The Higher Consciousness Circle

For the spiritually conscious woman to experience the highest version of herself and express the fullness of who she really is in this physical plane so that she can consciously create the life SHE truly loves living

You’ve received your soul’s nudging to step into the Wayshower and Pathmaker that you’re here to be, to allow the divine spark within you to shine more brightly on the path it is inviting you to take.

You are ready to…


  • Be part of a circle of women who support, love, and accept you for being who you are because they understand you and relate to what you are experiencing so you finally feel like you belong!

  • Understand the experiences you are having that are metaphysical, spiritual, and energetic in nature and what they mean from a higher perspective so that you can understand their significance and meaning more clearly for yourself!

  • Tune into your intuition and higher guidance in elevated and expanded ways to know the next steps along your journey with clarity and confidence!

  • Process and heal the lower vibrational energies that you still carry from earlier experiences to finally open up to all that is possible and waiting for you in this human experience!

  • Be in high vibrational energy that assists you in releasing the old version of you to step into the new higher version of you with the ease, joy and pleasure of expressing your divine self fully in all you do!

  • Consistently and daily receive high vibrational energy work that assists you in maintaining the higher frequency that attracts and creates what you WANT to experience into your life!


    What you really want is a space where you belong, can connect with the deeper parts of you, and create what you desire to experience in your life now.

    And when you find that space…it’s like waking up in a whole new world!

    Look no further…You’ve found your circle!

    ∞ Where you are seen, loved, and accepted as who you really are and can openly share yourself with everyone.

    ∞ Where you are part of a high vibrational space that keeps you at the level of vibration you want to be so you are able to create what you desire in your life without falling back into the lower energy of the world around you.

    ∞ Where you receive information and healing that expands your openness to being in tune with your intuition, your purpose, and higher guidance.

    ∞ Where you receive the answers you seek that help you embody this new version of you to be living it in your daily life.

    ∞ Where you don’t have to go it alone because you aren’t meant to and life is easier when you have the resources, support, and kindred souls that help you with where you really want to be.

      Imagine being a part of the soul community that you’ve been looking for and experiencing yourself at a higher level by being part of it!

      Well, now you can!

      Come and join us in…

      Where living on purpose and in a higher vibration just got simpler!

       Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, The Higher Consciousness Circle will help you:

      ♦  Feel supported, empowered, and inspired to enjoy and embrace who you really are and make your choices based on that, rather than being influenced by the world around you.

      ♦  Have continued spiritual guidance and direction that helps you to easily stay aligned with the higher path you want to be on.

      ♦  Deepen your connection with yourself, your intuition, and higher energies that support you in each moment of your daily life to be living the highest and best version of who you are and can be.

      ♦  See beyond your old conditioning so that you have more clarity, confidence, and connection with your truth and what your soul wants to experience in this lifetime.

      ♦  Understand higher perspectives of what is possible for you by opening and expanding your consciousness and awareness to new heights in how you view this physical experience and your life.

      ♦  Stay in high vibrational energy and a higher frequency from which you create your life in each moment and what you attract into it.

      ♦  Receive consistent healing, creation, and activation energies without having to think about them continually for yourself, allowing them to work on your behalf and experience the magic and miracles that come from them.

      The Higher Consciousness Circle is a simple and easy way of being part of a high vibrational space all the time so that you stay in the higher frequency that you create your life from…in your relationships, finances, health, spiritual growth and so much more, without having to do it all by yourself!

      Join our circle and find your safe

      space of being you!

      What you’ll experience and receive in

      The Higher Consciousness Circle

      to take your life to the higher next level…

      Being held in a safe, loving, high vibrational circle of energy every day!

      You are held in high vibrational energy that surrounds you, keeping you in a space that vibrates above the frequency you are used to. By being part of this energetic container, you experience shifts and upleveling of all aspects of your physical and energetic systems and how that shows up in your reality. You are the average of the five people you associate with the most, so being conscious of whose energy you are spending time in and around is important in maintaining your own vibrational frequency at the highest possible level for you.

      Monthly Live Energy Blast

      Each month, you receive a proprietary Energy Blast to assist you with experiencing greater physical, emotional and mental healing; conscious manifesting of your desires; and elevating your vibrational frequency to align you with what you desire to experience in your life now. This is offered Live in our private community where it remains available until the next one. If you are unable to attend live or want to receive it multiple times you can watch the replay.

