In Person Channeled Events


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What: Channeled Event with Tammy & ALL THAT IS


When: TBA


Where: TBA




**Seating is limited so register today**


Join us for this small and intimate group event where you will have the opportunity to converse with ALL THAT IS and ask your question as well as receive value from the questions asked by others. The group setting allows for a-ha’s and realizations from experiencing the whole of all that are present. The energy offered in relationship to the group that is divinely assembled has a theme to it and will be amplified by all who are present.

You will also be in the high vibrational energy that ALL THAT IS offers where you will receive healings and activations that you are ready for; structural shifts in your cells, cellular memory and DNA so that your physical body is more acclimated and able to be in these higher vibrational energy and continue to function from it; expansion of your consciousness to higher levels and widening of your field of awareness that allows you to have a broader, meta viewpoint and perspective for higher information and opportunities to be received and interpreted more easily; and the movement and dissipation of old patterns, stagnant and blocked energy that is no longer vibrationally resonating with your new higher level.

Bring your question and an open, receptive heart. Be ready to relax and enjoy yourself.

It is important to stay well hydrated, so please bring water with you to drink.

*You will receive an audio recording of the event to review for additional awarenesses as well as continuing to receive the high vibrational energy and its benefits.


Important ~ Please read to prepare for our events.



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Thanks for connecting with me!