The Garden of Possibility Mastermind

Where the Seeds of Your Desires Bloom into the Experiences of Your Life!

If you’ve been guided to join me here, then

Watch this video to discover how this powerful, high vibrational space of creation supports you in bringing your dreams and desires into your life now.

As you expand into the higher version of yourself and your life, there are three key elements in holding and maintaining the frequency to create what you desire. They are:

Connection: to be in a high vibrational space where you stay aligned with the frequency your desire is already on and waiting for you to experience it

Celebration: to openly and excitedly share the steps you experience along the journey of your desire coming into your reality and who you become along the way to continue to amplify them 

Community: to be with kindred souls who inspire you, lift you up when you find yourself in sticky moments, and who cheer you on in all you do to hold the momentum you are building to create the life you truly desire living each day

This is the space for all of that and so much more!

It is here for you to live in your divine fullness, with the support you desire to hold you in love and possibility all the time and see for you that which you imagine for yourself.

In this powerful group container, you’ll experience…

2 Monthly Group Mastermind Calls to hone in on the details of what you want in your vision to bring it into your reality.
Bi-weekly Vibration Alignment Blasts to move you into the vibrational frequency match of what you want and hold you in it so that becoming that version of you living that life is easier.
Energy Clearing and Healing around energies that keep you stuck, which include:
∞ Being Enough
∞ Being Worthy & Deserving
∞ Receiving
∞ Rejection
∞ Judgment
∞ Obligation
∞ Additional ones to be added as guided by the group energy


⊕ Shifting and elevating these energies support you in allowing what you desire come into your reality.
Additional energy work as received and intuited for the group energy that comes together including:
∞ Connecting with your Future Self to see what she’s up to and has already created from this work you are doing here.
∞ Permission and “rewiring” the deep conditioned energy of looking outside yourself for approval and acceptance of the choices you make for yourself.
Trust in your self, your soul and Source and amplifying that so you know what you desire is on its way to you.
Love & Appreciation Frequency which is the highest frequency energy you want to create anything you desire from.
Ancestral Lineage Release assists you in bringing generational energies that are no longer beneficial to the life you desire to completion for you and all other souls in your family line.

Monthly Releasing Resistance to keep you in a place of softness, surrender and allowing.
Private Facebook Community to share your visions for greater clarity, support, encouragement, and holding the energy for each other.
∞ You’ll receive individual responses from Tammy to your posts, offering an individual level of support, insight and clarity that will help you align with your desired creation.
A special surprise energetic gift physically delivered to you in appreciation of your choosing to step into this high level space for yourself and consciously create your heart's desire.
VIP Upgrade for Private 1:1 Sessions with Tammy to uncover and reveal that which is keeping you from easily aligning with the frequency of your desire and do the deep healing work to release you from it so you can be living your dream life now. Tammy tunes into your personal energy more deeply in these private sessions.

What others share about their experience working with Tammy…

“Wowzer! “Clarity to Creation” is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.  If you are unclear where you are in your personal life, relationships, work, business or that “one thing” you are dreaming about is not coming to you then this is the program for you!  I have taken it TWICE and Tammy is amazing.  She has created an atmosphere to dive deep into where energy is stuck and blocking you from moving forward.  A combination of exercises, meditations, one on one time with Tammy, and a small group of peers that create a circle of trust for support that creates the best judgement-free space will knock your socks off!   My first round was about my ideal client for my business.  As we transformed old, stuck energy and learned how to focus on my ideal client in detail,  all of a sudden energy started flowing and BAM!  my “ideal client” showed up.  My second round was even more clarifying.  I worked on my personal self and brought clarity to who I am.  I started out still struggling with self care and trusting myself.  By the end of the program I was focused on myself and not others.  Just like they say on an airplane “put the oxygen mask on first or you cannot help others”.  I am now moving forward in my personal business as well as my personal life through doors that keep opening up!   This is a program to literally bring clarity and manifest your creations.  The Love, support and healing that comes from “Clarity to Creation” will change your life forever.  This is an investment in one’s life that will keep on giving.”   Peace, Love and Fur ~ Sherpa Shannon, Canine Communicator & Wellness Guide –

