Are you someone who avoids discomfort as much as possible, or do you welcome it as an opportunity for growth?

There are different sides to discomfort, but all of them are there to offer you the opportunity to grow in areas you have asked for assistance in doing so, even if you were unconsciously asking.

The discomfort that doesn’t necessarily feel good, and may be something that you live with each day, in your body, relationships, work environment or finances, is what could be considered the negative side of the discomfort coin. It feels like it keeps you stuck in patterns that are unwanted, and may have been occurring for so long that you have just grown accustomed to it, and do not pay much attention to it anymore, because you have learned to live with it. It would be the more subtle form of discomfort that you can choose to overlook and continue on through.

This is the discomfort that comes from the ‘known’ conditions, situations, and even people, in your life. Even though they are not optimal, or what you would say you desire, they are familiar. You feel ‘safe’ where you are because thinking of change makes you more frightened than the discomfort of where you already are. You could possibly be one of those people who is actually happy in their misery, but probably not if you are here and reading this.

So then what side of discomfort is a good thing?

The side of discomfort that can be a good thing is the one that nudges, sometimes even pushes, you to become more. This is the one that can be more aggressive in its assistance to help you grow. You could lose your job, and although you may be upset or think that it was unexpected, it was actually helping you because you are unhappy or have outgrown your current one but are afraid to quit. Your spouse, or significant other, lets you know they want to end your relationship, and it is happening in response to it being an unhealthy and unhappy relationship that you thought you could never leave but you want more and are tired of the discord. You could again lose your current job because deep down you want to start your own business but you couldn’t see how that was possible even with the passion and love you have for what you want to do. Or, your whole life may suddenly, and unexpectedly, be turned upside down so that you can step out of what you thought was all there is to find that there is so much more for you.

This is the discomfort that is created when stepping into the ‘unknown’ and ‘unfamiliar’ opportunities that would be for your greater expansion and growth are too scary for you to take the leap on your own. There is always a degree of discomfort, or being uncomfortable, when you step into something new. You may be frightened and not know how you are going to do it, but, even through it all, there is that gentle, unseen presence behind you letting you know it is okay, that it has your back, nudging you to move forward anyway.

And, when you do, amazing things happen! You get a higher paying job that you love more. You find the love of your life and have a happy, healthy partnership. You become wildly successful and people love what you offer. You get to live the life of your dreams!

This side of discomfort can also occur if you choose to move through it because you know something better is on the other side, but this way is far less the chosen path of most who step into discomfort on their own and without the external nudges and pushes. You can go with resistance, or you can go with excited anticipation. Either way, the other side will be better.

And, just so you know, when you step into this side of discomfort, particularly by choice, and allow yourself to release your resistance, you become part of a small percentage of those who do. This is not what the majority does because of the fear that holds them back. So, consider yourself a courageous pioneer who is willing to experience the discomfort for the greater opportunity and possibility available to, and waiting for, you on the other side.

Thinking of any discomfort you have in your life right now, is it the side of the ‘known’ and that of ‘safety’; or is it nudging you into your greatness?

If it is the earlier, then how can you take a step, even if it creates more discomfort than remaining where you are, to improve your situation or circumstances?

If it is the latter, then how can you open up to allowing it to move with and through you with more ease and grace?

You can learn to view discomfort as a wondrous thing when it arrives because it means you get to become so much more of the amazing being you already are! It means that you are being given the opportunity to allow in that which you have been dreaming of.

So, can you see how discomfort is actually a very good thing!

What are you going to choose to do in the face of discomfort from now on?

In love,

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