My High Frequency Energy Transmission Message for You!



I’ve created this high frequency message for you to experience in this moment.

* Check back for new ones I’ll be sharing here as well as the info below the audio.


 The Journey of Creating What You Desire in the New Higher Frequency Energies

 “What’s Next”…

Once you’ve listened to and received the divinely guided and channeled information I share in the audios above, if it resonates, below you’ll find ways to take your spiritual journey to the next level.

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The Garden of Possibility Mastermind


For the awakened woman to boldly express the highest version of who she is to create a magical life for herself and in her world

As you expand into the higher version of yourself and your life, there are 4 Key Elements In maintaining the frequency to create what you desire. they are…


to be in a high vibrational space where you stay aligned with the frequency your desire is already on and ready for you to experience it as well as create a deeper connection within yourself to what you want and who you are


to openly and excitedly share the steps you experience along the journey of your desire coming into your reality and who you become along the way as you amplify and welcome it all into your reality


to be in a sisterhood with other powerful women who inspire you, lift you up when you find yourself in sticky moments, who cheer you on in all you do to hold the momentum you are building to create the life you truly desire living each day in this journey we are on together


to always remember the divine being you are and access the universal wisdom, insight and knowledge that offers limitless possibilities as you expand yourself and what you desire, allowing your life to be more than you can even imagine in this moment

If you’ve been guided here, then I invite you to discover more about joining us in The Garden of Possibility Mastermind

💎 The Mastermind is OPEN!

The Higher Consciousness Circle


Know that you’ve come “Home” to where you belong to be recognized, witnessed and celebrated as the divine being you are.


Consciously living and creating a high vibe life just got easier!

You’ve received your soul’s nudging to step into the Wayshower and Pathmaker that you’re here to be, to allow the divine spark within you to shine more brightly on the path it is inviting you to take.

It’s time to be in a safe, high vibe space where the fullness of you can come out to play and share the experiences on your spiritual journey with those who are on this high level path too!


It is a space where you can experience the next level version of yourself that is ready and waiting for you to step into with more ease, flow and alignment…and you don’t have to figure out how to do it alone!


You’ll receive daily high vibrational energy so you can live in your highest potential, purpose and possibilities to experience it in your life now!


In addition to that, you’ll experience high vibrational healing energy sessions, creation circles to amplify manifesting your desire, and expand your understanding and perspective with higher teachings, and lots more to have you living your best life!


The Higher Consciousness Circle is the place you want to be!


You aren’t meant to be on this journey alone! Join us and let’s move higher together!

🔥 SPECIAL March Energetic Event ~ Equinox Energy Calibration on 3/23/23!

Bring balance and connection to your energy with the seasonal energy shifts that occur that can create amplified stressful, overwhelmed, anxious and out-of-sorts feelings in your body and life experiences with the energetic changes that occur in this time.


High Vibrational Masterclasses


What do you want to experience on your spiritual journey of elevation, evolution & expansion?


Transform your life with higher teachings and energetic processes that will: 


🌌 Expand your perspective, consciousness, and levels of awareness in what is possible for you


🪐 Provide you with guided journeys and higher information to take your vibration and experiences, both energetically and physically, to new elevated levels


🌠 Consciously create the life you dream of by healing your past, expanding into the fullness of who you are, and connecting with the higher guidance and frequencies that support you in having everything you desire

Each Masterclass has energetic processes and guided exercises to anchor the energy you want to shift and truly have you embodying the change you want to experience in yourself, you higher connection, and your life.


“Growth is inevitable. It is how we choose to grow that makes the difference in the journey.” ~ Tammy Braswell


 Check out the variety of High Vibrational Masterclasses that will assist you in deep healing, consciously creating the life you desire, and connecting with higher beings and energies.