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Are you ready to receive the answers you’ve been looking for?


On your journey of spiritual awakening and growth, you may find times when your questions leave you still pondering what to do next on your path, or in expressing your purpose more fully, with a lack of clarity of the answers you are asking for and receiving.


You are not alone on this journey. You are part of a greater consciousness that offers all that you need in being who you really are and expressing that to the highest degree. The world’s conditioning may indicate otherwise, but it isn’t the truth of who you really are or the magnificence that you are and that which lies within you already.


ALL THAT IS  and I are here to assist you along the way. To offer you: the confirmation, clarity and understanding that you desire to feel more confident in the choices you make, in the perspective you view your life through and the way you treat yourself in loving ways.


Imagine experiencing…


The confirmation that allows you to trust your own “knowing” regarding the choices and decisions you are making, or facing, in your life.


The clarity on your next best step and moving forward confidently.


The understanding of who you are and the path you are on in your life, allowing you to feel more into your purpose and who you are becoming because of it.


With this confirmation, clarity and understanding, you shift into viewing your life through a new, higher perspective that allows you to experience the freedom that your soul desired to have in this physical, 3D life experience.


Often you don’t take the forward moving steps in your life, stepping outside your comfort zone, that you know would change everything or make your life better because of some underlying belief or fear that holds you back.

You may hope and wish that you could just have a way to “know” that you are on the right path, that you are making choices that will serve you best or that you want to feel someone is there with you believing in it too.

It is time to tune into, align with and open up to that which is available to you at all times and in all ways. Through your own connection with the greater part of you, your life will become clearer and easier to navigate in ways that feel good to you and offer the deepest path and purpose along the way.


Because you have found your way here, you are someone who believes in a benevolent greater consciousness that you are a part of, whether you want to refer to that as God/Source/The Universe, or whatever resonates with you, knowing that it is supporting you along your journey.

You likely communicate with it through prayer or meditation, even receiving responses or signs that “speak” to you and offer a level of guidance, but they may not always be as clear and obvious as you would like.

It is really a conscious connection that you would love to have that would allow you to receive an immediate and clear response to your questions.

That is totally possible! And, it is available to you now in a…



Quantum Elevation Channeled Session with ALL THAT IS and Tammy



You will receive confirmation, clarity and understanding by communicating directly with higher divine consciousness.

ALL THAT IS is the higher divine, universal wisdom consciousness that encompasses all things. It is the lowest vibrational level accessible in the human experience to the all-knowing, expanded consciousness that is referred to as God/Source/The Universe, or whatever resonates with you.

If you ever wanted to talk to “God,” this would be it.

As if “God” were right there with you, and you are simply having a conversation, receiving support, guidance and a listening ear in a safe, loving, non-judgemental space.

Discover more about ALL THAT IS here.



Those who have experienced sessions with ALL THAT IS have shared how safe and loved they feel when in their presence. That being in the high vibrational energy opened them up to realizations and a-ha’s they hadn’t experienced before. That they received clarity on what is happening and how they can create change in it to live more of what they want in their life. And so many other inspirational and amazing experiences have happened already as well as will continue.

See what others are sharing about their experiences.


Maybe you have experienced other channels, such as Esther Hicks and Abraham, Sheila Gillette and THEO, Seth, to name a few. ALL THAT IS encompasses all of those collective consciousnesses and more.

If you are not familiar with channeling, channeling is the ability to allow higher vibrational information and consciousness to flow through you and be open to receiving it.

You can read more about Tammy’s channeling journey here.



You can receive guidance, coaching and healing on any area of your life relating to…

  • your finances and abundance
  • your relationships
  • your body and health
  • your spiritual growth and development
  • your next steps into your higher vision and purpose
  • your past traumas, blocks and unhealthy patterns
  • and anything else your heart or mind would like to have confirmation, clarity and understanding around.



Daniel John Hanneman, CEO/Founder of Academy For Invincible Healers, Inc. at academyforinvinciblehealers.com, shares from his session..

