Why you are your best investment

Do you often say ‘no’, or hesitate in saying ‘yes’, to the things you want that you know would improve and enhance the quality of your life?


Say you are into self improvement and you have an opportunity to work with someone you know will help you move to the next level, but you stop yourself from moving forward with them because of the price they’re asking for their services?


Is it really about the money?


Not when it comes down to it. Your decisions are based on generally two things…


…One, do you have enough information to want the thing enough to feel you are willing to part with your money for it. And two, is that you feel you are not worthy of the thing and thus let fear, or the pain, of another failure stop you from doing or having it.


What if YOU truly are your best investment?


You may be conditioned to believe that your retirement or stock investments are the best investments. And although they are your money working for you, there is always a possibility of loss in them. Many people have lost everything in both.


Saving for your future and for a “rainy day” is something that is fine to do, but even that can disappear if something significant happens in your life.


When it comes down to it, YOU truly are your best investment because it is YOU that creates and chooses all of these other investments anyway. It is YOU that will always have the last say in what you ultimately do, even when it feels like you may not really.


So, why invest in yourself?


Because YOU go with YOU everywhere! YOU will always be with YOU! And, YOU are who is creating your life anyway. What you know, no one can ever take away from you!


Being centered in yourself and in making the choices that are best for you to enhance your life is vital in living a happy, healthy, satisfying and fulfilled life.


If you are at your best in all areas, then your life can be nothing less than the best in and of itself.


Evolving and expanding YOU creates the life you live because you are the center of your universe and everything you experience comes from you. You truly are the creator of your world.


Investing your time, money and effort in making yourself the best YOU you can be is what makes all the difference in your life. You become the best version of yourself, so then your life becomes the best version of where you are and will keep growing and expanding as you do!


If you want more in your life, the next level of whatever that is, you must become the next higher version of yourself to be in alignment with it and allow it in. Everything you desire is at a higher level than you are currently, so you have to become the person that meets it where it is at, as it will not come down to meet you where you are currently at…


…this applies to experiencing more peace, love, joy and pleasure as well as the next level of the car, the house, the relationship, the job, the traveling, or whatever you dream of, in your life.


With that in mind, you will be asked to step out of your comfort zone and invest in yourself in ways you may not be used to. You always get the choice to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to any opportunity for the better that comes along. You decide whether you are willing to believe YOU are worth it enough and allow the way to show up for you, or if you are going to let it pass you by out of fear and stay where you are. Only you can truly decide because it is YOU that will be investing the time, money and effort into it for yourself.


Why not create a “freedom account” that allows you to say ‘yes’ to opportunities for lifting you to the next level in your life?


A way to feel ”safer” in investing in yourself, at least via your money, is to create an account that you add to that is only about YOU expanding and investing in YOU. With this, you can feel more ready to say ‘yes’ when those opportunities arise that invite you to move to the next higher level of yourself.  This account is for personal and spiritual growth for yourself, not manicures, purses, and playthings. Those come from you being a better you! They do not create or help you become the better you.


Are you ready to make yourself your greatest investment and live the best life that is available to you?


You can do it! And you will be happy you did!


In love,

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