It’s easy for me to share with you how much I can help you and why we should work together … but it’s much more effective to let my clients, customers, students and colleagues share their experiences about the work we’ve done together in their own words!


“Tammy is one of those special people that comes around once in a lifetime!” Charles Birmingham, Taylor, MI ~ one of her college students

“Tammy’s teachings have helped me so much. I was a student in the class she taught on understanding energy at the college. I enjoyed the class so much, I took it each time it was offered. The Future Self process she shared was one of the most profound elements of the class for me. It worked so well for me that I pat myself on the back for all that I have accomplished in mind, body and spirit because of it. Her teachings have offered a new higher level of consciousness for me and I excitedly share my desire to connect more people with her to experience the benefits and value I have. If you get the chance to take a class with Tammy, hear her speak, or to work with her, take it because it will change your life as it has mine! Sharetta Wellons, Cultural Artistry, Detroit, MI

“You are wonderful and have incredible healing skills. When we spoke, you helped me release the emotions I was holding onto about my mother, which was 17 years of misery that I didn’t have to live with. I didn’t know that was one of my issues when I spoke with you but you helped me to understand that it was and helped me to let her go. That changed my life and understanding of everything. I would recommend that others use your services to heal their issues that are holding them back too.” ~ Tracy Burks, Sterling Heights,MI

“I met Tammy through a mutual person and have been connected with her for a few years on Facebook. Things in my life got to a place that I really wanted a change and I didn’t know how to do it on my own. I wasn’t quite sure what Tammy did exactly, but I felt guided to connect with her more. We chatted in her complimentary session and I felt that she understood what I was going through and wanted to change. I decided to work with her in her Energetic Creation Sessions, and I didn’t know what to expect from the sessions.  In the very first one, we removed an attachment to a toxic relationship I had been in for several decades. It was amazing what I felt as she released the hook that was in my energy field, originating in another lifetime. Now, that person is no longer an influence in my life, or my energy, and I am enjoying new relationship connections and opportunities for a healthy, happy one. She also did clearing and releasing work, that again originated in other lifetimes, for other very significant and close relationships in my life, and they have improved so much from what they were. Even the others in them, once I shared what had occurred in the sessions, recognize that they feel different as well and it is all more positive for all of us. I have experienced a shift in the heaviness and lack of clarity and trust I was experiencing, to now recognize what is true for me more. I trust myself and my instincts more now too. Something even more unexpected from this work is that others have noticed something different about me. Nothing they can quite put their finger on, but I have been getting comments that I look like I have been on vacation or lost weight. My life has definitely changed for the better since working with Tammy. I would highly recommend working with her to desired create change in your life as well.” Rasheda Devaney, Belleville, MI

“I connected with Tammy when I took her college class and find what she shares to be valuable and interesting information. Things she has shared with me have brought new insight into my life and have improved the quality and experiences of it. When she offered her new The Centered You workshop, I was interested. After attending the workshop, which was another well taught class by Tammy, she invited us to do the process for at least 30 days to create new habits in how we think and feel. I have been doing the process over 30 days now and I do feel a difference in my life. Thus far, I feel more centered; have more peace of mind; noticing what’s not best for me is moving out of my life; haven’t had any disagreements with anyone; feel more positive; and am re-thinking my life with the very best in mind for me. The process is very easy to do and, after doing it for 30 days, it has now become a habit. I plan to continue the exercises because of the positive results I am experiencing. I do believe my life has changed for the better from working with this process and I would recommend the class for everyone who wants to be more centered in their life. And, who wouldn’t? Thank you very much Tammy for this life changing process!” Sandra Smith Henley, Southgate, MI

“After working with Tammy for over 2 years, it has been an amazing and awesome journey. We have done clearing and healing work in my past lives; identifying and releasing emotions from my past that have been keeping me from receiving and experiencing more of what I want in my life; and intuited and channeled insights and guidance, specifically for me, that have helped direct my path in new and exciting ways. Each and every session offers new information and new things to be shifted. Looking back to the past, it is amazing how I have been able to expand my awareness in such profound ways. I don’t know exactly how I got here because the shifts were subtle, but the work we have done together has been exciting, profound, deep and transformative. I have had the most wonderful and amazing realizations, adventures, insights and inspirations with her. I have moved from my conditioning of masculine, pressure, achievement energy to becoming in touch with my feminine energy, letting go of the need to do everything from a logical place and instead allowing my heart to guide me. I have also released the need to conform to cultural and societal expectations and now I am on the path of my own creation that satisfies my heart and my soul’s journey. I now know that happiness, joy and passion are a choice and they are something that cannot be taken from me nor can I find them outside of myself. My internal focus has changed from needing to manifest my outcomes so that I can be happy to experiencing my happiness and abundance NOW and in the journey. This is vibrational work and it is life-long work because growth and expansion are a never ending journey. Remember, there are no magic pills, but there are easier paths to take!! Through practicing what I have come to understand and know, it has altered my subconscious programming. My understanding and daily practices have shifted my behaviors and my day to day experiences in my career, relationships, health and overall fulfillment with my life, which influences the choices and actions that I take in my day to day living.  These concepts were really confusing to me at first, but the more I have come to expand my awareness and vibration, the more information and learning I can integrate in me. I have come to know myself in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I began this journey with her. Tammy’s unique, fun and compassionate way of working with me has brought me to an amazing place on my journey and adventure of life. I would not be where I am right now without her support. I believe that a great spiritual teacher is someone who is able to guide others in empowering ways to be their own counselor and teacher; and Tammy has helped me do this for myself. I am now becoming more receptive to the guidance of my soul and am able to sense the appropriate steps for me to take in the NOW moment. I am truly grateful to Tammy and the work she offers and, from the bottom of my heart, say THANK YOU! You are awesome! I would definitely recommend Tammy to anyone who wants to create profound and deep transformation in their life, and to know and discover themselves in new ways!” Putri Sinuraya, Melbourne, Australia