      Monthly Distant Healing Energy Session

      Each month, you receive distant healing energy that assists with any area of your physical, emotional and mental bodies where you are experiencing pain, discomfort, concerns, or dis-ease. You do not have to do anything in particular to receive it, as you automatically will. You can set your intentions for the healing you want to create through receiving this high-level energy and it does the work to assist you in experiencing well-being and wholeness in your life. By consistently receiving this energy and offering your intentions as it works on your behalf, you experience more changes in your body and life.

      The Daily Energy Reset & Vibrational Upgrade

      Receive daily balancing, harmonizing, activating, and raising of your energy system and physical body to hold you in the highest vibrational frequencies of ease, flow, and alignment with what you want to create and experience in your life now. Allowing you to express and experience your highest potential, purpose, and possibilities in this lifetime. This is the work I do for myself before I start each day and you’ll be included in it too. 

      Monthly Live Vortex of Creation Circle & Q&A

      Each month you offer your desires, dreams, and creations that you want to bring into your reality into the Vortex of Creation Circle. In the VOCC, you are in the energy of universal source creation which powerfully amplifies what you offer to it to create to bring it into your physical reality more confidently, easily and quickly. Plus you’ll have access to replay for the entire month.

      Monthly Live Global Balancing & Healing Session

      We come together to help shift the heavy, lower repetitive patterns of the collective energy and release humanity from them to move into the higher dimensional world that is being created for us now. You’ll expand your connection with Mother Earth and all that live in, on and around her. Plus you’ll have access to replay for the entire month.

      Masterclass Library

      A library of Masterclasses that include foundational teachings on a variety of energetic, metaphysical, and spiritual topics, such as… your energy and vibration, manifesting, healing emotional wounds and your child self, expanding your consciousness, connecting with higher beings/guides/spirits, your wealth frequency, birth clearing and more. It all supports you in living the highest expression of yourself from a new, divine perspective. Each Masterclass has an energetic exercise included to implement and solidify the teaching shared in it.

      Private Community for Connection and Support

      You’ll connect with other women in THCC to support, encourage, and share with each other in a safe, private and high vibe space. If you notice you are feeling in a low vibe place or you want to share something amazing that has happened for you, come and share! You are loved, seen and uplifted in this space to help you stay in the high vibrational levels of attraction and living you want to be in.

      Activation Audios

      You receive access to energetic Activations that enhance the Masterclass topics so that you can truly embody the teachings they offer.
      An Activation energetically opens you up to something you already have access to, such as dormant abilities, qualities, and gifts, that you are not conscious of to open for yourself.  Some Activations are meant to be received once and others can be received multiple times.  It depends on the intention of the Activation and what it is meant to open up within you.

      Additional Guided Audios and Meditations

      These will enhance and amplify your vibration, growth, and expansion in being part of The Circle throughout the month.

      Special Member Offers and Discounts for additional High Vibe Offerings

      Please be aware that...

      all recordings, replays and audios hold the intended energy so you receive it every time you listen or watch them.


      Four (4) Additional Energy events

      Quarterly Energy Calibration

      You may notice that you feel more out of sorts, like you are not fully “in” your body, especially during the time of the change in seasons, which creates exhaustion, overwhelm, depressive and low feeling places for you.

      To assist with this, let’s calibrate your energy for the transitions that are occurring and will continue to occur as you move into higher and higher dimensional energies, you’ll receive a Quarterly Energy Calibration.

      Your energetic and physical systems will align with the new higher frequencies rather than being “choppy” and taking a longer route to do so because the physical is denser, heavier and lower. You’ll receive the calibration and upgrade to your energy’s frequency more smoothly.

      These are offered on or after the Equinoxes and Solstices as they are amplified energetic openings during the changing of the seasons that greater shifts occur that affect your personal energy, bringing your physical frequency into vibrational alignment with the already higher energetic part of you.

      This is being offered four times per year with the next scheduled for June 2023 with a replay.

      (a $198 value each)


      Channeled Energetic Techniques

      Ultimate Divine Trust Activation

      The Ultimate Divine Trust Activation opens you to a deeper level of trust for yourself to make the best choices and decisions for you; trusting your soul to guide you in the best ways, and trusting that Source will provide you with all you need to help you create and experience what you truly desire.

      Trust can be damaged when the words and actions are not congruent and aligned with each other. It often happens beginning with childhood when those you look up to as authority figures in your life tell you one thing, but show you something different.