“I’m already part of Tammy’s membership, programs, and doing healing work in private sessions with her, so when she offered this program, I didn’t even know what I needed specifically. She knew what I needed, but I didn’t see it at first, and she was 100% right! I’m so glad I joined! I loved the other women in the group and Tammy’s energy (as usual). Working with her privately is always powerful as she just seems to know exactly what you need and does the healing work with you to create deep and profound change. All the energy work she offers in the Facebook group and weekly Vibration Alignment Blasts accelerate what you experience and the results you actually see in your life. I am sooo different! I can feel the energy of good things coming close and then they happen. I love myself and who I am so much more. I am more comfortable in my own skin and feel good about my appearance in ways I never have before. I am more accepting of myself and the way I look and feel in each moment. My energy is way more aligned with what I desire and it continues to expand more with each passing day. I have boundless energy. I am living more in the moment and I feel magic happening all around me and the things I have wanted are coming to fruition. I am taking bolder steps towards what I desire. During this program, I’ve experienced money coming in, relationships healing, our business growing, and feeling more abundant. For many years I struggled with emotional eating and thought I had healed it but during this program, I actually have and I feel a new level of self-love now. Having experienced this program, and of course Tammy’s work, I’ll tell you that if you feel the pull then go towards it because you will get to where you desire to be in this program.”  Randie Rolontz

Being in this program, I loved the group aspect and connection with the other members. Having the opportunity to share and be vulnerable in a safe space is priceless. It really helped me see my blind spots and have the courage to move through them fearlessly. I feel so much more confident now that I was able to face my fears head-on and saw how much I was the only thing holding my Self back. I came into the program wanting to open myself up to be a clearer channel for Spirit and I am now so much more clear on my connection to the higher realms and my own higher councils. It’s like I have risen above the clouds and the storm to see the bigger picture along with where I want to go. I am more clear on my desires and what I want to create. The work I did with Tammy in our private sessions, cleared my path. I removed the constrictive energies that held on to old relationships that no longer assisted my path of moving forward to what I want in my life now. I am stepping out in new higher ways in my healing business. My guides brought me to this program and I’m so glad they did. It was a beneficial self-investment for me. Thank you so much Tammy!! This was an amazing catalyst to propel me to the next level!!”  Jessica Guibord

“What an incredible joy it is to work with Tammy. The very things I didn’t think I could do — get coaching clients, build a successful practice, find joy in the process, and face my entrepreneurial fears — Tammy was the Divine catalyst that sparked me into not only dreaming bigger but stepping into more than I thought possible for my business. Tammy has a unique way of reframing what we are experiencing and then placing energetic support around the RIGHT things. This helps bring up and out what is not serving us in our internal energetic system, which then creates space & frequency to be able to better match what we have heretofore been only striving for but not matching. Her system creates space for the right things to land for us. Tammy also makes the complicated simple (and fun), which I desperately needed, because I overcomplicate everything and turn it into drudgery! Get ready to giggle because Tammy’s spark of joy is the medicine the world needs. Tammy’s unique energetic expansion protocol helped me hone in on what was holding me back, so I could clarify what I really wanted, and then her support helped launch me into it. In 3 months with Tammy, I moved  from 2 non-paying practice clients to 6 fully-paying coaching clients, an online training course, and an invitation to create a gender studies class for my local CalState extension campus. But perhaps the best surprise happened in the last week when an internationally acclaimed coach asked me to be a part of his team—expanding my reach exponentially!  And although this energy work was new to me, it was deep, life-transformational, and growth-producing in ways I hadn’t imagined. I would continue to be part of this program to expand and grow in other areas and other aspects as I continue my life’s journey. I would recommend this program to those who want to uplevel their life and take it places beyond what they can even imagine right now. Tammy’s knowledge, expertise, and energetic gifts are truly amazing.” Jenny Rain