Before working with Tammy, I was in a low place. My life seemed wonderful from the outside, but my inner “demons,” relating to abuse I experienced most of my young life, led to much self abuse that kept me from fully embracing and experiencing the good I have now. I found Tammy in a local holistic magazine offering a teleclass on releasing trapped emotions and I felt drawn to attend. I resonated with what she shared and was very interested in her offer to help me transform my life. After an introductory session with Tammy, I decided that working with her in her Emotion Release Package could help me make the changes I wanted. That low place was challenging to move out of because it was my normal, comfortable space even though I wasn’t really happy there. By working with Tammy, I started stepping out of my comfort zone regularly, which was frightening to say the least, but it became easier and the results of doing so were amazing. I started expecting wonderful things to happen when I did and really appreciated the beauty and goodness in my life. I decided that “I excel at being happy” and let that show in all that I do. My life looks so different now. I had recently quit my job when I began with Tammy, which was also frightening because I didn’t see how I could financially invest in myself at that time, but I believed I was worth it on some deep level and knew that a way would be made. I also couldn’t see what my next step in life would be at that point and now I am going to school to become a yoga instructor and writing a book, which Tammy said I would but I felt overwhelmed when she mentioned it, and now look, I am doing it. In addition to all that, I have experienced releasing weight, negativity and some fear that kept me from being able to do and try things in my life. This work of releasing emotions opened me up and allowed me to move beyond the fears and lower emotions that were holding me in that lower, dark place that I had been in for so long. It really is amazing! I enjoyed the phone calls very much and I also enjoyed the healing blast at the end of our calls. I extended working with Tammy beyond even the initial package and my results in just 6 short months, after my whole life of the before, is just incredible! I can see now how amazing I am and I am so deserving of the good in my life and I don’t have to suffer as I had been. Thanks Tammy for your support, encouragement, insight and being there! Working with Tammy will help you clear out the clutter that is holding you back. You may not even know what those things are, but if you are willing to let it go and become the person you would like to become, this is a way to facilitate that change. I would highly recommend working with Tammy as your life will be amazing for it!”  Sherry D., Dearborn, MI

“The Expanding Your Consciousness workshop was great and I really resonated with what she shared! I attended both it and the Advanced EYC workshop and they were informative, fun and I plan to keep using the exercises to expand my consciousness even more. Due to the distance, I attended the first workshop in person and then the advanced workshop virtually and I received everything I wanted from each in both formats. I use the special energy of creation exercise she teaches in the first class to sell my home quickly so I can move to be with my husband at his job in another state. I am continuing to use it to create more of what I desire. In the advanced second class, we explored so many amazing things that are possible to us, some I was already aware of and some that were new to me, but all were easy to do with the exercises and information Tammy shares for them. I may even turn one of my explorations into a book because it is so interesting and others would enjoy knowing about it as well. I really appreciated how Tammy shares the information and leads you through the exercises and what is possible by expanding your consciousness in a conscious way. I had a lot of fun and, with having worked with other teachers and mentors, I would definitely recommend the way Tammy teaches, shares and guides you through the information. You just feel comfortable, and in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore, expand, ask questions and discover new parts of yourself and what you can experience. Thank you Tammy for offering this information to us now!” Robin Gamache, Port Sanilac, MI

“I became aware of Tammy at a presentation she offered at an intuitive’s group I’m a member of. After connecting with her in one of her complimentary sessions and then attending her workshop on healing emotional wounds and forgiveness, I decided to work with her one on one in her Energetic Creation Sessions to achieve more of the results I wanted. During the months I worked with Tammy, my energy improved and my pain level in my hips and lower back, that I feel a considerable amount of the time, is lower than when I began. I enjoyed when she did the energy work on that area because I could feel something happening. The work helped me recognize the importance of my energy level and being happy, not because of situations outside myself, but because I want to be and create my outer experiences from within. I am consciously working to be happier, no matter what is going on, and that makes everything better. I feel more grounded from the work we have done and can continue to use the exercises and new understandings on things that she shared with me. I am feeling overall better about my life and received positive things from working with her. I also liked the past life information she shared to help with shifts and healing relating to certain people in my life as well as the way I lived in my past lives that are still influencing, and being played out in, this one. Overall, I enjoyed the work we did together and feel it has improved my life. I would happily refer others to Tammy and what she offers.” ~ Vicki Berlin, Westland, MI

“My experience with attending The Centered You workshop Tammy offers is that I have I experienced days of calmness and patience in situations where I normally would have gotten bent out of shape. I was more susceptible to accessing situations before taking certain actions and I had more energy to get things done. Some day’s situations that normally would have drawn undesirable actions from me, I viewed with love.  In short, my days felt more balanced and right. I didn’t do the process as consistently as suggested, mainly because I forgot, but I have still received desirable results and experiences from it.” E Jackson, Canton, MI

“Things have been really, really good! The best thing that has come from my experience with the True Money Vibration™ work is my complete lack of concern or distress over finances. I have been able to thoroughly enjoy things I am doing without any worries… Like, at all. We also completely redid the landscaping around our house.  I never would have been able to spend the amount we did without you! I’ve been in such a happy place. I know and just trust with all my heart that amazing things are happening for me. I have literally been living on a different plane. The things that have been entering my mind lately have been about investing. How the heck do I do that in an ecologically, socially responsible way?! Instead of “how am I going to pay my mortgage or feed my kids?” The difference is astronomical! I can’t tell you how much better I feel about life now. I am extremely confident that my life focus has changed. I am never going back to work full-time for another employer. I’m doing this myself. I’ve declared it loudly to the universe and I’m owning it! I can’t thank you enough for the change. I owe this new direction completely to you! I know you will help masses of people find their path, see the light and move forward with joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I look forward to hearing all about your new adventures and classes!  You are going to touch so many people! UPDATED: You’ve helped me immensely, Tammy. There is a real difference in the love that I feel for myself, the gratitude I feel everyday and my willingness to do the work necessary to move forward, and consequently, move up. It’s become so very obvious to me when I’m thinking, seeing and acting on a higher energy level than someone else in my life. It’s changed my perception, attitude and the way I react to someone making choices based in fear. You’ve helped me to see this. You’ve helped me to make choices that have created positive change in my life. Little by little (and sometimes in grand leaps) I am changing in positive ways. You have a gift. You can truly help people to think and see better things in themselves and others around them. I’m so thankful for the work you’ve done with me. You’ve helped to move me from a place of fear, indecision and longing to a place where I can honestly see myself. I can (and have begun) to do the work.. a little more every day. I leave behind the feelings of despair and overwhelming thoughts and move to a place of clarity, health and abundance. I’m making time to meditate, to focus on what is truly important to me. You’ve given me that gift. Thank you, from my heart.” Tracy Tolliver, West Bloomfield Twp, MI

