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As an expert in raising and shifting levels of consciousness and awareness, Tammy is an official expert, and trusted author, on which is the largest online self improvement community.

Because of Tammy’s expertise, knowledge and understanding of energy, a local community college invited her to teach a class on understanding energy for health and happiness in their health section of offerings. Her students varied in their level of understanding of the material, giving her the opportunity to reach those with a high level of understanding, down to those who were experiencing the material for the first time. Her students loved the class and expressed how they looked forward to it each week. Some even experienced healing of physical issues just through the energetic exercises, and the high vibrational energy she calls in for all of her group events, that she shares. The class is so popular it has run additional semesters and there is interest in more classes taught by Tammy.

Being an original member of a local intuitive group since 2012, Tammy helped create their first small psychic/healing fair that year, which is now a biannual, two-day expo with about 1,000 attendees and is still growing in interest and size. She contributed again at the Spring of 2017 Holistic & Psychic Expo as part of the event committee and emceed the Saturday live presentations..

She has also been featured as an inspirational thought leader sharing her quotes in these books, Enlightened (page 198) and WHY – The Four Why(s) That Hold The Secret To Your Impact (page 130), by Corey Poirier. Corey interviewed Tammy on a few occasions for his Conversations with Passion show. You can listen to those interviews from May 2017 and March 2018.

Tammy has been published in holistic and spiritually based magazines sharing some of Tammy’s services and events she has offered, including articles written by her.

She speaks and channels to groups and at events as well as being interviewed by others to share her knowledge, insight and wisdom on energetic, spiritual and life-shifting topics. She has been featured as an expert in interviews on the Your Heart Speaks Summit, The Wellness Show and the list continues to expand.




Access the “guidebook” that helps you along your spiritual journey to know:

Access the “guidebook” that helps you along your spiritual journey to know:

*What keeps you “stuck” in the repeating patterns you want to be done with and how to finally heal them*

*How to rewrite your old stories to experience the energy of them differently so they are more pleasurable for you*

*How to make choices that reflect what you truly want to experience more of in your life*

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