It’s time to awaken to the powerful being you really are!

You’ve felt the nudging of your soul and have found your way here.



You are here because your soul:



Has been guiding you to remember who you really are


Wants to find completeness in your journey up until now


Wants to raise into the higher levels of consciousness and expansion that are available to you now



Your timing is perfect!


You came into this human experience awake to who you are as a divine being, but as part of the adventure of the journey your soul intended to experience while here, you forgot that. Part of the fun of the adventure of this life is to re-awaken to remembering who you really are, and it always happens at the perfect time for you.


As you re-awaken to the truth of who you really are, there are 3 parts to your journey of stepping into new higher vibrational experiences that you enjoy, embrace and love!


The first part is to…




It is all your old programming, traumas and wounds that began in your childhood, and even before in the womb and other lifetimes.


These are what create your limiting beliefs around what is possible for you and by holding on to them, they continue to influence what you experience in your life today.


They are part of what your soul intended to experience in this lifetime, but now it is time to release and heal them so they no longer continue to be part of your experience in unfinished, unprocessed and incomplete ways.


Once you have worked to detox your life of that old programming, you step into the second part…




Having a healthy self connection with who you are in this human experience, as well as the spiritual being you always and already are, and balancing the two, takes some understanding.


This isn’t because you don’t know who are at a deeper level, but because of all the false information that you have had until now that has clouded that clear view of, and connection with, yourself.


When you return to a place of remembering who you really are, in all of your magnificence, power and brilliance, you come from a place of clarity and confidence that has been hidden and elusive until now.


You see the life you want with clarity and recognize, that by loving yourself and focusing on creating from that love, that your life can be whatever you want it to be.


Your experience in the NOW is what creates your life in your tomorrows.


And, the third part is to…




Your old programming has had you believing that you need to follow the status quo.


It was best to fall in line with what is expected of you according to the path your family followed and the one dictated by society’s standards of what is acceptable.


If you are reading this, then you know that that old model and way of existing no longer applies. It is a way outdated model!


It is time for you to design your life the way you want it to be.


To get clear on what it is you want and to energetically align with it to allow it to come into your physical reality with ease and speed.


Being you are a powerful spiritual creator, you can experience anything your heart desires!


By releasing your old “stuff,” you can now see more clearly what it is that you came into this human experience to do from here forward.


You lived in the lower vibrational experience contrast long enough and now you are ready to allow more of the “good stuff,” the things you have been wanting, to flow more easily into your life now.


Your life is calling you in greater ways!


Tammy Gromek, of Macomb, Michigan, shares this about her work with Tammy…


“Working with Tammy has been a ride. I’ll be honest; there are ups and downs during this work when healing and letting go of old patterns that I wasn’t even often aware of being present in the first place.  I wanted to work with Tammy because of a chaotic and drama-filled relationship I was unsure of how to improve or end. I was scared to let go of what I knew, even as unhealthy and upsetting as it was. Tammy helped guide me, with the support I needed, to make more healthy choices when it came to the relationship and to be able to see the possibilities of having a healthy and happy relationship, that was unfamiliar to me. I am getting to know myself and what I want, and deserve, better. I am making myself a priority and allowing myself to enjoy my life in the moment, rather than fearing what the future may bring which was my pattern before. I am viewing my life from a different perspective and embracing who I am and where I am because it is all perfect. Tammy’s spot-on guidance has given me comfort in those moments of heightened emotions from the work we are doing and remembering to allow it all to process and heal. I continue to work with Tammy because we are sorting through years of unhealthy patterns that have led me to this point and my life is so much brighter and filled with possibilities by me doing so. Thank you, Tammy, for all of your support and being there to help me make the changes I desire in my life.” 


Putri Sinuray, of Melbourne, Australia, shares this about her work with Tammy…


“After working with Tammy for over 2 years, it has been an amazing and awesome journey. We have done clearing and healing work in my past lives; identifying and releasing emotions from my past that have been keeping me from receiving and experiencing more of what I want in my life; and intuited and channeled insights and guidance, specifically for me, that have helped direct my path in new and exciting ways. Each and every session offers new information and new things to be shifted. Looking back to the past, it is amazing how I have been able to expand my awareness in such profound ways. I don’t know exactly how I got here because the shifts were subtle, but the work we have done together has been exciting, profound, deep and transformative. I have had the most wonderful and amazing realizations, adventures, insights and inspirations with her.”


Read more testimonials and raves here.




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