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Tammy Braswell is an Energetic Creation Coach and Teacher who guides and supports women, like you, in uncovering and aligning with your authentic self to feel comfortable in your own skin. To go from feeling lost, stuck and scattered to aligning with who you really are  and gaining clarity of what your own desires and truth are for you by connecting with yourself more deeply for greater peace, pleasure and purpose in your life. When you turn off the world’s noise that has been convincing you of who need to be to fit in, be accepted and deserve to be loved, you open yourself up to trusting and believing in yourself, your choices and being capable of creating your life the way you really want it to be.

A mother and successful business owner herself, she understands the desire to have less stress and more peace and joy in her own life by connecting to herself and becoming centered in her own Soul’s truth and living her purpose.

Tammy started her Healing Energy business to help others become centered and re-energized within their busy lives as well as decreasing their levels of stress and increasing their levels of happiness, well-being and abundance.

In raising the level of an individual’s energetic vibration, Tammy has studied numerous programs and books on the subject that have assisted her in understanding how to elevate her own vibration, as well as working with top mentors who have guided and supported her on her journey. She believes that through an understanding of energy, along with shifting one’s perspective through energetic awareness, a person can create positive changes to achieve different and desired results. And by working with her clients, she has come to better understand what helps them create the shifts they desire in their life and how they can experience a life that is so much more satisfying and amazing than they ever imagined!

For over 30 years, Tammy has been a student of metaphysical, spiritual and esoteric studies, including meditation and quieting the ever pervasive mind chatter that occurs, along with becoming a student of the Silva Method.

Certified as an Empowered Spiritual Life Coach and trained as a health and wellness coach, Tammy has the knowledge and tools to share with her clients in changing their lives and state of well-being.

When it comes to energy, Tammy is very sensitive and highly intuitive. She utilizes her unique gifts, talents and knowledge to help her clients become aware of where their energy is at in any given moment and how to make the shifts that will create greater flow in their energy and lives, thus creating more of what they consciously desire to experience in their life now.

She is a Master level Reiki Holistic Healer and, through her own proprietary blend of energy healing work, utilizes different energy healing modalities, such as Reiki, Pranic Healing and Quantum Touch techniques, to direct the energy thereby cleansing and balancing the energy systems and raising cellular vibration to activate the body’s natural healing abilities. She enjoys learning and studies personal development and growth. She is also an advanced level Soul Realignment* Practitioner and is able to offer unique insight into her client’s Soul and their Akashic Record to create deeper healing and transformation for them.

Tammy works with clients locally, in person as well as via phone and Skype from the US, Canada and other countries around the world.

Because of Tammy’s expertise, knowledge and understanding of energy, a local community college invited her to teach a class on understanding energy for health and happiness in their health section of offerings. Her students varied in their level of understanding of the material, giving her the opportunity to reach those with a high level of understanding, down to those who were experiencing the material for the first time. Her students loved the class and expressed how they looked forward to it each week. Some even experienced healing of physical issues just through the energetic exercises, and the high vibrational energy she calls in for all of her group events, that she shares. The class is so popular it has run additional semesters and there is interest in more classes taught by Tammy.


“Tammy is one of those special people that comes around once in a lifetime!” Charles Birmingham, Taylor, MI ~ one of her college students


As an expert in raising and shifting levels of consciousness and awareness, Tammy is an official expert, and trusted author, on which is the largest online self improvement community.

Being an original member of a local intuitive group since 2012, Tammy helped create their first small psychic/healing fair that year, which is now a biannual, two day expo with about 1,000 attendees and is still growing in interest and size. She contributed again at this year’s Spring of 2017 Holistic & Psychic Expo as part of the event committee and emceed the Saturday live presentations..

Tammy is a conscious manifestor using the Law of Attraction and has met Rev. Michael Beckwith and, Neale Donald Walsch, both of whom were featured in the well known movie The Secret, as well as Marianne Williamson, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and Mary Morrisey, after setting the intention of doing so and of walking in their circle of influence and higher levels of positive energy and vibration. When Tammy met Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, he noted that in the near future energetic, holistic approaches to well-being will play a prominent role in the lives of many.


Tammy and Rev Michael Beckwith

Tammy and Rev Michael Beckwith of “The Secret”


She has also been featured as an inspirational thought leader sharing her quote in these books, Enlightened (page 198) and WHY – The Four Why(s) That Hold The Secret To Your Impact (page 130), by Corey Poirier. Corey recently interviewed Tammy for his Conversations with Passion show (Part 1) and (Part 2). Tammy has had articles of her own, along with those written about her, published in holistic, new thought magazines as well. She is speaking to groups and at event as well as being interviewed sharing her knowledge, insight and wisdom on energetic, spiritual and life shifting topics. Listen to her recent interview as an expert on the Your Heart Speaks Summit and receive your free gift here.


You can check out articles and information published in holistic and spiritually based magazines about some of Tammy’s services and events she has offered, including articles written by her.

While helping family and friends by offering them Reiki for years, Tammy realized that she is meant to share her understanding and knowledge of energy and universal laws, as well as her energy healing abilities, to better the lives of more than just those close to her.

Through the understanding of our energy systems, clearing energetic blocks and raising the vibrational levels of our energy, Tammy has a strong desire to help others create harmony and balance within their energy systems that positively benefit and shift all areas of their life.

What makes Tammy fulfilled and happy is her family first and then what she can contribute positively to the lives of others in helping them create wonderful and fulfilling lives of their own.





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