      That runs into the rest of your experiences when you believe those who say they have your best interest, but disappoint you with their actions or what they end up doing relating to you.

      Eventually, you begin to question your trust for yourself and your own decisions which leads you to sit on the fence and not want to commit to things in your life so you won’t end up experiencing disappointment. With all of the mistrust, distrust, and lack of trust in others and even yourself, when it comes to trusting that Source has your back, the part of you that wants to keep you safe, doesn’t trust It either.

      This contributes to not having what you want in your relationships, finances, health, receiving higher guidance and other areas of your life because deep down, you really don’t expect follow-through on anyone’s part to actually do what you want to believe they will.

      The Ultimate Divine Trust Activation turns on this higher level trust within you that has been shut down or off by your human experiences of it. You’ll no longer hesitate to know that you are making the best decisions for yourself. You’ll believe that your soul and higher guidance is truly directing you in the best ways for the life you want to live. And, you’ll know that Source will take care of all the “how’s” and details you can’t possibly figure out from your human perspective and that everything works out for you as whatever you desire or something better.

      (a $198 value)

      Divine Love & Appreciation Frequency Calibration

      Living from and embodying the frequency of Love & Appreciation is the highest vibration and creates the experiences you desire to have in your life.

      The way that you look at the world changes through the lens of Love & Appreciation.

      It is a daily practice that takes conscious thought and commitment to maintaining it, and as you do, you become an example for others to do the same.

      There are so many benefits once you align with consciously and consistently having this be your dominant vibrational frequency.

      Living from this frequency opens you to…

      * Being in the present moment, where the fear and worry of the past or future do not reside, so the states of inner peace and bliss are easily experienced and achieved

      * A clearer connection with your higher self, your soul, Source and any other higher beings, guides, angels and energies you want a closer relationship with that becomes easier along with heightening your intuitive senses

      * Maintain a state of allowing which provides the space for more to come into your life with ease and has you in a state of receiving as well, releasing the resistance that often keeps what you desire away

      This is the frequency that will change the world and take us into the new world of peace, love and connected oneness we desire.

      (a $198 value)

      Higher Dimension Connection Activation

      The higher dimensions of the 5th, 6th, and 7th level frequencies are not us “going” anywhere but living in those higher states of consciousness in our everyday lives now.

      They offer us new levels of connection with that which is unseen and not tangible as we know it to be in the third dimension.

      These higher dimensional levels are understood from the truth of who we really are, not that of who we think we are as finite human beings.

      It is the new ways in which we will be more fully expressing ourselves while living in this physical reality.

      This helps you to continue to become more connected and settled into the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional energies so that you can easily and consciously live and play in them as you desire.

      As well as embrace the part of you that is still 3rd dimensional while raising the frequency of your physical body and 3D experiences to bring them higher so they are along for this higher vibrational ride.

      (a $198 value)

      What makes The Higher Consciousness Circle different than other energy communities out there?

      1. Maintaining your personal vibrational frequency at a high enough place to attract and match the experiences that you desire takes constant conscious attention on your part. You’ll notice your experiences often change from what feels good and the things you want, to dipping down into experiences that don’t feel good and aren’t desirable to you, especially if you get too caught up in what you see going on around you.

      Contrast is what helps you decide what you want and don’t want, but the constant dipping that seems to happen when you’re not paying attention to where your vibration is, can have you feeling out of alignment with your divine path and purpose…the one your soul is inviting you to be on.

      By being a member of The Higher Consciousness Circle, your energy is held in the highest vibration and version it can be each and EVERY day, even in those moments you aren’t consciously thinking about it happening or doing it yourself. This makes it easier for you to return to the higher frequency you want to be on to attract what you desire into your life with the ease and speed it can for you.

      You can’t be in two vibrational frequencies at the same time, so if you are not paying attention to where you are vibrationally, the dominant frequency will be what you create your life from. So, as long as a higher vibrational space is open to you ALL OF THE TIME, and you are aware that it is there when you notice it, you can easily raise back up into it even in the quick moments of dipping into lower side of the contrast.

      2. Consistent high vibrational energy work to align and match you with the vibrational frequencies of the experiences and life you want to have.

      When you have an energy session, listen to a program, or watch a meditation video on YouTube because you are thinking about it or feel you “need” a boost, that is momentary and although the effects can linger for a short time after, you’ll return to your dominant vibrational frequency and the experiences that match it before you realize it.