“As many do, I have struggled with my relationship with money and have felt limited in how abundantly I have been able to experience it. During my conversation with Tammy, she shared her True Money Vibration™ process with me and I experienced a ‘a-ha’ moment with my relationship with money I hadn’t had before. I have been doing the process daily as she recommended and I am seeing positive changes in my “money vibration.” I have gotten myself into a new way of thinking everyday, letting go of my old ways of thinking, and I definitely realize it is worth it, and possible to do so, to experience greater prosperity in my life. It is through BELIEVING in the process and having FAITH in myself that my life is shifting. I have been coming to this process with an open mind, and not attempting to control the outcome, and I am feeling in tune with my wonderful money vibration. As a result of using this process, my check was bigger than I thought is was going to be because of a slow week; my schedule filled up and I received a generous tip; and I received a belated birthday gift from a client. I am connecting with the understanding that money flows in and out in my life in ways that feel good and create greater abundance and prosperity. I have 100% faith in the process now. Thanks for helping me get my faith back and really understand how the Universe works, if we just allow it to! ” Amanda McNitt, Garden City, MI

“I have known Tammy for several years now, and have worked with her on different levels already, and her work has always proven to be not only correct, but beneficial, so when she offered her Medical Intuition session, I was interested in what she would have to share. I enjoyed the session and it was very informative! Tammy was right on as she picked up on 2 current issues and advised me of a possible 3rd. The third issue, that I was not aware of before the session with her, was found and has since been verified as having a potential issue. She reviewed a grounding and a chakra exercise with me that helped in the session and will be beneficial for me to use in the future as well. I will definitely work with Tammy again as well as definitely recommending her and what she offers to others!” Robert Marx, Dearborn, MI

“My Medical Intuition session was both interesting and informative. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so after the session I was happy and felt a strong sense of validation and confirmation. After connecting with my energy, Tammy accurately pin pointed the areas in me that were the cause of my concern. Not only did it resonate, it confirmed my decision to take immediate action. Three things showed up in my energetic field. Two of the three things I felt were related to the area already of concern. The third was a complete surprise. With the information I received from my reading, I plan to monitor this area more closely. The homework I received will help me to create and continue the positive shift occurring in my life. I will work with Tammy again, I am excited to act on the information I have received, and looking forward to the positive changes that are bound to occur as a result of the Medical Intuition Session. I would recommend Tammy’s services to anyone who has any medical concerns or just needs confirmation of good health. There is truly a sense of peace that washes over you after the clearing she takes you through at the end. I feel validated and positive, and very grateful having had this experience. I would like to add that I sincerely mean everything I said above.  I feel relieved that my intuition is on track and that confirmation alone is invaluable. I feel like I would like to meet with Tammy every year right around my birthday for a spiritual/health/intuition checkup ~ my birthday present to myself! Thank you very much Tammy, I look forward to working with you again.” Beth Hudson, Lapeer, MI

“I have worked with Tammy in the past and decided to have a Medical Intuition session that she has added to her services since my earlier work with her. The session was what I expected with the addition of Tammy adding in information about emotional causes for the physical ailments she was sharing with me, as well as with the chakras. The information she shared resonated with me, specifically pinpointing my foot pain and throat clearing I have been experiencing. Although I was aware of some things with my throat, I was not aware of what she saw on a physical level with it. I had a thyroid nodule at one time, and as far as I am aware, it is no longer there. She saw a dark, quarter size spot and emphasized it as standing out so there may still be something there, or possibly forming again, for me to take a look at. She offered suggestions for helping with the areas in the form of “homework” that sounds like an interesting exercise. I have worked with Tammy before and would work with her again, as well as recommend her services to others because she takes the time to energetically connect with you and gives you undivided attention during the session. It was also interesting to hear how the physical ailment can occur as a last step as it first appears energetically, and if not addressed, manifests physically. If we become aware of physical problems before they occur, then we can address them and perhaps prevent them from escalating.” Sue T., Livonia, MI

“This was my first session of this type, so I had no idea what to expect in the Medical Intuition session with Tammy. I have had other types of readings (chakra, Reiki), but both were done in person, not over the phone. I thought it might be focused on the spiritual/emotional and not so much on the physical, but it did include both. Tammy shared information she received about my lower back and my third eye chakra. I was not feeling any sort of sensations in my lower back or upper legs at this time. In the physical sense, I do have to take very good care of my lower back; primarily not overdoing it with some physical activities I enjoy; as well as time spent on my computer. I have benefited from chiropractic care over my lifetime, as there have been times of severe lower back pain. I greatly appreciated the third eye breathing technique she shared with me. I think it could be helpful to work with Tammy again and I would be happy to refer her to others. She is very professional and really put me at ease. Kind thanks and I wish you much success!” Julie K., Livonia, MI