“I’ve been working with Tammy for some time now and she has already helped me create the relationship I’ve wanted, so creating my dream home felt like the next perfect creation for me. I love that this is such an intimate, small group setting program. It was motivating knowing that I was with the other women on their journeys as well and everyone held the space for each other. I loved watching everything align for them. WOW is what I can say about this program. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for and now I am clear and in a position to be able to buy my dream home. I am seeing all of the pieces come together with such ease. I am committed 100% to this dream and that is a big difference. From working with Tammy, I know I can have it and have not lost my focus. She really helped me with that and things around me shifted while I held my focus and now everything is aligning. With the relationship I created earlier, we are getting this home together! That was a big dream of mine and now it is happening! In about 5 months of beginning this program and becoming aligned with the energy of my new home, we found, purchased, and closed on it. IT IS REALLY PHYSICALLY OURS NOW! If there is something you really desire to create in your life, and are committed to the work, it WILL happen. Tammy takes care of all of the energy work and holds the space. Tammy is the best and so talented.” Tammy Gromek

“I trust Tammy’s knowledge, insight, and guidance as I have been in her field for some time now. This program had the momentum and diversity of components that keep you motivated and moving forward throughout the month. With the group work as well as the personal deep dives into our ideas about our creation and Tammy’s guidance in the form of energy work to shift our blocks to manifesting what we want, it was a wonderful mix of everything I needed to really bring my business to life in ways I hadn’t experienced or imagined it before. The program slowly expanded my mind and energy to accept myself in order to believe I was truly deserving of my creation while narrowing my focus to the small steps I needed to take to feel as if my creation was with me in the present moment as if I was living it now. At the beginning of the program, I was dreaming of this world where I felt like I was rescued and placed in it and everything worked. At the end, I was excited about the world I called into being based on what lights me up. I feel more confident in myself, knowing that I can be a success in the business world I dreamed up because I know who to be and what I offer and why I’m valued. I feel emotionally lighter having faced emotional blocks and historical and ancestral baggage that has kept me small. Synchronicities have and continue to show up in my physical world to bring my creation more and more into my reality. The program helps you take the law of attraction ideas from concept and vision into the tangible, real world. I love this program and all it offers!”  Cheri Dannels

“In 3 months of this Program, I really liked the ‘one on one’ sessions with Tammy as well as the group work we did! My goal was to manifest my next lifelong love partner. Tammy guided me in getting clear on what I want in my partner and the relationship we’ll have together so that I can see it all more clearly and align with it for it to come into my life with more ease and flow. In the one on one sessions with Tammy, we did clearing and healing work on my old, constrictive and unhealthy narratives that were keeping me from having the relationship I desire. Although this program was challenging in looking at some of my shadow emotions and getting used to more expansive language, possibilities started showing up by 1.5 months into the program. Tammy said I don’t have to change myself for my new partner, but rather allow myself to be my true self and I’ll be loved easily for that. This is true, now, I am getting compliments from possible partners at least twice a week. Thank you Tammy! I recommend this program to anyone who is getting the ‘internal nudge’ to take their life to the next level.” JG

Are you ready to manifest YOUR heart’s desires?


The Garden of Possibility Mastermind is an ongoing container to hold you in the high vibrational space of creation.

You can join any time, however, it is a 3 month commitment at a time so that you experience actual results in your life and the integration of them into your energy and as your reality.

This being shared…

The current investment for the Mastermind is $3,900 for the 3 month commitment.

The VIP Private Sessions upgrade is an investment of $6,600 for the 3 month commitment which includes membership in the Mastermind.

There are only a handful of VIP spots available.

(VIP is only available to those in the Mastermind, not as a separate offer)

∞ Due to the intimacy of the small number of spots available, as well as the aligned energy of the souls that come together, it is necessary to chat with Tammy to see if it is a good fit for you and the group energy.