      If instead, you are consistently in higher vibrational energy, have reminders to participate in energy work available to you, and consciously receive energy work on a regular and consistent basis, your results and experiences WILL BE what you WANT them to be rather than feeling like things just happen and you have no control of the stories playing out in your life.

      » Consistency in anything you do is key to having the results you desire and the the length of time – short or long – that it takes for you to be experiencing them as your reality.

      3. Being with those who understand, support, encourage, and inspire you changes how you view your life and you have it go from the plain old Black and White Kansas to the magical Technicolor Land of Oz.

      Who you surround yourself with is reflected in the level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual abundance, satisfaction, and fulfillment you experience in your life.

      Choose to be with those who lift you up to where you want to be, encourage you to be who you want to be, and support you in those moments that you feel you aren’t there yet. Even if you have the people who are regularly in your life – family, co-workers and others that you “have” to spend your time around – who aren’t supporting you in living your dreams, you have this safe space to come to and be a part of that you are ALWAYS loved, seen, welcomed and accepted as who you really are! Where better to be than that?

      As part of The Higher Consciousness Circle, you’re reminded that kindred souls and the Universe have got your back, seeing you as the divine being you are who is capable of living the magnificent life that your soul came here to experience in this physical, human reality. Be with us and enjoy this playground that is life!

        Discover for yourself how being part of this powerful, high vibrational and sacred energy will transform every aspect of your life forever!

        What others share about their experiences…

        “I absolutely love being in The Higher Consciousness Circle! It came to me exactly when I was looking for it. It’s like a library of answers to all the questions I have on my connection to the Universe. I enjoy all of Tammy’s teachings which always seem to be what I have been self-exploring that month, as well as the bonus activations. I also like that we can ask questions each week and that there are live energy blasts and the Vortex of Creation Circle. It has really helped me to further understand so many things I had questions about as well as I feel more supported by the Universe. I also like being in the energy of everyone in this group and of course Tammy’s amazing, generous and playful energy. There is just so much goodness in this group and I am so glad I joined!!” 

        Randie Rolontz, New York

        “I’ve worked with Tammy in different levels of what she offers and within the first week of being in The Higher Consciousness Circle, a new client stepped into my business. It’s comforting knowing that I am included in the energy work she offers and even though I am not always live when she is sharing it, my whole body can still resonate with her energy…it’s pretty cool to know I am “in” it even though I may not be able to attend. Feels like progress from where I was a year ago. Can’t even imagine the last few weeks of dissertation, launches, coaching, and family without the supportive scaffolding of her energy work in my life. It continues to be such a catalyst for my business and my life. The daily energy work is SOOOOO helpful. Very grateful.” 

        Jenny Rain, California

        “I joined The Higher Consciousness Circle when I was searching for a spiritual teacher to guide me on how to deepen my understanding of my own spiritual journey. Someone I can talk to about energy, my experiences, learn techniques, and practices from. Tammy delivers in all aspects! The monthly Masterclass teaches a variety of subjects and includes practices to develop at home. I have learned so much at my own pace and feel more balanced, focused and less scattered. I now have tools in my spiritual tool box that I know how and when to use! The Vortex of Creation Circle allows me the space and time to positively focus on what I want to create in this human experience. The Healing Energy Blast gives me the space to consciously dive into physical, emotional and spiritual trapped energy carefully and with love.  The included audio meditations and Activations have become part of my daily routine, I feel happier, healthier, and like I found my tribe. As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe, this group of like minded individuals who are serious about learning to navigate this human experience from the highest place of love are an inspiration and I am happy to be a part of it!” 

        Kelene Gunderson, Alabama

        I’ve felt like I’ve had a cozy, warm blanket wrapped around me energetically ever since signing up for The Higher Consciousness Circle with Tammy. Being in her energy so much, it really feels nourishing and I definitely feel my dominant vibration is more effortlessly higher. I’m just gonna say it- life feels easier!!! I wanted to celebrate that I’ve been receiving more and more and it’s both expected and unexpected abundance flowing in many different ways. Every single person that reached out for my newest offer has invested, paid, and joined the Facebook group. In the past I’d sometimes have inquiries and then never hear from them again so this feels special and noteworthy as well! This is fun Tammy- I really am feeling tuned in and turned on in a heightened way and can’t wait to see what continues to flow in. The better it gets, the better it gets!” 