“Since beginning my work with Tammy, in the Emotion Release package she offers, I feel that I am on the brink of many breakthroughs in my life. I have already experienced a great amount of change and look forward as the clearing work continues. During our time working together, I received a promotion at work, lost some desired weight and am meeting women who are at a higher level of enlightenment which is more in line with the type of woman I want to share my life with. The work we have done in releasing emotions, particularly those from my younger years as well as some very traumatic experiences, has created a drastic difference in my spiritual, emotional and mental states. I feel much lighter after releasing some powerful emotions. My confidence is at an all-time high. I am ready to go out and make changes in myself and thus, the world. Tammy always handles herself in a professional manner while including some lightheartedness to create the perfect environment for the work that is being done. Her advice and insight was very much appreciated, and added great benefit and value to the experience. If you are at a point in your life where you are willing to make the commitment and investment to create the changes you want in your life, then I would highly recommend that you take advantage of Tammy’s services to help guide you to the realization of your goals and dreams.” George Avedisian, Farmingotn, MI

“Your work with me and other family members was amazing and really opened my awareness to new realms. We have experienced some amazing shifts and changes over the last couple of years and I truly believe it is largely due to your work on our behalf.” Mary Anne Demo, Centerline, MI

“I met Tammy at my chiropractor’s office during one of her workshops. I felt instantly drawn to her gentle, trustworthy nature and presence. I was in a low place at the time due to the passing of my beloved husband and really had lost the passion for life I once had with him. I connected with Tammy by first having a Soul Connection Reading and Home & Property Clearing. I am planning on selling my home, so I wanted the energy in it to be “cleaner” and more pleasant, and I know that the Property Clearing accomplished that. The Soul Connection Reading helped me to understand more about myself at a soul level and to release the negative blocks that showed up for me in the reading. The “homework” she provides after the reading felt so good to do that I chose to do it more often and for a longer period of time then she even suggests. Feeling more positive and better from this work with Tammy, I began having Healing Energy sessions with her for my frozen shoulders. In the very first session, I could raise my arm higher then I had been able to in the three weeks of having the frozen shoulders. I began having weekly energy sessions with her, as she recommends for the best results, and in the first two months, my shoulders improved to the point that they no longer caused me daily pain; I released more of the negative emotions and blocks that I had been repressing and hadn’t even realized it; I began having a new outlook on life and embracing the new chapter in my life instead of the feelings of not wanting to go on without my beloved husband; I released the fear around the changes that were happening in my life and my previous habits of being organized returned and my issues with procrastination disappeared; I have connected with my own desires and am able to communicate what I truly want more effectively and confidently than ever before; and a positive side effect of the work that hadn’t even been a focus of mine, I have released 30 pounds and am still releasing more. I know that difference having regular and consistent energy sessions makes because during the holidays, I got caught up in all the family busyness and let the sessions with Tammy go for a few weeks and I felt the difference in my level of good energy and the positive feelings and forward movement I had when I was having my regular sessions. I know it is definitely for my benefit to maintain the higher vibrational levels that come from the Healing Energy sessions. I have had both in-person and distant sessions with Tammy and both are equally powerful in results. I am moving back to Canada soon and it is a relief to know that I can easily continue to work with her through the distant energy work she offers. I also had a Spirit Guide Reading with Tammy and I have connected on a deeper, more personal level with my spirit guides to receive more clear guidance and assistance in my life. It feels as if I have a whole new group of friends I can count on for support and guidance and who are always there and ready to help me. I would definitely recommend working with Tammy and all the value she offers in her energy healing and soul level readings. I feel so blessed to have met her and it has really changed my life in such positive and amazing ways!.” Updated ~ “Working with Tammy as my Healing Energy Practitioner has brought me new and great success in my life, and so it was automatic for me to have Tammy perform a Home & Property Clearing on my home which I was wanting to sell to move back to Canada after my husband’s passing and to be with my grandchildren. My realtor priced my home for more than he said it would bring at my request, and feeling sure of my decision, my home showed only 5 days with repeat prospective buyers. The 5ht day, an offer came in for “well over my selling price.” Needless to say my realtor said that he had never seen a sale take on so many positive results in every aspect from start to finish. Once again, Tammy has brought my life into a very high energy way of living.” Diana Beneteau, Canton, MI

“I have been having distant healing sessions with Tammy for years and the results always amaze me! Recently I fractured my foot and it swelled, with some discoloration, to the point that I couldn’t stand or walk on it. My profession requires me to stand many hours a day, so this just was not going to work. As with in the past, I contacted Tammy and asked for a session informing her of what was happening. Well, when I woke the next morning, the swelling was gone and I could stand and walk on my foot without discomfort! In other instances when she has done distant healing work for me, I don’t even notice right away because I am no longer in pain or discomfort and can continue doing my regular activities. It isn’t until we communicate about the session that I realize the pain and discomfort are gone, along with the symptoms or injury that was present. I am so glad I have Tammy to go to and that there are alternatives for my well-being.” Updated ~ ” I have been working with Tammy for years, so having her perform a Home & Property Clearing when we were ready to sell our home was a given. Within days of listing the property, we had very interested buyers and the house was being shown multiple times a day. The comments being received by the Realtors and prospective buyers, were that the house was beautiful and felt very inviting which made it easy to show. In the third week, after numerous showings, the first people to share their interest in the house within the first few days of us listing it, made an offer and became the new owners. Agents were still wanting to show it once it was under contract and interested buyers who were coming in from out of town missed their opportunity to purchase it. And, to believe that we had our home for sale twice before, once for 3 months and the other time for 6 months, and no offers came in either time, but her clearing work wasn’t available then. I plan to have Tammy clear our new home before we move in!” Peggy Meldrum, Naples, FL

“Working with Tammy in her 12 week one on one package has been a positive experience for me. My priority, when we began, was to complete my thesis and I met my primary goal, but in the process, other issues were brought up. I knew that completing my thesis took precedence over my other goals and it had to be completed before I could really tackle anything else. I was able, through the work we did, to complete my thesis and am eligible to apply for graduation to receive my Master’s Degree. While completing this tangible goal, on a deeper level, I also attained a higher level of conscious awareness, a greater understanding of who I am, and a different kind of confidence than I had before. One of the things I like most about the package was the the Soul Connection Reading. The recording of my reading was the most beneficial, and sometimes, I would listen to it as I worked on my paper. It gave me reassurance about aspects of myself that I never had a grasp on until hearing it from Tammy. The reading helped me understand who I am and why I am the way I am, without coming from a negative stand point based on negative childhood experiences. I believe that working with Tammy this way is beneficial and can assist with creating wanted changes in your life.” Mary Busby, Southfield, MI

