true self, thus influencing your life experiences.


This is usually subtle in the way these negative, or dark, energies influence your life. They can show up as anxiety, fear, worry, stress, health issues and more. They have you believing that it is all you and that there is something “wrong” with you.


Why does this happen?


Because you are not aware that they are even there. Old relationships and negative connections and interactions you have had with others can leave these dark energies in your field, thus they influence your new and current relationships.  Your relationship with money and the ease with which it flows into your life is influenced by these energies from past experiences and programmed beliefs that hold enough strength to continue be part of what you believe. Your health is influenced by them, especially when you experience chronic or constant issues that you can’t seem to heal or there is no definite diagnosis for them.


These negative or dark energies have become strong enough to take on “form” if you will and have a level of consciousness that’s only purpose is to wreak havoc in your life. Again, this is subtle most of the time, just showing up as the struggle and difficulty that keeps you from experiencing more of what you desire in your life.


What do you do?


As a first step, it is important to become aware that they are there which begins to diminish their power.  Your awareness for anything in your life experience brings it to the surface and can begin to move you back into more power over your own energy.


Clearing your energy of these negative and dark energies is also important for you to remove the energetic clutter and allow you to connect with your authentic soul self.  The influence they have in your energy field keeps you from seeing yourself for who you really are clearly as well as accessing the part of you that knows your truth and what is best for you.


Because you live in the contrast of the physical experience, these dark energies will be part of what is there, but you can take your power back over your energy by clearing it regularly and being aware of the subtle signs that indicate that the clutter is there.


Who you really are is more powerful than anything, so through your conscious awareness, you can create the change you desire and take away their behind-the-scenes influence in your life. Know this to be true and take action to take charge of your own energy.


In love,

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