I felt amazing after the channeled guidance session with Tammy in a way that is probably impossible to actually describe. I was very connected to the higher plane of energy. I have listened back to the audio recording once after the session and that was helpful too. I have used what came through deeply in exploring what wants to happen next and still not sure what that is yet. I did see new business in a couple of areas this week that I feel the session helped me cultivate. I am doing the suggested pricing system for some services and gained one new client there right away. The vibrations from the session have continued to attune me and I was on fire with very expanded energy the next week. The old fears/energies feel like they are dropping off.  You have inspired me to channel 1-1 with people again because this type of work is so powerful. Thanks so much for your amazing gifts and this most powerful session. This is definitely one of the most effective sessions I have gotten in many years for attunement and clarity of what wants to happen next! Updated – Tammy you were so pivotal, I truly feel that you were a major catalyst of the creation of the new endeavor I am moving into. I would not have thought on my own to create something like this and other things you shared help energetically for me to relax into this happening. After spending countless hours and money on different sessions with others, it finally all came together. I know I was ready for it and I know your channeling played a powerful role in it all!”


In a session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask ALL THAT IS your questions to gain more clarity, confirmation and understanding on what you want to experience healing and shifts around to assist you in living in the fullness as the best version of yourself in this lifetime.

The YOU your soul intended you to be.

What would it be like to talk to all-knowing expanded consciousness to ask it your questions about life, love, health, happiness and more, and receive coaching, guidance and healing?

Each session is unique and flows from your questions and inquiries.

You will receive action steps that you can choose to implement to create change and transformation in your life from your interaction with ALL THAT IS.



Domina Doll, Passion & Pleasure Alchemist at EvokingEcstasy.com, shares from her session…

“I have known Tammy for a while, as she is in one of the courses I am taking, and was very interested in her energetic gifts.  I could tell even before having a session with her that she was very intuitive and lived in a high vibrational energy.  When Tammy decided to offer her channeling sessions with ALL THAT IS, I was very curious about what it would entail and how it might help me on my path.

At the start of our session Tammy explained what she would be doing and how channeling worked, which alleviated any nervousness I may have had.  Speaking with ALL THAT IS, was very calm and peaceful, and I felt the energy of love beaming from them.

I gained a lot of clarity and new awareness from my session with ALL THAT IS and felt validated in my ability to listen to my own inner wisdom and trust that I know the way.  I gained more trust in myself and inner guidance, and could see my path clearly forward, knowing that by taking the next steps it would lead me to where I need to be to manifest my desires.  During our time together, I also made a commitment to work on my passion every day for at least an hour or two, so that my true work can be birthed into this world.  I received confirmation to trust myself regarding important decisions, and clarity on what steps I needed to take to move forward with confidence, as well as connecting deeper to my own truth, and taking action steps towards my life’s purpose.  I now feel much more aligned and in the flow, so I can create much more effortlessly.

Since, then I have been following that direction.  I have learned to delegate and have hired VA to help me, so I can work more in my passion.  I have also found new resources and opportunities to support me going forward and have taken bold moves of expansion that before I may have feared to do, going out of my comfort zone and taking a big leap of faith, knowing it will open me up to new opportunities.  I have also started a cleansing diet and have been able to stay on it now for more than a week, which is amazing for me.  I feel healthier, more aligned and have a lot more energy.  I have also taken more time for self-care, meditation and reflection and tuning into my inner voice, so I feel confident in my decisions every day.

I would highly recommend Tammy’s channeling with ALL THAT IS for anyone seeking clarity, or looking for answers to their life’s path and how to align to that vision. Tammy is very intuitive and gifted energy coach and it is truly an honor to work with her and ALL THAT IS.  I want to thank them for their enlightenment and clarity during my session.”


Experience a Quantum Elevation Channeled Session with ALL THAT IS and Tammy


 In which you…


Receive a private one on one session offered remotely, via video chat or phone, anywhere you are in the world. For the best experience, please be in a comfortable, quiet location where you can relax and be open to receiving what ALL THAT IS offers to you.


In the session, you will be able to ask your questions and release an emotional or energetic block. This session is up to 60 minutes, and will include time to ask your questions that are around a specific area or experience happening in your life that you want to shift right now. ALL THAT IS has higher insight into what you are experiencing and can offer you clarity to help you sort through them with more confidence and ease. You will also release an emotional or energetic block that is something you have been wanting to let go of relating to the theme of the questions you choose to ask, which can include a person, situation or experience either past or present, that has a heaviness to it and is still influencing your experiences in unhealthy and undesired ways. And, you’ll receive additional coaching and guidance with Tammy to assist with more clarity and support that is helpful in your understanding and forward movement of what you received and experienced during your session.