        Jamie Michelle, Indiana

        Two weeks after attending the Energy Blasts in Tammy’s Facebook group, I noticed I had a distinct increase in my energy that was consistent, less lethargic, and had more clarity about my next steps. It was so obvious to me that this one thing I changed in my life, the Energy Blast, was raising my vibration. I wanted more of it and found it as a member of The Higher Consciousness Circle. I work with energy clearing in my own business and have been a seeker and experimenter in energy work and ideas for healing and manifesting for years. But the way Tammy speaks about energy and manifesting is both familiar and new to me. She picks UP nuances that have taken my understanding to another level because she starts at a higher level. Her generosity of sharing thoroughly, obvious passion for helping people, and humor while interacting are all reasons I stay in The Circle and want to work with her. The power behind Tammy’s energy work is highly felt by me. I’m a highly sensitive person and Tammy’s focus sometimes wakes me up in the morning or gets my attention at night. It’s so consistent that I can look at the clock and know she is including me in the vibration raising work. I felt so much better after three months that I was not only offered a freelance job without looking for it but physically, mentally, and emotionally able to take it on after being on an extended sabbatical for about 8 months.”

        Cheri Dannels, New York

        Are you ready to be part of something that supports you, loves you, and holds the energy of who you want to be in your life?
        Every month you’ll experience…

        Being held in a safe, loving, high vibrational circle of energy every day!

        Monthly Live Energy Blast

        Monthly Distant Healing Energy Session

        The Daily Energy Reset & Vibrational Upgrade

        Monthly Live Vortex of Creation Circle & Q&A

        Monthly Live Global Balancing & Healing Session

        Masterclass Library

        Private Community for Connection and Support

        Activation Audios, Guided Audios and Meditations



        Special Member Offers and Discounts for additional High Vibe Offerings

        A Total Value of $9,000

        Receive the conscious shifting and life transforming benefits you desire and deserve.

        Choose the option that resonates with you!

        Join The Higher Consciousness Circle

        ONLY $126 per month (not currently available)

        Become an annual member of The Higher Consciousness Circle

        ONLY $1260 per year (not currently available)

        It’s like getting 2 months free
        + receive a bonus 60-minute private session (a $696 value)

        All Sales are Final

        It’s time to be part of a higher frequency energetic space that transforms your life so it is what you want it to be.

        You aren’t on this journey alone, so join us and be part of the support, love and connection you’ve been asking for.

        This is your answer and it is here for you NOW!


        The Higher Consciousness Circle is for you if you…


        * Want to be free to share your experiences and questions about:   
          •  Seeing and feeling energy and spirits
          •  Dreams, visions and higher messages
          •  Consciously manifesting the things you want
          •  Healing your body, mind, and emotions from the heaviness they still carry
          •  Elevating your vibration to match the life you want to live
          •  Exploring higher levels of consciousness
          •  And anything you can come up with through what you’ve seen, heard, felt and experienced that you haven’t been able to find the answers you seek or the people who understand what it all is
        * Are ready for a new level of information, connection, and experiences that are beyond what you have known before.  
        * Are ready to experience higher perspective views of understanding why you are here and how you can live your highest version of yourself.
        * Know that once you experience this new information your life will never be the same and who you are becomes more than this finite existence you have been functioning from until now. 
        * Are willing to invest in yourself and become the best version of yourself because you have the power to understand who you are and what is possible for you.


        I was guided by my friend Bill – and by spirit – to try Tammy’s energy offerings, and I am so glad I did! As a member of The Higher Consciousness Circle, Quarterly Energy Calibrations are my favorite part. I feel a potent difference after each one of them. Occasionally, I feel interfering energies from other people or challenging situations. The calibrations mitigate some of that density during seasonal shifts. The Vortex of Creation Circles are also wonderful. Despite being from all over the world, I can feel the community around me during these events. That’s the power of energy! It is exciting to experience these shifts in a guided, supportive community.”

        Jamie Lee, Michigan

        “With the distant healing and energy blasts, I’ve focused the healing on my head and fear. I’ve had chronic anxiety and concentration issues that were starting to get better but were still pretty debilitating. I threw a BBQ for my friends and their families and normally I would have anxiety leading up to it, during as I get overloaded by sounds and people, and after as I recover my energy. I am ELATED to announce that I had ZERO anxiety! No anxiety leading up to it! No anxiety during! No anxiety OR need for recovery after! That is INCREDIBLY big. So big that I could cry! I don’t think I have ever felt this calm and clear in my life! From being part of The Higher Consciousness Circle, my anxiety is at the lowest it’s been in years AND my depression hasn’t been an issue in months! More importantly though, I have learned a lot from Tammy and I am certainly “ready” to take what I’ve learned and live my life more fully. I am just so excited to be a part of this group!”