“From the very first time I had a Reiki session with Tammy, I could feel tingling energy running all through my body. I am able to experience extreme relaxation during the sessions as well as for hours after. The level of relaxation is similar to how relaxed I get when on a vacation that I don’t have to do anything or go anywhere, I can just enjoy “being”. I also feel stress just melt away during my sessions with Tammy. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone wanting to experience deep relaxation and relief from stress.” Updated ~ Having known and trusted Tammy for years, when she asked me to participate in her Emotion Release Group Program, I was interested in doing so immediately. I was ready to experience change and improvement in particular areas of my life and thought this would be a great opportunity to begin the growth I was seeking. Since participating in the emotional release process with Tammy, I have felt growth in my intimate relationship; my relationship with my youngest daughter is significantly better; a very positive shift in the unhealthy emotions tied to my ex-husband and our divorce; the feeling of victimhood in all areas of my life dissipating; improvement in previously not wanting to commit to actions which help me move forward in certain areas of my life; clarity in a different way than expected; and consciously enjoying the moments of my life more than I had been experiencing. I am also exploring a new source of income and have taken committed action toward it. On the program and following, I felt a level of acceptance of myself I hadn’t felt in the past. I felt the program allowed me to focus on improving myself by spending focused time through the calls and follow up questions. Immediately after the first and second call, I felt peace in all areas of my life. During the follow up questions, things seemed to be pieced together in ways I hadn’t previously connected them, which contributed to the sense of peace I experienced and continue to experience. If asked about the program and how quickly someone could experience positive change, I know now the changes can be felt immediately on different levels with the potential to continue to feel changes of the emotions released. The experience of interlinking of the emotions which cross over into other areas of your life can be felt quickly as well. I would definitely recommend Tammy’s program to others who want to experience change in their life. Tammy is compassionate and caring in how she interacts with those in the program and is really present for them and their change. Besides being available on calls, she is there for you between the calls as well which can be beneficial in aiding in more understanding and clearing of emotions on a deeper level.” Jen Mantooth, Canton, MI

“I was not familiar with the work that Tammy offers when I began participating in her Emotion Release Group Program, and although I sitll don’t completely understand it, I did receive value from being part of the program. When I first began the program, I was frustrated with a significant relationship in my life and wanted relief from the stress of it and the other person’s choices relating to it. I feel that I made progress during the program, and other areas around my parents and my own value showed up in the work we were doing. Throughout this program, and discussions relating to it, I have identified some areas that would benefit to work on in my life and I feel that I am more able to do that now with the new information I have. As a result of this program, I have been able to begin working on a healthier relationship with the individual that was my main issue when I began. Releasing my anger and frustrations has helped in communicating more effectively in this relationship. On a deeper, personal level, I feel the truth of the exercises was a surprise. On several occasions, the emotion that turned up as a block wasn’t something I would have identified myself, however, when explained, they did resonate with me as being a truth. Understanding how deeply some of these emotions and issues go has been awakening, and I feel empowered to release them and move forward. The live calls were enjoyable and hearing about the other people’s issues and being present for their own releases was a positive experience. While the participants haven’t met, I felt a connection with each of them and felt, likewise, they were connecting with me on a deep level as well. The way the program is set up with calls every two weeks was the perfect spacing and I can see the value in participating for several months, or more, to experience continued results. I would refer others to work with Tammy and feel they would receive value and benefit from it.” April Weston, Show Low, AZ

“Since Tammy performed a Home & Property Clearing for me, I have definitely noticed the energy shifts happening in my house! There seems to be a lower, calmer energy that has been needed. I have noticed that communication has increased as well and that emotional shifts and truths are being expressed as well which is much desired! So, whatever you did, my friend, you did it well! Updated ~ Participating in the Emotion Release Group Program Tammy offers, I have experienced some shifts in my awareness and in how I perceive my reactions and interaction with another person. I am experiencing less anger and more mental clarity than before the program. I am better able to articulate what it is that makes me angry and what I can do to resolve it. I find the worksheets she offers as part of the program to be a valuable tool in achieving my desired results. When you do the work, then the results occur. I would definitely recommend working with Tammy to others. She is extremely knowledgeable in what she offers and how she shares it.” Angelique Trigueros, Springfield, MO

“The energy in my home, after having you perform a Home and Property Clearing, seems to be more positive! I haven’t experienced any more negativity in the targeted areas. Thank you for all of your help.” ~ Carrie Brezinski, Manhattan, IL

“After having three surgeries for the same thing, I saw Tammy for the problem. I wasn’t sure if it would make a difference, but figured it was worth the try. After the distant healing session, I spent the next three days in a lethargic state and my body detoxing any way it could. I felt truly awful. On the fourth day, I felt fantastic. When I went to do the exercises to strengthen that part of my body, it was the first time I haven’t experienced pain since my last surgery. Amazing! I’ve been pain free since then. I highly recommend Tammy! Updated ~ “I recently participated in Tammy’s Emotion Release Group Program and realize that releasing emotions is a very complex endeavor and can’t be done all at once. By working through my trapped emotions, I was able to change my attitude about my maternal family and made peace around the relationship I choose to have with them. Through the program, I have experienced more peace and energy. I liked working with a group of similar aged members who could understand what I was going through. Releasing trapped emotions was wonderful and I feel lighter and more energetic because of it. Tammy knows what she is doing and has a lot to offer. Listen, do the work and you’ll reap the results. I would definitely refer others to Tammy for the value and great results received from working with her.” Auriel Roof, Ann Arbor, MI

