Winter Solstice Energy Calibration

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Registration closes Saturday the 18th.

Winter Solstice Energy Calibration & Divine Love Blast

In this 120 minute Live Energy Experience, you’ll…

Receive an Energy Calibration to align and balance your physical body's vibrational frequency with the higher vibrational frequency point that the energetic part of you is already elevating to at a quicker rate
Experience more ease and flow from the feeling of being "out of sorts," foggy, confused, and overly anxious, along with the unusual physical and emotional discomfort that has been showing up in your body and the experiences of your life
Easily come into a high vibrational frequency so your energetic and physical systems can integrate and acclimate with the new higher frequencies that we are moving into rather than it feeling chaotic and taking a longer, more arduous route to do so
Receive the Divine Love Blast to elevate and amplify the high frequency of love for you, your loved ones, your reality, and the world to move into the Heaven-on-Earth level experiences you want to have and be a part of
Feel more centered and connected with your spiritual and human sides allowing both to be fully expressed in your life so that you feel empowered, confident and clear in your forward moving steps and choices
Have some time for Q&A and sharing
Have access to the replay and receive the same energy as the Live Experience to amplify your results and integration of the higher frequency energies
Immediately become part of the energy of this high vibrational experience once you register and may feel some shifts even before the 21st
Join this Live Energy Experience on Tuesday, December 21st at 7 pm EST that will be up to 2 hours long.

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Get to know Tammy Braswell…

Tammy is known as The Vibrational Goddess and supports women on their spiritual journey to heal their past, align with their soul’s truth, and create the life they want to live now with confidence and clarity.

Her expertise is to shift them into the higher vibrational frequency that matches what they want to experience in their life now quickly, easily, and in alignment with their soul’s desired human journey.

Tammy is an intuitive channel, high vibrational healer, Energetic Creation coach and teacher, and expert in the Akashic Records. She has been sensitive to energy, spirits, and the unseen planes of existence since she was a young child and loves all the adventures, insights, and exciting variety that being tuned in to this allows her to experience daily in her life.

She lives what she teaches and shares and sees this life and all it has to offer as her playground.

And she’s here to help you to consciously create your life the way you want it too!