January 30th 2023!

Registration closes when the available spots are filled.

Hello! I’m Tammy…

The Vibrational Goddess, and my passion is to support those on their conscious spiritual journey to fully express and experience themselves as the divine beings they are having the human experience their soul wants to have in this physical reality.

There is so much to explore and experience when you are connected with your true Self, your Soul and Source.

Now is truly the time to awaken to the higher levels of who you really are and live in the fullness of that in all you are, do and have in your life!

I share my knowledge, insight and the higher guidance I receive through the work I offer so that you may tap into all that is available to you while you are in this human experience.

I’ve been sensitive to energy, spirits and unseen planes of existence since I was a young child. It is part of my daily experience to connect and communicate with higher energies, beings and Source.

I know the value of having support along our spiritual journey, so allow me to assist you in elevating, evolving and expanding yourself and your life in new and amazing ways!

The work I offer is a proprietary blend of all that I have studied, intuited, channeled, and experienced firsthand in my own life as the intuitive channel, high vibrational healer, Akashic Records expert, Energetic Creation coach and teacher, and creator of new energy methods.

I’m here with you in this adventure and playground we call life! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Mastermind?

This Mastermind space is ongoing, with a commitment on your part of 3 months at a time. You can stay in the Mastermind as long as you’d like, and each time you invest in a 3 month period of time.

How long should I be in the Mastermind?

That will depend on what you want to create in your life with the support and high vibrational energy space you’ll be in being part of the Mastermind. It is a 3 month commitment so you can choose to stay for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or longer if it provides the support you desire to continue to consciously create your life the way you want it to be. Think of it as rich creation soil that you want to keep planting and growing the seeds of your desires in, just like you would if you planted a garden in the same place each year that yielded all the fruits and vegetables or flowers you want.

Do you offer refunds or cancellations?

Refunds and Cancellations are not offered in this space. Once you join the Mastermind, you are part of the energy of it and you’ll have access to all the materials offered in it. Being of an energetic, spiritual and metaphysical nature, there is nothing to “return” and it is a 3 month commitment, so you show up how you want to in that time to experience the results you desire to consciously participate in creating. If you decide this space is no longer for you after the 3 months, you will not be charged anything else. Each 3 month commitment of time must be invested in individually so there is not an ongoing or recurring membership to it although you are a member of the Mastermind while you are in it.

What if I want to upgrade to the VIP Private Sessions after I am in the Mastermind?

Great question. There are only a handful of VIP spots available, so if one is available and you’d like to upgrade, let Tammy know and you’ll be able to do so. There will be an additional investment for VIP that you’ll process separately once you’ve already made your investment in the Mastermind only. VIP includes 2 private sessions with Tammy per month for 3 months. You’ll discuss with Tammy how many sessions will be available for your remaining time in the Mastermind of the 3 months you invested in and she will confirm the upgraded investment amount with you.

How do I access the videos for the additional energy work and exercises?

You’ll have access to all the energetic exercises and materials on the membership site that holds them. You’ll have a login specific to you that is created upon becoming a member of the Mastermind. You can access your account with all that is included in it as much as you desire during your time in the Mastermind.

How do I receive personalize support from Tammy while in the Mastermind?

You’ll receive personalized support from Tammy in the private Facebook Community and on the Live Monthly Group Mastermind Calls that happen 2 times per month. She will get to know your desired creation that you want to bring into your reality and support you in refining it so that you align with it more easily and quickly. She also holds your vision with you to assist with amplifying the energy of it and keeping it consistently held in its high vibrational matching energy as it is being manifested into your life. The VIP Upgrade does offer private sessions with Tammy if you’d like to add that too.

How long do I have access to the materials included in the Mastermind?

You have access to the membership site materials and the private Facebook Group as long as you are an active member of the Mastermind which is a 3 month commitment at a time. As long as you are currently invested in it, you have access to everything available to the Mastermind members.