Expanding Your Consciousness

Expanding Your Consciousness

Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Physical


Date:    TBA from pm (In Person)


TBA from pm EST (Tele-Workshop)



What if you could travel beyond your physical body to experience yourself in an expanded way? To be able to have a “meta” view of the world so you can connect more with everything?

The idea is that you are a soul within a physical body and are limited to this planet we call earth. That is not so. You are an infinite being with much more of you beyond your body than in it.

Now, you can discover how to expand your consciousness to view your personal world, the entire world, the solar system and beyond in ways you never dreamed of. You’ll travel to a place where you are able to work in the energy of creation and access higher vibrational energy to create your experience as well as communicate with higher beings, Ascended Masters or whomever you desire to connect with.

There are no limitations except those you believe there are.

This work opens your intuitive senses more as well as making you hypersensitive in your physical senses. You experience everything at a heightened level which allows you to receive much more in the way of subtle energy and higher messages.


Please note…this process is not about astral travel/projection, which has you “leaving” your physical body, connected by a silver cord, and traveling outside of your body. With this process, you do not “leave” your physical body, but instead expand your consciousness beyond it. You can open your eyes at any time to be present in the physical again. If you want to think of it this way…only a small portion of your soul’s essence is actually “in” your physical body, the rest is outside, beyond it. It is actually too large and powerful for your physical form to contain all of it, so it is outside of you and most people never know how to connect with that larger and limitless part of it. You can liken your consciousness to your mind. Your mind really isn’t within your brain. As a matter of fact, scientists are not sure exactly where your mind is. So, if it is actually the soul essence part of you that is larger than the physical parts of you, then that is what they are talking about when they say that humans only use 5% of their mind and that incredible potential and limitlessness is available if they learned to use and access more of it. Imagine what you can do when you discover how to access and utilize more of your consciousness than most people even know to is there?


Robin Gamache, of Port Sanilac, shares about attending the workshop and using the process…


The Expanding Your Consciousness workshop was great and I really resonated with what she shared! I attended both it and the Advanced EYC workshop and they were informative, fun and I plan to keep using the exercises to expand my consciousness even more. Due to the distance, I attended the first workshop in person and then the advanced workshop virtually and I received everything I wanted from each in both formats. I use the special energy of creation exercise she teaches in the first class to sell my home quickly so I can move to be with my husband at his job in another state. I am continuing to use it to create more of what I desire. In the advanced second class, we explored so many amazing things that are possible to us, some I was already aware of and some that were new to me, but all were easy to do with the exercises and information Tammy shares for them. I may even turn one of my explorations into a book because it is so interesting and others would enjoy knowing about it as well. I really appreciated how Tammy shares the information and leads you through the exercises and what is possible by expanding your consciousness in a conscious way. I had a lot of fun and, with having worked with other teachers and mentors, I would definitely recommend the way Tammy teaches, shares and guides you through the information. You just feel comfortable, and in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore, expand, ask questions and discover new parts of yourself and what you can experience. Thank you Tammy for offering this information to us now!



This workshop is being offered in the high vibrational energy of my personal residence. You will receive the address and details to attend the workshop once you register. It is located in downtown Wayne, Michigan.

Seating is very limited to make this an intimate space that will allow you to receive the most value and opportunity to interact for asking questions so you will get the most from the experience.

Tele-workshops are being offered via a conference line where you can call in by phone or Skype from anywhere you are. These too will be offered in high vibrational energy, and to keep them intimate as well, spots are limited.


You will learn:

What is your consciousness

How expanding your consciousness brings heightened awareness to your physical senses

How expanding your consciousness increases your intuition and sensitivity to subtle energies

There truly are no limits to what you can experience

Freedom to travel beyond your body at will

Traveling to a special place where you are able to communicate with whomever you desire

Being able to call forth, and work in, higher energies of creation

To ‘see’ things in your world and everywhere in a whole new way

Go on ‘vacation’ anytime and anywhere, relieving the stress in your life

Experiential Energetic Exercises to Expand Your Consciousness



The workshop will be recorded and you will receive access to the audio recording so that you can review it again to go back over what was taught and shared, as well as be able to receive new insights and information as your consciousness continues to expand. 

Most of the workshops that I have attended do not offer a recording and, unless you take really good notes or purchase a book that is offered, you may be unable to recall a large amount of the information. And, during the workshop, it is most beneficial to be participating in the exercises and allowing yourself to consume the information both consciously and subconsciously, and taking notes can keep you from doing that in the moment. I personally like recorded information that I can review over and over and receive all the  benefit and value I can, so I am offering that to you as well.


You Receive All This For…

ONLY $128




In-Person Workshop


Limited Spots Available, So Don’t Wait to Claim Yours!
Register NOW!




Limited Spots Available, So Don’t Wait to Claim Yours!
Register NOW!



Register for both this Workshop (in person) and the Advanced Expanding Your Consciousness Workshop (in person) for the special investment of…


Only $228



Register for both this Workshop (tele-workshop) and the Advanced Expanding Your Consciousness Workshop (tele-workshop) for the special investment of…


Only $228



**Registration ends 24 hours before event or when the limited spots are filled.**

What to bring:

An open, curious mind and heart
Note book or pad of paper and pen/pencil


*Complimentary bottled water will be provided at in-person workshops*




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