To prepare for your session, have several questions in a theme or topic that you want to discuss to receive confirmation, clarity and understanding in your life. They know how much information you can receive and implement in your life, so they will not overwhelm you with too much. Many times, your questions will naturally lead into other questions, so having several questions prepared is meant to allow you to have them ready if time, and the benefit of asking them, allows. Please have pen and paper to write down any additional questions that may be created from the responses you receive, or allow them to just flow as you move through the session.


For the emotional and energetic block release, have an emotion, or experience relating to a person, situation or circumstance that is along the theme of the questions you intend to ask. You want to be ready and willing to truly let go whatever it is fully. Write it down or have it in your mind when it is time to do so. This is very powerful and has many amazed at what they have been able to release that they hadn’t been able to any other way before, even after other work they did to do so.


Prior to your session, you will receive information that will provide you with details that will be helpful in receiving the most benefit from your time with ALL THAT IS and utilizing the time for the most value to you. Please be sure to read it carefully and ask any questions you may have prior to beginning your session.


During the session, you will be receiving very high vibrational energy that will be permeating your energy field and body with activations and healings for your highest good to assist you in living your soul’s intended expression of itself in this lifetime. It will also be stirring up old stagnant and blocked energies relating to you moving to the next higher vibration in your life that are ready to be released.


There will be shifting in your cells and DNA to assist in your physical structure acclimating to the higher vibrational energy you receive. This higher vibrational energy will open you up to receiving and experiencing greater awarenesses and expansion of your consciousness so that new information, both from your energy field and soul, as well as from infinite wisdom, become part of your experience now.


*All sessions are offered Zoom video chat or by phone. A recording of your session is provided to you as an audio file for download and to access whenever you want to review the information shared and continue to receive the high vibrational energy and new awarenesses from it. You will receive the recording in a followup session email within several business days after your session.



Quantum Elevation Channeled Session ~ $297


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What clients are sharing about their sessions with ALL THAT IS…


“I know Tammy fairly well from a business training and mastermind.  I felt inspired to have a session with her because of how I feel around her.  She has such an open, forgiving, and generous heart.  I actually thought we were doing an energy healing, and when I found out we were doing a channeling session I was completely excited, a little nervous, but totally trusting.  Tammy’s energy is incredibly loving and supportively present – I trust her leadership.

What I liked most about my session with Tammy was connecting with them. It felt as if my Soul was pierced by their presence.  I’ve had peak spiritual experiences and I access Universal energy for healing, but I had never felt so totally overcome with a connection this full and deep.  The energy was very powerful.  Tammy said my cells would all change from the vibration and I was overwhelmed when I felt that.  They offered me wisdom about my challenges with taking care of myself first, trusting my intuition, and my relationship with my father.  What surprised me about my session was how when they were there with me in that way – I was accessing them also through me.  I was suddenly tapped with the wisdom that is already inside me and it was being reflected through Tammy’s channel.  Hearing their voices supported my ability to trust those same voices in my being.  Her giving them space to speak through her to me gave me access to them within myself.  A lot of the wisdom they offered me was wisdom I already knew.  They struck me like a bell and I was vibrating high for almost a week afterward.  What I experienced after the session can only be described as  God Awakening.  I have never been so connected to ‘God’ ‘Source’ Universe’ as I have been this past week.

With new awarenesses about who and what I really am, and my direct line to Source, I am more clear about my life purpose, and the road map unfolding around my transformational life.  I run my own purpose driven business and in just one week since my session, I feel more intuitively driven, and clear about my business choices.  I am trusting life more, and I’m invested in ME first.  Not my business.  This improves my connection to my Self, Source, my relationships, and my baby business <3.

In just 30 minutes I received more value than any other 30 minutes of coaching, healing, or therapy.  Tammy is a clean, clear, brilliant channel and beautiful human being.  I felt completely safe in the intensely spiritual and awakening experience.  With Tammy there with me, and my cells being blinded by God, all was well.  It takes a lot for me to let myself be supported by others.  She had me, I would do a session with her anytime, anywhere.  I’m so grateful for the wisdom and insight that AllThatIs shared with me, and for Tammy’s lovely and supportive guidance and coaching.  Her compassion runs deep, and her power is palpable.  Thank you, Tammy!!! Annaliese Koltermann, Founder of the School of Embodied Learning, Life Coach, Energy Healer, Yoga / Meditation Teacher, akoltermann.com






“I am grateful to Tammy for our session with ALL THAT IS.  I appreciated her relaxed, down to earth way of explaining how the session & connection was going to unfold.  As soon as ALL THAT IS announced that they were present, my whole body lit up with energy, my heart opened wide and I felt welling up of emotions. I could definitely feel the energy, connection & their presence.

