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Energetic and intuitive work is a natural way to connect with the energy of all things to cleanse, balance and harmonize energy fields of individuals and the collective.

It is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. The Create By Vibration LLC or Tammy Braswell do not diagnose conditions, nor perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

Healing Energy should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments. It is meant to complement medical treatments. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical and psychological ailment you have.

The intent of Create By Vibration LLC and Tammy Braswell is to offer information and insight to help you on your quest for well-being.

In the event that you use any information offered to you for yourself, your family, friends or clients, which is your choice and right to do so, Create By Vibration LLC and Tammy Braswell assume no responsibility for your choices or actions.

The energy work is entirely of a spiritual, energetic and metaphysical nature and no guarantees have been made as to the effect or results of the offered services.

Energetic and intuitive services and products (digital downloads) are non-refundable, unless in rare instances, it is very specifically stated otherwise. Consider All Sales are Final with No Refunds!

Workshops, both in person and virtually, are non-refundable.   Spots are limited, so once you claim a spot, it is yours whether you choose to attend or not, as others may have been declined to be able to attend due to the limited spots already being filled.

* When choosing multiple payment options, if offered, you agree to make all payments to have full and continued access to purchased content, materials and support. If payments are canceled or do not process, you will immediately lose access to all materials, content, and support and there may be action taken to acquire remaining payments.

Memberships are offered as monthly and commitments of a set amount of time with automatic recurring charges until they are canceled. They can be canceled at any time and access to all membership materials and information will continue until the completion of the current and agreed upon billing cycle/period.

**There are no refunds, or prorations, offered for partial months or partial set amount of time commitments if canceled anytime during a billing cycle/period.**

Memberships must be canceled through the member’s personal account per the form of payment used (Stripe, PayPal or Square) to no longer be charged the monthly, annual or set amount of time commitment fee once the current billing cycle/period is complete.

Depending on the platform that the membership is offered, it either must also be canceled within the member’s account on the membership site to take full effect and no further charges incurred, or you can contact Tammy to cancel. Again, remember, you must cancel before the start of the next automatic payment cycle to not be charged anything further.

If changes are made to an offer or the offer you’ve invested in is no longer being offered, there are no refunds, however, a fair value energy exchange will be determined to satisfy both sides of the offer or agreement in place. If you choose not to accept any of the value exchanges being offered, then the full transaction is considered complete and no further or additional value exchanges will be offered or made available to you.

Fees for any services, offerings or memberships can change at any time, however, once you are a member, your current membership charge will remain the same, even when there is an increase until you cancel. If you resume your membership, it will be at the current membership fee at that time. If a fee change is to occur, which may occur, you will be notified before your next billing cycle/period to decide if you want to continue or cancel with no further charges incurred.

Create By Vibration LLC and Tammy Braswell make no guarantee, that even with the best education and guidance available, you will achieve success.

Neither Create By Vibration LLC or Tammy Braswell can assume any losses that may be incurred by the use of the methods described within any “education-oriented” program featured in our service.

All products, including digital downloads, and information within this website are the intellectual property of, and copyrighted by, Create By Vibration LLC and Tammy Braswell. Please honor and respect the time, effort, energy and work that has gone into creating them and do not share or replicate them outside of the location and way they are being offered.



Privacy Policy


Your privacy, and the information you share, is always respected and valued.

Since the implementation of the GDPR compliance went into effect, steps have been taken to obtain only necessary information from you, particularly for any purchases you make, and membership(s) you may have, on this website.

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