The Akashic Records


We live in a world where there is so much that is yet unseen that we are a part of. On a deep level, our Soul knows this to be true and when our Soul begins to awaken to its divine nature, it is then that we begin to see what has been previously unseen and unknown to us. This increased and expanded awareness allows us to step into who we really are and know ourselves more consciously at Soul level.

We begin to become aware that there are different levels, or dimensions, of consciousness around us and available to us. One of those dimensions is the Akasha, which is a Sanskrit word meaning the primary substance from which all things are formed. The Akasha is the entirety of this dimension of consciousness and could be looked upon as a library, or Hall of Records, within which is the information for each individuated Soul and is accessible through the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records, also known in Biblical references as the “Book of Life,” as well as being referenced in other spiritual and religious text and teachings, includes every thought, feeling, word, action, deed and intention that has occurred at any time in the history of the existence of everyone and everything, as well as the universe, since the beginning of creation. The information held within this dimension exists all around, everywhere and is available at any time.

It has been referred to as a Universal Super Computer, or even considered the “Mind of God,” that holds all the information for everyone and everything thing and can be accessed with the proper intent, ability and knowledge to access them. They are specific and unique to each person, animal, location, etc, and is the deepest, most intimate information about them, much of which they may not even be aware of themselves. The Records are updated in every moment for everyone and everything, including this very moment that you are reading this. By accessing them, one can explore what is influencing an individual’s everyday life, their relationships, belief systems and what is potentially possible for their future.

The Akashic Records of each individual are kept safe and secure by the Keepers of the Records, who determine who can access them and what information they can access. There are also guides that can be assigned to each individual to assist in reviewing the Records. It is in integrity and love that they can best be reviewed and the information desired retrieved. Each individual, of course, has access to their own Records at any time.

Why enter the Akashic Records? This is a good question and the answer would be to review how the past choices in an individual’s current life, as well as their past lives, are influencing the present circumstances of their life as well as their future experiences yet to come. Past choices can actually cause a person to remain stuck in what seems like reoccurring relationships, situations and circumstances that, no matter how they try, they just cannot seem to change for the better. So many go through life less satisfied and happy than they are capable of being.

It is possible to make changes and revise the Akashic Records so that past choices that have created negative blocks and restrictions that are currently negatively influencing their life can be cleared. Too often people go through life without ever attaining true happiness and fulfillment. Waking up to this realization one day, they make changes, but sometimes those attempts do not achieve the transformation they had hoped for. It would be helpful if individuals were able to gain more insight into what their divine gifts and nature are as well as what is influencing their lives, relationships and belief systems, and what might be possible for their future. The Akashic Records are a tool that allows us to do that!

The Akashic Records are amazing! Edgar Cayce, who is well known as the “sleeping prophet” earlier in the 20th century, would enter into a trance like sleep state where he would then “visit” the Akashic Records and retrieve specific information for those seeking his assistance. He was able to return with information so detailed that he assisted in healings and obtained other remarkable insights for his clients.

The information held in the Akashic Records is more than we could even fathom, yet can be accessed in such specific ways as to understand what is influencing our lives in the present, and even assist us in creating something different through choice if we so desire.

As part of the energetic work I offer, I access the Akashic Records of my clients to create shifts in their current life experience. Contact me to discover how we may work together and I can access them on your behalf to create new experiences in this lifetime, or learn more here.

I am excited to share that there is a new higher level Akashic Records that is now available to us. In my work with Archangel Metatron, who is in charge of the Akashic Field and Records, he has shown me this new Field and Records and activated me, not only for my own access to them, but so I can also activate others as well. We are the pioneers into this new Akashic Field and our new Records that are open and clear in a way that the current Akashic Field and our Records are not because they hold so much heaviness and turmoil energy from all time. If you want to know more about the Activation that will give you access to this new Akashic Field and open your new Akashic Record, you can discover more here.




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