Clarity to Creation

Bring your vision into your reality quickly and easily…even if it feels like it is impossible.


In this 3-month program, you will experience:

Monthly Group Clarity Calls to hone in on the details of what you want in your vision to bring it into your reality

Monthly Private 1:1 Session to process, heal and release old patterns, emotions, or beliefs that come up to block what you desire from coming into your experience

Weekly Vibration Alignment Blasts to move you into the vibrational frequency match of what you want and holds you in it so that becoming that version of you living that life is easier

Monthly Energy Clearing and Healing around energies that keep you stuck. The current ones available are for Being Enough, Being Worthy and Deserving, and Receiving. Experiencing these clearings moves the limited, constrictive energies of them that keep you from what you desire coming into your reality.

Additional energy work as received and intuited for the group energy that comes together. The current one is connecting with your Future Self to see what she’s up to and has already created from this work you are doing here.

Private Facebook Community to share your visions for support, encouragement, and holding the energy for each other


For intimacy of interaction and holding YOUR specific vision in Tammy’s vibrational energy field for creation, this offer is only available for Six Divine Creators. There are only x spots left!


∞ Bonus with one payment option – One Additional 1:1 Private Session with Tammy (a $300 value)


All Sales are Final