Before my session with ALL THAT IS I had been experiencing some blocks and doubts in my business.  ALL THAT IS provided clarity and confirmation of what was blocking my prosperity and forwardness of my business and of what was necessary to take my business to the next level.

Since my session I am more grounded and solid in my confidence. I also have a deeper trust in God, Creation, the Universe taking care of the details.  I have been able to complete certain tasks for my business that I had been unable to before my session. I am also clearer on  what I need to do to move forward confidently so that I can better serve my coaching clients & manifest my dreams.

Thanks Tammy for this powerful & transformative session. This session provided me with the energy & shift that I needed to be able to expand my coaching business to the next level and be willing to offer my gifts in an even bigger way to my coaching clients. My confidence has expanded daily since our session together! It would be my pleasure to recommend a session with ALL THAT IS!” Vireo Karvonen, M.Ed., Belief Specialist & Pleasure Coach at www.dancingpleasuregoddess.ca  





“Going in to my first channeling session I had a lot of doubts and fears. But my interaction felt so organic and natural. I felt the energy in my head and it felt like a wonderful massage throughout the session. I had planned 3 questions for the session but going through the first and the 2nd question, I got my answers and more ideas to proceed that I did not even have to ask the 3rd question. The energy gave me the right push to uplevel myself to a higher vibration. Towards the end, ALL THAT IS told me “The best antidote to fear is to take action.” This statement really stuck with me as I had just shared that statement on my Facebook and when ALL THAT IS told me that it really struck the right sweet spot for me. I have been able to take action on a few things discussed in the session. These were the things that were so scary to me and I had been putting them off for more than 6 months now. And in just 3 days I have taken so many steps. Feels really good. I have been feeling so positive and happy after the session. Thank you so much ALL THAT IS for the guidance and the push in the right direction for me.” Latha Prabhakar, Moon Cycle Coach, www.lathaprabhakar.com






I’m at a place in my life where I have been feeling stuck, confused and unsure of my best next steps to achieve my goals. I even started to wonder if my goals were completely off base!  I’ve been struggling to build a business that reflects my purpose and gifts, and with so much noise out there about what to do to make money as a soul-centered entrepreneur, I’ve been almost paralyzed by all the options. I was looking for some clarity around where my gifts are most useful, best applied and have the greatest potential for financial reward. The Session gave me a lot to think about! Some ideas that have been in the background of my mind were brought right to the surface and I received powerful confirmation that there is some great opportunity for me.  I was shown that the way I’m spending my time may need to be adjusted, and that there can be great opportunity for me by releasing the struggle and focusing on the things I enjoy most.  That feels exciting and good because I have felt like I was pushing a boulder uphill.  It’s a relief to know I can make a slight shift and experience much better results. It triggered a memory of how I had actually done something similar in the past and I did have great results – I had totally forgotten about that! I really liked how clearly Tammy communicated the guidance, and how I was able to ask questions and basically have a two–way conversation with ALL THAT IS! I felt a buzz in my body as I was communicating with ALL THAT IS, I could feel it as soon as they entered the space. After the session Tammy checked in with me to see how it was all landing and I felt very supported the entire process. I will be giving some serious thought to where I’m applying my energy and attention in my business, and taking steps to explore the direction and recommendations I received. It will be fun to try out what they suggested and see what happens. I’m ready for miracles!Michelle Leath, Lafayette, CA, www.michelleleath.com





My channeling session with ALL THAT IS was so helpful! I both had breakthroughs during the session, and massive shifts in the following week.

During the session, ALL THAT IS helped me to realized some of the ways I was putting internal pressure on myself that was causing unnecessary stress. Immediately after the session I felt inspired to take the afternoon off, and do some much needed self care – it was an instant shift in my pattern of overworking.

I had also started worrying about the future of a particular business partnership, and ALL THAT IS told me that I didn’t need to make any decisions about that relationship as it was going to work itself out naturally – and that is exactly what happened the very next week!

If you’ve got some questions you want guidance on, I highly suggest a session with ALL THAT IS!Laurie-Anne King, www.laking.tv







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