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Clearing the Energetic Clutter from Your Home


Home and Property Clearing



Have you ever experienced any of the following…

♦  Feeling tired or lethargic when you are in your home, and suspect it has nothing to do with exhaustion?

♦ Arguments and unusual tension in relationships in your home for no apparent reason?

♦ Illnesses that seem to keep going around through your family members and having a difficult time getting everyone well again?

♦ Feeling uncomfortable or uneasy when you enter your home or are in certain areas of your home or property?

♦ Feeling like every time you clean and organize your home, or certain parts of it, it almost immediately looks unkept and in disarray again?

♦ Items in your home are in need of repair or replacement more often than usual, or you have vehicle problems more than normal, particularly on vehicles that are new or well maintained?

♦ Noticing things in your home frequently disappear or seem to be in a different location than you left them?

♦ Having your house for sale and it is just not selling, or you have an apartment or house for rent, but just can’t seem to find tenants?

♦ Looking to purchase, or rent, a new home and loving it, but feeling “uncomfortable” or just plain “icky” (that is a technical term by the way) while you were there?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you are ready to experience a Home and Property Clearing today!

Everything is made up of energy and energy is all around us. Some of it is positive energy and some of it is low level energy. Most of us would agree that we prefer to be surrounded by positive energy whether that be people, items and even the place we are in. If we feel that any of those are low level, we usually attempt to remove them or to get away from them.

What if the home you return to and spend your time in has low level energy in it? It isn’t as easy, or even possible, for us to keep away from it. So, what do you do? You have the low level energy and influences removed for you.

Homes, property and even items hold energy. We don’t think about what energy a previous owner or tenant may have left for us when we move into our new home. Or what about the item we picked up at the yard sale or pawn shop that possibly has low level energy from its previous owner and then we bring it into our home and space. Did the low level energy leave on our trip home? Probably not, so now you have brought someone else’s low level energy into your home and around you. Even having guest in your home can open your home up to allowing their negativity to stay once they leave.

“Since Tammy performed a Home & Property Clearing for me, I have definitely noticed the energy shifts happening in my house! There seems to be a lower, calmer energy that has been needed. I have noticed that communication has increased as well and that emotional shifts and truths are being expressed as well which is much desired! So, whatever you did, my friend, you did it well!” Angelique Trigueros, Springfield, MO

“Since Tammy performed the Home & Property Clearing for us of the low level energies that were there, both my husband and I have noticed a marked increase in our overall energy levels, and both of us feel happier. In retrospect, it feels as if something was depleting us and bringing us down prior to the clearing work being done. It’s such a dramatic difference that happened, literally, overnight, that there is no other explanation than the remarkable work Tammy did. Thanks, Tammy, I feel like a new person!!!” Janet Tyler Johnson, Author, Speaker and Founder of, Blanchardville, WI

“I have noticed a huge change in the energy of the house after Tammy performed the Home & Property Clearing. It used to be difficult to go into the basement and it isn’t anymore. Actually there were several rooms upstairs too that I didn’t always feel comfortable in and they feel “lighter” now too. Thanks so much for this gift. Updated ~ I most definitely attribute the selling of my house to Tammy’s house and property clearing! She is a lovely and sincere person. Will definitely request her many services again.” Jodi Zayas, Plymouth, MI

All This in the Home & Property Clearing

Only $150

With a Home & Property Clearing:

♠ The low level energies and influences of any home or property, as well as items in the home, will be cleared and released. Much of the low level energy wasn’t yours in the first place, so why allow it to remain? The Home and Property Clearing will allow you to finally have an environment filled with positive, harmonious energy and free you from the uncomfortable, and even “sick” feeling, you and your family may have been experiencing.

♠ The environment and energy of the home and/or property will feel pleasant and “clean.”

♠ Helps turn a house into a desirable location which increases the likelihood of getting your house sold or rented.

♠ Once the clearing is complete, you will receive an email confirming the time and date along with an attached written report detailing what was found in your home and/or on the property. You can choose to opt out of receiving the report should you rather not become aware of what was there. *Note, this work is of a spiritual and metaphysical nature.

*** Please note: this clearing is performed on a higher energetic level and because of this, it is done remotely so you can be anywhere in the world and still experience this clearing work. It is not limited by distance from me or the home or property’s location.***

You spend time clearing your home to make it comfortable for you and your family. Isn’t it time to clean out the low level energy and influences from your home that have unknowingly accumulated over time and start over with clean, positive energy?

Your home is your sanctuary from the world, so imagine what is possible for you and your family by living in an environment of clear, high vibrational and loving energy! It is possible and you can experience it now!