Your Wealth Frequency Activation

Match the Vibration of Your Heart’s Desires


Special Event

Wednesday, June 30th at 3:45 pm Eastern


Do you want to experience more wealth in your life?

Wealth is a state of mind. It is believing, and knowing, that you have an abundant overflow of the highest level experiences that life has for you.

This includes:

  • Your finances
  • Your relationships
  • Your health
  • The way you share yourself and your gifts with the world
  • Living in your purpose
  • Your spiritual growth and expression
  • And more

It is about having balance and harmony in all areas of your life and living in the flow of the universe to experience it all with ease, joy and abundance.

To allow more wealth into your life, in whatever form that is, you want to open yourself up to aligning with the vibration of what that is, allowing it to flow without resistance from old beliefs and patterns, and receive it when it shows up.

Those 3 things may sound easy to do, and they really are simple, but not when your old programming and belief system has it imprinted from somewhere that there is a reason that you can’t do it.

Energetically, it is easier to shift things that are stuck within our energy field, and that is where anything that isn’t moving with ease and flow is located. At this level, it is at a higher frequency that moves with more ease and speed than attempting to do so once it has taken physical form.

There are infinite and limitless possible paths that what you desire can take to show up for you in physical form, but that is when you work with it at the level of energy first.

What this Activation is going to do is to turn on in you the highest frequency of wealth and abundance that is ready to be accessed for you right now.

What if your wealth can flow as easily as the air you breathe and just as abundantly? It is time to experience it for yourself!!!

In this Live Activation, you’ll receive:


  • The Your Wealth Frequency Activation that will energetically shift and expand your ability to receive greater wealth in all areas of your life, allowing you to experience balance, harmony and flow in the way you live.


  • Access to the replay of the Activation for 7 days so you can continue to expand your wealth frequency as much as possible to reach the highest level available for you now so your heart’s desires can show up in your reality.

  • A shift into your expanded wealth mindset from the lack mindset that has you asking “what will it cost me?” or “what do I get?” to an abundance mindset of inquiring about “who will I become as I step into this opportunity?”

Are you ready to receive
Your Wealth Frequency Activation?

There is an energetic exchange for all things, whether that is in the form of time, energy, effort and/or money.

For you to have the next higher level experiences and things that you want, you have to be willing to lean into that wealthy higher version of yourself that you must become to have them.

With that, although it is important to believe your wealth is on its way by receiving this Activation, you must participate with a monetary exchange as well.

This will open you up to be able to receive it.

Through higher guidance, I am offering you a choice in what YOU feel is your level of leaning into the wealthy version of yourself even before you see it in your physical reality.

You can choose the investment that resonates with you from ONE of the 4 options below.


Yes, I’m ready to align with my Wealth Frequency!

Choose the amount that you want to invest in this Activation for you to step into your next level of wealth: 









Registration ends at 3 pm on Tuesday the 29th!

Please Note: All Sales Are Final

What others share about their experience…

“Things have been really, really good! The best thing that has come from my experience with the wealth frequency work is my complete lack of concern or distress over finances. I have been able to thoroughly enjoy things I am doing without any worries… Like, at all. We also completely redid the landscaping around our house.  I never would have been able to spend the amount we did without you! I’ve been in such a happy place. I know and just trust with all my heart that amazing things are happening for me. I have literally been living on a different plane. The things that have been entering my mind lately have been about investing. How the heck do I do that in an ecologically, socially responsible way?! Instead of “how am I going to pay my mortgage or feed my kids?” The difference is astronomical! I can’t tell you how much better I feel about life now. I am extremely confident that my life focus has changed. I am never going back to work full-time for another employer. I’m doing this myself. I’ve declared it loudly to the universe and I’m owning it! I can’t thank you enough for the change. I owe this new direction completely to you! I know you will help masses of people find their path, see the light and move forward with joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”  

Tracy T., MI

“As many do, I have struggled with my relationship with money and have felt limited in how abundantly I have been able to experience it. Tammy shared her wealth frequency process with me and I experienced a ‘a-ha’ moment with my relationship with money I hadn’t had before. I have been doing the process daily as she recommended and I am seeing positive changes in my “money vibration.” I have gotten myself into a new way of thinking everyday, letting go of my old ways of thinking, and I definitely realize it is worth it, and possible to do so, to experience greater prosperity in my life. It is through BELIEVING in the process and having FAITH in myself that my life is shifting. I have been coming to this process with an open mind, and not attempting to control the outcome, and I am feeling in tune with my wonderful money vibration. As a result of using this process, my check was bigger than I thought is was going to be because of a slow week; my schedule filled up and I received a generous tip; and I received a belated birthday gift from a client. I am connecting with the understanding that money flows in and out in my life in ways that feel good and create greater abundance and prosperity. I have 100% faith in the process now. Thanks for helping me get my faith back and really understand how the Universe works, if we just allow it to! “

Amanda M., MI

Join Tammy as she shares this Activation with you!

Tammy Braswell, known as The Vibrational Goddess, is an intuitive channel, high vibrational healer, Akashic Record expert, and Energetic Creation coach and teacher.

She supports you on your conscious spiritual journey to heal your emotional traumas, limiting beliefs and old patterns to vibrationally align with your soul’s truth, path and purpose so you can fully express that in how you live your life now with confidence, clarity and connection.

She has been sensitive to energy, spirits, and the unseen planes of existence since she was a young child. She is highly connected to Spirit, higher energies, and the unlimited consciousness of Source itself, which she channels as All That Is. She understands how energy moves and our role in creating from the vibrational frequency we are at.

Through her own experiences, she knows the value of having support, which for many years she did not have, so she assists others along a similar path in their journey to navigate through the unknown and unfamiliar experiences they are having. In this way, they may embrace who they really are by stepping into their truth to experience and express their unique gifts, abilities, and connection in ways that serve them and the collective whole, as their soul intended.

Tammy’s work is her proprietary blend of all that she has studied, intuited, channeled, and experienced firsthand in her own life, as the intuitive channel, high-vibrational healer, Energetic Creation coach/guide/teacher, and creator of new energy methods, she shares now.

She is here to support and guide you along your spiritual journey!

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