        Elizabeth Owen, California

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is The Higher Consciousness Circle?

        It is an online monthly subscription community to help you keep your vibration high and create your life the way you want it to be by being in a safe space with others on their spiritual journey. It is important in your spiritual growth and expansion to maintain a high vibe space for yourself, but that can be challenging to do on your own. Being part of THCC makes it easy because you are automatically held in a high-level vibrational energy in every moment you are a part of it and that alone begins to change your life and how you experience it. With the added benefit of all THCC offers you each month, your life can only get better and you’ll experience the magic and miracles that await you!

        What if I want to cancel my membership?

        You can cancel your membership at any time and you will no longer be charged for any further months of the membership. You will finish out any time left on your current paid month with access to all membership benefits for that remaining time, and if you have an annual membership, it will not renew for the next year.  *Please be aware that the monthly membership investment will remain the same as long as you are an active member and will not increase when the membership is raised. If you cancel and choose to return, it will be at the current monthly membership investment at that time.

        Is The Higher Consciousness Circle for me?

        THCC is for you if you want support, connection, and guidance as you navigate your spiritual journey. You are not meant to go it alone, as that is more challenging when experiencing that which is unknown, unfamiliar, and unseen along your journey. Having others to help you makes the journey more enjoyable, clearer, and understandable than figuring it out on your own. Being on the journey with others also accelerates the uplifting of the collective energy that you are a part of and contributing to as well.

        How can I access The Higher Consciousness Circle information and materials?

        You’ll create an account to access all of THCC information and materials. You can access them from your computer and mobile devices anywhere you are. You’ll have access to the Masterclasses and Activations. There will be additional guided audios and Activations that you will have access to that support you along your journey. Often times, access to too much information can be overwhelming, so working with a certain amount of it, and repeating it as you take in new information from it as your consciousness raises, is more helpful than just having access to a large amount of information that you are not fully integrating, embodying and implementing for the most benefit in your life.

        How much time will it take me each month?

        As much as you want to give to it. Since you are always creating your life, however much time you want to give to your spiritual growth and upleveling your human experience is up to you. You may be inspired to spend more one month and less another. There are no rules for how you must experience your journey, so just allow yourself to feel into what you need and want in the moment and do that. Since you’ll have access to the information all the time, and as long as you remember a member, you can move through it as you desire and what is best for you.

        I've been on my spiritual journey less or more time than others, will it still help me?

        Definitely! Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, having support, guidance, and being connected with others who are on theirs as well is always beneficial. It helps you to maintain the level you have achieved and continue to grow and expand in new ways as you desire. When you are on your journey alone, or jumping around to different information and sources, it can feel like you go backward or lose momentum on your journey. Being part of a community that is created with the intention of holding a higher vibrational space for you to be in at all times while you are part of it, assists you in the work you are doing to continue to live your best life and express yourself as the divine being you are. When you need support or guidance or have questions that a book or video or program can’t answer, you’ll be able to receive it being part of The Higher Consciousness Circle. Your life will only get better each day because of it!

        You are welcome to ask me any questions you may have, that are not listed here, to help you decide if The Higher Consciousness Circle is best for you now.

        Hello, I am….

        Tammy Braswell, The Vibrational Goddess, and I have been aware of my spiritual journey my whole life.

        I wish I would have been part of a circle of others who could relate and understand what I was experiencing as I made my way along my path that often felt very lonely.  

        I always felt different and like I didn’t belong, and I definitely wasn’t sharing my experiences with anyone out of fear of being teased or seen as “weird”.

        Eventually, when more people started to “awaken” to their spiritual journey as well, and connecting became easier with the internet, I found more souls who at least understood what I was experiencing, and were even more often just fascinated with MY life-long spiritual, energetic and metaphysical experiences.

        I’ve come to discover the benefit of being with others who your “uniqueness” is accepted and celebrated by.

        I also know that being part of a high vibe community accelerates your growth and the results you want to experience in your life over doing it on your own.

        So, I created The Higher Consciousness Circle because it is truly the energetic space I would have loved to be a part of in my life and I want to share that space with other beautiful souls so that we have each other to support, encourage, and play with in this human adventure together!

        Will you join us too?

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