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Hello Beautiful Soul!


Woohoo! I am so excited for you!

You are on an amazing and powerful journey!

You will begin receiving high energy, inspirational messages from me, along with updates on what is coming up. These help you create shifts in your life to take you to even higher levels of the experiences you want to have that you happen in playful, powerful and pleasurable ways!

To get help you get started, or enhance where you already are, I’d like to offer you my guide ~ The Akashic Records: Your Soul’s Ultimate Guidebook.

You will discover how accessing your Akashic Record will help you:

  • Uncover the origin of the old patterns that keep you feeling stuck and consciously shift them to experience a new freedom moving forward

  • Be in charge of the way your life stories play out and you can rewrite the ones that you want to experience the energy of in new, more desirable ways

  • Have the ability to review past life choices that support you in making new ones to create the life you want to live now

  • Align with your life purpose to express it confidently and clearly in all you do

I absolutely know it’s going to help you in creating the life you truly want!

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The Akashic Records: Your Soul’s Ultimate Guidebook download  

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“Tammy’s work with me in my Akashic Record helped me let go of some things I had been believing and feeling were true, to opening me up to remembering what was really true for me. She helped me rewire an aspect of my life that I was stuck on and having trouble with. Tammy is fun, playful and guides me to remember that is our true way of being. As a healer, we also need support, and Tammy was able to get me back on track with the deep guidance and support that she taps into. I received the exact information I needed to know that was perfect in its timing and details. She aligned me back on the path of owning my power and launching my healing passions and gifts. I am appreciative of her and her amazing work.” Shelley T.



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As an added special offer, RIGHT NOW, receive my guided audio, Turn Up Your Vibration ~ Consciously Raising the Frequency of Your Life, for only $12!

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What if you could consciously attract into your life the things you WANT over that which you DON’T WANT just by changing your vibrational frequency?

In this guided audio, you will raise your vibrational frequency to shift your point of attraction and call into your experience more of the things you desire.

Being aware that you are a vibrational being that is creating your life experiences from the frequency, or “station,” you are on at any given time will allow you to consciously notice where you are at and then create the shifts you desire to change that which you do not want to continue experiencing to things that you do want.

At the higher frequency, you can:

  • Begin receiving unexpected checks in the mail or be contacted about money you didn’t know you have
  • Meet the love of your life in an unexpected way
  • Receive a desired diagnosis to a health concern or feel better than you have felt before
  • Know the next steps along your journey with your soul’s guidance

Once you discover the wonderful experiences you have as you turn up your vibrational frequency to higher levels, you’ll want to find new ways to do this with more conscious awareness and intention in your life.


Price: $69 (Right Now 82% off)

ONLY $12

Yes! I want to turn up my vibration!



Here’s what others have to share about their experiences:


“You’ve helped me immensely, Tammy. There is a real difference in the love that I feel for myself, the gratitude I feel every day, and my willingness to do the work necessary to move forward, and consequently, move up. It’s become so very obvious to me when I’m thinking, seeing, and acting on a higher energy level than someone else in my life. It’s changed my perception, attitude and the way I react to someone making choices based in fear. You’ve helped me to see this. You’ve helped me to make choices that have created positive change in my life. Little by little (and sometimes in grand leaps), I am changing in positive ways. You have a gift. You can truly help people to think and see better things in themselves and others around them. I’m so thankful for the work you’ve done with me. You’ve helped to move me from a place of fear, indecision, and longing to a place where I can honestly see myself. I can (and have begun) to do the work a little more every day. I leave behind the feelings of despair and overwhelming thoughts and move to a place of clarity, health, and abundance. I’m making time to meditate, to focus on what is truly important to me. You’ve given me that gift. Thank you from my heart.” Tracy T.

“Tammy is one of those special people that comes around once in a lifetime!” Charles B.


Price: $69 (Right Now 82% off)

ONLY $12

Yes! I want turn up my vibration!



Thank you again for connecting with me! I look forward to being on this journey with you.

Here’s to the cool new life you are about to consciously create for yourself!

With love and appreciation for YOU,


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The Akashic Records: Your Soul’s Ultimate Guidebook download


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