“After my Soul Connection Reading with Tammy, I became more level with myself and more open to my new husband and accepting of the love he gives me. I used to wait for the other shoe to drop, so to speak, and in the last year and a half, I just love what is and cherish it. I still have a long road ahead but I am happy. Kelene Gunderson, US Military

“During the course of my friendship and conversations with Tammy, I lamented of certain homes that, despite their great condition and pricing, were not selling. One home in particular was in a nice area, priced fairly and in great shape, but was not getting much attention. At one point, an offer had come through and as we moved toward a closing, the buyers walked away with no reason except that they changed their mind (and lost their deposit) only days before the transaction would have been completed. Tammy suggested the home needed a Home & Property Clearing. I had known about “smudging” techniques, but what Tammy was proposing was a little deeper and more intense. Tammy cleared the property, offered a written response as to what she found and cleared from the property, as well as from the land on which it was situated. Although I am a very open minded person, I was slightly skeptical at first. But, within a short amount of time the home began to get showings and ultimately an offer! We have since closed this transaction and the new buyers have stated that they felt very comfortable in the home when they walked in for the first time and therefore made the original offer! I would highly recommend Tammy for this type of work whether you are a Realtor or just looking to clear your own home. Often we feel “something” is a little off about our living situation and this would be a great way to help with that concern with a minimal investment.” Robert P. Marx, Realtor with Century 21 Real Estate, Dearborn, MI

“I discovered Tammy and her Home & Property Clearing service in a local holistic magazine. I had been having some challenges with the environment and energy of my beloved farm home that I purchased as my dream home to experience peace and serenity there. In attempts to rent it until I can move into it as my main home, the renters were leaving in short periods of time for unknown reasons. I even offered the home to friends who were in need of a temporary transitional place to stay and after only moments of being there and experiencing the sewer system suddenly backing up into the home, they decided not to stay either. The property has always felt wonderful to me, but there has been something off in the main part of the house that causes me discomfort each time I am there, so when I opened the magazine and it fell upon Tammy’s article, I knew this was what my beloved home needed. During the time that Tammy was conducting the clearing process, I felt suddenly dizzy and then a short time later, I noted that I suddenly felt lighter. This was while I was still at my current home and had not gone to the farm yet that day. Once I arrived at the farm, all felt light and the absence of the “yuck” continues and so does the light feeling now there. I know that my home is mine totally now! Blessings to you Tammy and thank you!” Mary C., Michigan

“Since Tammy performed the Home & Property Clearing for us of the negative energies that were there, both my husband and I have noticed a marked increase in our overall energy levels, and both of us feel happier. In retrospect, it feels as if something was depleting us and bringing us down prior to the clearing work being done. It’s such a dramatic difference that happened, literally, overnight, that there is no other explanation than the remarkable work Tammy did. Thanks, Tammy, I feel like a new person!!!” Janet Tyler Johnson, Author, Speaker and Founder of CorporateHostageNoMore.org, Blanchardville, WI

“We were wanting to sell our house in another state because we had moved to Michigan and purchased our new home. We began offering our home for sale in June 2011, and although it had interested buyers, no one was making us an offer. We were unsure of what was going to turn those interested buyers into actual buyers. After meeting Tammy and being introduced to the Home & Property Clearing she offers, we decided to see if it could help us in selling our home. All we can say is “WOW” because she performed the clearing on Sunday evening (2013), on Wednesday we received an offer and on Friday our house officially sold! This is amazing and worked so quickly! We also had Tammy perform it on our new home so we can have a “clean” environment in it. We would recommend her Home & Property Clearing for selling, and for living in, your home!” Judy & Frank H., Belleville, MI

“I attended Tammy’s workshop, upon the recommendation of a friend, on the Energy in Your Home, and after hearing what she shared, decided to take advantage of her Home & Property Clearing work to cleanse my home of the negative energy I knew was present. Between the time that I requested the clearing and Tammy actually completed it, my husband and I experienced physical symptoms that appeared unexpectedly and were pretty aggressive. My husband had a severe allergy attack and my jaw became locked to the point that I was unable to move it. This went on for a couple of days and then both suddenly stopped on the night that Tammy performed the clearing work. I received an email the next morning with the details of what she had discovered in our home and on the property, and thus cleared for us, as well as the time the evening prior that she had completed the work. It was about the time that our symptoms stopped. Our home feels so much better and more pleasant and we are thrilled with the results! Thanks Tammy!” Ela Rozalski, Canton, MI

“I have noticed a huge change in the energy of the house after Tammy performed the Home & Property Clearing. It used to be difficult to go into the basement and it isn’t anymore. Actually there were several rooms upstairs too that I didn’t always feel comfortable in and they feel “lighter” now too. Thanks so much for this gift. Updated ~ I most definitely attribute the selling of my house to Tammy’s house and property clearing! She is a lovely and sincere person. Will definitely request her many services again.” Jodi Zayas, Plymouth, MI

“I got your email saying you were going to do a distant session on me later in the evening. Three hours later, I felt a sharp jab in my chest and out of concern, I got up for a walk. Within 30 seconds, I suddenly felt invigorated and all the numbness in my right arm which I had been experiencing for weeks just disappeared. I didn’t connect this with your earlier email but then when I received your follow-up email saying you saw a black spot on my right shoulder and cleared it, I can only assume what happened was from that session.” Updated ~ “I had Tammy perform a Home & Property Clearing on my home as well. Since performing this Clearing, numerous visitors to my home have made unsolicited comments such as “some thing has changed, I feel much more relaxed here.” George Notaras, Philippines

