Do you experience more fatigue and tiredness than you used to?

Do you feel like your battery is drained and you just can’t seem to get it charged up again?

Have you started to experience physical illness or discomfort when you have been in good health for a long time now?

You know the feeling of just not having the energy you would like to and feeling like you can’t seem to get to a place of being fully charged.

So, why do you feel this way?

Let’s begin with the fact that your natural state is one of health and well-being.

Just as in nature, which does not struggle to exist or to grow, your natural state is to be in balance and live in a state of ease and grace with the flow of life.

What happens is that the outer world can be harsh on your natural balanced state. Not that it has to be, but so many factors of the modern world can throw you off balance when you are not paying attention to them – like your environment at work and home, the food you eat, the quality of your relationships and other stressors.

You may be experiencing the feelings of being overwhelmed, scattered, drained and not centered or grounded in your daily life.

How can you change this?

It doesn’t have to be viewed as a negative thing. Actually, it allows you a greater awareness of your point of balance in your body and energy. You wouldn’t notice if everything was an even keel all the time. Being out of balance offers you the opportunity to shift where you are to allowing yourself to return to that centered point of balance.

Your energy is always working to keep you in your natural state of balance, but when you add all the “noise” and toxins of the world by allowing them in, your energy has to work harder to not only maintain your natural state of balance, but get to that place by working through all the other things first.

This is why you feel so tired and drained.

It takes work to sort through and balance the peripheral “stuff” to then keep you centered and in balance.

Sleep and rest is very important in this process.

When you are in a state of resting or sleeping, you are not exerting additional energy that your energy and body have to work to bring into balance along with the “noise” and toxins and then to your ultimate balanced point. It can focus on dealing with the lower energies and then bring you back to balance by refilling your energetic reserves.

Although your experience may indicate that you are not in balance all the time, you can know that your energy is always working to bring you back and keep you there. Take time to be gentle with yourself and when your body is providing the messages that it is tired, then take the time to honor those and give it the rest that is asking for. If you don’t offer it freely when invited to, then that is when you are “taken down” with dis-ease, ailments and conditions that literally make you have to stop and give in to not doing anything else.

The downside to this is that now your energy and body have to work harder to heal you and get you back into balance. It is much easier to listen to the messages and signs that you receive by being gentle with yourself and allowing yourself the rest for this work to be done.

What messages are you receiving that it is time to rest and allow yourself to be rejuvenated and returned to balance?

Rest and allow yourself time to refill your energetic reserves so that your battery is charged again.

In love,

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