What is a Chakra?



The word Chakra is the ancient Sanskrit name for wheel and they are the energy centers within the body that are influenced by your feeling and thinking habits. Things that are focused on effect these energy centers.

There are seven major Chakras that are focused on in energy work and each one is located next to a hormonal gland. They control and energize the major and vital organs of the physical body. The life force that is in each of us moves through these energy centers, and the Chakras radiate and receive energy constantly. The Chakras spin in a clockwise direction when taking in energy, and in a counter-clockwise direction when releasing energy.

The seven major Chakras, their location and meaning, with the color of each as well as what they represent, are as follows:

Root Chakra (1st – base of spine) – I Am; Grounding, Stability, Physical Needs, Security, Survival, Manifestation, Physical & Material World; The color is Red

Sacral Chakra (2nd – abdomen) – I Feel; Emotions, Relationships, Sexuality, Self Worth, Creativity, Passion, Empathy; The color is Orange

Solar Plexus (3rd – stomach area) – I Do; Personal Power, Will, Energy, Self-Esteem, Social Identity, Ability to Manifest; The color is Yellow

Heart (4th – center of chest) –  I Love; Giving & Receiving Love, Understanding, Trust, Hope, Openness, Compassion, Balance, Forgiveness; The color is Green or Pink

Throat (5th – base of neck) – I Speak; Communication, Sound, Vibration, Self-Expression, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Higher Creativity; The color is Light Blue

Third Eye (6th – center of forehead) – I See; Psychic Ability, Channeling, Astral Travel, Visions, Connection to Higher Self, Seeing the Truth; The color is Dark Blue or Indigo

Crown (7th – top of head) – I Understand; Universal Consciousness, All Knowing, Wisdom, Peace, Connection to Source/God; The color is Violet


Tammy's Aura

Tammy’s Aura


Being that each of the Chakras represent different areas of your life, the balance of them affects the flow of what is in your life. When you are in a state of love, faith and allowing, the Chakras are healthy and balanced, which allows them to flow smoothly. Your life will feel good and you experience harmony and joy more of the time.

And, when you are fearful, worried or obsessing over issues, the corresponding Chakra becomes dirty and gets depleted or congested. The Chakras are then not flowing in a smooth, balanced way.

By having negative thoughts and emotions, this causes the Chakras to become dirty with dense, dark energy. Dirty Chakras cause the flow of energy to become blocked or out of balance. It is important that all the Chakras flow smoothly and brightly because they work together, so having any of them depleted or congested causes issues in the other Chakras as well.

Through the cleansing and balancing your Chakras regularly, you can maintain a better, smoother flow of energy thus allowing your life to be more filled with joy and harmony.




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