“From the moment I first met Tammy, at one of her workshops, I felt very relaxed around her, as if I’d known her for a long time as a trusted friend. She has this soothing quality, and her aura is friendly and caring. It’s her mission to help individuals find their true potential by releasing and clearing the negativity hidden and stored within the “soul system” as well as the blocked energy of the body. Her ability to do so , frees us from past karmic entanglements so we’re not stuck in a rut and running around in circles, re-doing life lessons without success. I have experienced first-hand her expertise in dealing with healing energy, since July, I’ve had her do three readings for me: the Soul Connection Reading; the Spirit Guide Reading; and most recently, the Life Challenges Reading. The first one, the Soul Connection Reading, was very comprehensive, detailed, very informative, and not only helpful but transformational. I went from having little or no organizational abilities to really being able to handle many types of organizational dilemmas both at work and at home, which would have totally stymied me in the past – to the point that I’d had to hire a professional organizer to help sort things out! And, I’ve also been able to be more confident and creative at work, with co-workers, bosses, etc. In addition, the Spirit Guide Reading also was instrumental in helping me call upon my “personal angels” as I call them, who are at my beck and call whenever I need them. How wonderful to feel such love, closeness and caring in such a difficult world! I’m now on a first-name basis with each of them, and I have felt their individual presences around me – especially in moments of solitude early in the day when I seek them out or in moments of despair – as I begin my day and get “centered” by their steadying vibrational energies around me with God’s Absolute Love, so that I never feel alone anymore. As for the third one, I chose the Life Challenges Reading, and it has cleared the current toxic elements from my relationships in the here and now, so that I can continue to progress on my spiritual journey toward total enlightenment and reaching my true potential as a Cosmic Soul. So, thank you so much, Tammy, for all of your “light” work that has been so beneficial to me! God bless and continue doing what you do so well: helping the individual see his/her true self, as I’ve been blessed to have her work on me and my family. Sincere and heartfelt kudos to you, Tammy!” Updated ~ “Since the Life Challenges Reading with Tammy around my relationships, they have improved markedly, particularly the one I was most hoping would improve. I am experiencing more positive, kinder and sweeter connections that feel wonderful and I am so excited about the results that I have achieved through this reading! Thanks so much again, Tammy!” Hiam Gosaynie, Westland, MI (Read the poem written for Tammy by Hiam)

“I was guided to connect with Tammy as I have been struggling with a situation for some time. I was sensing that it was past life related. With her work with the Akashic Records this indeed confirmed this. The healing and clearing that she facilitated, through the Life Challenges Reading, unleashed all of the barriers that I had built around myself preventing from true healing. Since the profound healing and clearing I have noticed the shifts within, subtle changes with higher clarity. For the first time in a few years, I am starting to have peace in my heart. I highly recommend Tammy to assist you in stepping into your full potential. Thank you Tammy, there really are no words to describe what you have done for me. In deepest gratitude, Shelly” Shelly, BC, Canada

“A friend recommended I connect with Tammy for her energy healing work due to the tremors I was experiencing. Once I connected with Tammy, I knew I could trust her and wanted to work with her. I took advantage of her Healing Energy Session package and followed her recommended timing of sessions with her. My original reason for the sessions was to stop my tremors and to calm and quiet down my whole body. My intention for the work was to become more aware of everything I do. After working with Tammy for the number of sessions in the package, I have greatly improved my awareness as well as experiencing a 50% decrease in my tremors, which were pretty significant when we began. I have also made great strides in loving myself and taking time to be calm and relaxed. I have found that the energy work along with being more aware of what I am doing between sessions, listening to the meditations Tammy offers and writing things down using the “homework” she provides, has been of great benefit in my healing process. She just seems to know what to say in each session that is the thing I needed to hear and in the way I needed to hear it to activate something positive inside of me. I thank you, Tammy, for bringing this out in me. I know that it was inside me all the time but I needed to become aware of it. I look forward to continuing to work with Tammy to achieve an even deeper level of calm and awareness and to ultimately have my tremors cease completely.” Pat Burmeister, Canton, MI

“I finished my Soul Connection Reading homework and since then I have noticed it’s easier to see areas that I need to improve on. For example, it’s very clear to me that I need to work on being more assertive with others. I had my annual review at work and it went fantastic. My boss asked me to give more suggestions and feedback on how the shift could improve. Pretty cool! I feel really proud of myself for all the hard work I’ve put in this past year. I’ve been going out more, and having fun. The people I’ve started to become better friends with are really interesting and we seem to get along great. So it’s been good to go out more and connect more with others. Also when going out I have been able to just say what I really want to do like instead of the bar, let’s make it Taco Bell. Like it’s easier to be myself with others. I am also more confident in a move to a new location that I want to make. This is such an accomplishment for me, to leave a job in good standing. Most jobs or even sports, in the past I have ended in a negative way, not on good terms. So that’s what’s new with me since my reading! Thanks Tammy!” Jessica T., Hancock, MI

“The Core Essence Activation took just a minute. I felt a faint swirling feeling below my sternum and some energy running in that area. Shortly after the activation, I met someone who shares the same professional aspirations as me. I also read tarot cards and have noticed in my daily draw that I’m getting all major Arcana cards–this has only happened one other time in my life during a major life change. I was also majorly depressed before the activation. I know it definitely helped me find the energy to climb out of that dark time and I am feeling so much better. As more time has passed, things have really sped up for me since the activation! I have had major relationship changes that I was wanting for a long time; my intuitive skills have really taken off; and I’m really starting to figure out my career stuff (I felt stuck before). In so many ways I’ve grown more independent–the way I’ve wanted to be. So thank you!” Updated ~ “I received the Soul Connection Reading and was thrilled with what came out of it. All of the information made total sense to me. Additionally, it helped me see my blocks more clearly and understand how Tammy’s releasing them will help me move forward. I’m also really excited to get started on the homework. I can tell hours of work went into this reading and into helping me release blocks I’ve had for lifetimes so I can move forward productively. Thanks Tammy!” Jessica B., Ann Arbor, MI

“As a Healer Practitioner myself, I’ve worked with Tammy on several projects and know her to be a gifted individual who is committed to the highest levels of healing work. When she asked me to experience a new modality I was intrigued. I resonated strongly when Tammy shared the information of the Soul Connection Reading. For me, it was an affirmation of aspects related to who I am sprinkled with an occasional ‘ah-hah, that makes sense’! I felt the shifting of awareness (into full consciousness) from the information given, which from an energetic perspective allows an integration (often called a release) to occur. The process includes “homework” which enhanced the shifts. The Soul Connection Reading is a powerful tool especially for those that are looking for more insight and clarity in their life. Thank you Tammy!” Rheisa K. Barres., Milford, MI

“I have been a meditator for over 18 years, but my advanced level requires a long meditation program every morning and every evening. Part of the meditation technique I use is dedicated to the clearing of the Akashic Records, but I often times skipped that portion of my meditation (due to a busy work schedule) and did only the first part which purified me enough to recognize certain energy frequencies, but because my Akashic Record was not clear, I was unable to connect to them in the positive way I desired. Since my Soul Connection Reading with Tammy, my blockage has been removed and I am more blissful, peaceful, and accepting that it was my fault and mine alone that I was unable to acquire the total bliss I could have through connecting with those positive frequencies. Each and every day I give gratitude that Tammy was brought into my life (it was meant to be) and I have been blissfully happy that I can now move forward and be more loving, accepting, and forgiving of myself and others.” Mae G., Northville, MI

“I have been working with Tammy and following her suggested Healing Energy Sessions package to start. I have had some great results even from the first session, including more focus and clarity; my eye sight improved as confirmed by my optometrist; and the alignment of my hips/pelvic area which has been causing me pain and discomfort for a few years and I had to have repeatedly adjusted by my chiropractor, but Tammy was able to do her “energy thing” on me and they have been staying aligned without pain or needing any adjustments. She has even done distant sessions on my mom and son and I would definitely, and do, refer her to others.” Heather Doering, Canton, MI

“Credit where credit is due: I believe the energy sessions have helped me handle the most recent challenge in my life. I came home from vacation to discover major water damage in my home. The work to repair it will be extensive and there is much going into its repair. Although it will be an undertaking, the biggest difference for me is that I’m taking it all in stride where normally I would have taken it in stride FROM THE PERCEPTION OF OTHERS, but internally would have been a hot mess. Now, I’m chillin’. Thanks!!!.” Mary R., Ann Arbor, MI

“I first experienced the Awakening the Core Essence Activation at a 12/12/12 event that Tammy was presenting at. From this, I knew there was more and I needed to be a part of it. I experienced the Core Essence Accelerator on 1/12/13, and from there my entire World went into WARP SPEED. I was looking to move and found a place I loved on 1/14/13. I completed the paperwork that same day, was approved right then and moved in on 1/25/13. I have had MIRACLE after MIRACLE occur in my life since this AMAZING experience. The speed of my journey has increased and it continues. The Awakening the Core Essence is a life changing, transforming experience that I am very grateful for! Love & Light.” GeeGee, Ann Arbor, MI

“Tammy is a gifted intuitive, healer and coach. She can help you heal ailments and pain from a long distance. I live in California and Tammy lives in Michigan. She has helped activate healing of everything from a flu, bronchitis, headaches to bone and muscle injuries for me and my daughters. It is uncanny how she works! There is nothing you need to do to receive her magic, other than to hire her to help you with whatever you want help with in your health or life! I have received excellent coaching from Tammy, in addition to her vibrational healing. Recently, I experienced a Clearing and Activation from Tammy in a live teleconference. There was a group of us on the phone listening while Tammy took us through a visualization and her proprietary Activation process to help us start living from our Core Essence. I wasn’t exactly sure what I had signed up for, but I can tell you that ever since that teleconference I have found myself highly motivated and energized to move forward in my business and in my life. Ideas keep popping up out of no where and I have had flashes of new awarenesses about my Core Essence – who I really am and who I am meant to be in this world. My business is advancing and so am I! I have no idea how she does what she does – I just know that it works! If you are thinking about working with Tammy, do it now! Experience healing, transformational change, and the magic Tammy can offer to your life. She’s amazing and her processes are painless and really work! Thank you, Tammy! You are a gem! So glad to have found you. You’re my best kept secret!” Charlotte G., Los Angeles, CA

“Tammy activated my Core Essence the first time and to be honest, it didn’t develop fully. The first day after she did the activation I felt more powerful at work and I was able to speak confidently in front of a large group of 50 people. She did another activation and this one worked to activate my Essence. I felt a fullness in my energy as soon as she did it. It felt like I could breathe in through my Root Chakra and there were no more blockages, so I felt clear. I felt an evenness in my Heart Chakra area that felt amazing. I felt more grounded and continued to experience my own power through a feeling of new energy and an expanded energy field that I could more easily connect with. The experience was largely physical for me. I did continue to experience increased synchronicity. Love.” Katie Potts, Ann Arbor, MI

“Tammy’s ability as a Reiki Practitioner is excellent! I had a condition that caused me to experience severe pain and had continuous physical discomfort and issues because of it. I was given Reiki by Tammy and for several days after the session, I experienced a peak in the pain. When the few days passed, the pain went away, along with physical aspects of the condition, and has not returned since. I was amazed that could happen and thrilled that it was possible through Reiki. I have had additional sessions with Tammy since and they are always wonderful.” Deneille Wyss, Lincoln Park, MI

“Since meeting with Tammy to experience something of her Emergence/Activation work, I can note that for the first time in rather too long a while, I’ve been more able to simply “sit” and ponder (meditate, think, reflect, worship) for an extended period. I’m certainly a “victim” of divided attention, multitasking, face to screens, at the continuous beck and call of “responsibilities”. But since meeting with Tammy, I’m finding it daily more likely that I’ll “sit back” and Ponder Life more deeply… and let the big picture roll in.” John C, Ann Arbor, MI

“My Reiki sessions with Tammy are amazing! I can feel the energy when Tammy is giving me Reiki and I have even experienced spiritual growth from our sessions. It is like recharging my battery when I see Tammy. I feel the positive difference and results in my life when I have a session and notice how my life feels when time passes between our sessions. I would definitely recommend Reiki sessions with Tammy as they will have such a positive impact on your life.” Carol Hartwell, Garden City, MI



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