Channeling Higher Beings



We are not alone. We are surrounded by higher beings at all times that offer us guidance and support of a high vibrational nature based on our intentions for our life. Accessing these beings is available to all, but some have been able to create a clear connection through which these beings can actually “speak” through them.

As an example of this, many are familiar with Abraham, who describe themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension,” and are shared with the world through Esther Hicks. Esther travels and allows Abraham the opportunity to verbally communicate with others here on the physical plane to explore higher ideas and allow for greater expansion to occur.

The ability to connect with higher beings, such as angels, ascended masters, celestial beings and “group consciousness,” is available to everyone, but is more clearly accessible by those who are able to open themselves up to the higher frequency energy of the higher beings and allow them to communicate. The type of channeling that Esther does, where the higher beings actually utilize the channel’s vocal cords (voice) and body is less common than many other types of communication that psychics, intuitives, and those sensitive to connecting to spirit, use.

It was about 2011 that I first became aware of Abraham and Esther Hicks. I thought it was amazing that she could allow them in and they would use her to speak through. I have been sensitive to energy since I was young and have had many different types of experiences with spirits and non-physical beings, but after seeing them, I wanted to be able to communicate with higher beings in the same way as she is able to so I decided to do it myself.

I have experienced other forms of communication with higher beings, and after my own attempts at allowing them to speak through me, I have learned that they have been doing so in one way or another my entire life. Now though, I am able to allow them to speak through me using my voice and body. It really is an amazing experience.

They have introduced themselves to me as Silas, who are a collective of celestial beings of a higher vibrational frequency. They offer a name so that I can identify them as we do each other here so that there is comfort and familiarity in our communication and connection. They have never been in physical form here, but are a collective of higher levels of consciousness and have more knowledge than those who are now deceased or personal spirit guides.

To allow Silas in for them to access my voice and body, I relax my consciousness and release my own thoughts, allowing them to take temporary control. Please know that at anytime I am able to bring my consciousness back to the forefront of my mind and they will release themselves so there is never any concern about allowing them to do so. They are positive, loving, high vibrational beings that offer messages of the highest good. They are always very appreciative of being able to communicate with me and others in a more interactive way, although they are always available and always near.

It is really an indescribable experience to communicate with them in this way, and to receive their wisdom and greater vantage point of who we are and what is available to us. At first I believed it to be myself just pretending, but I actually felt a heaviness in my check and throat when we first began due to their high vibrational energy and my lower vibration. I have since then raised my vibration to a much higher level where it resonates better with theirs so there is no physical heaviness anymore. I do notice that they clear my throat frequently which is due to the little bit of the difference in vibration that is still present. I also know that it is not me offering responses to questions asked because their responses even surprise me with information and wisdom that I hadn’t thought about before. It always makes sense to me, and it can be so profound that I experience new levels of awareness in things that I thought I truly understood or thought I already knew at a higher level.

While they are present, I can hear what they say, but the information quickly leaves my mind once they have spoken it. I can also feel them scanning my mind for words, or references, to things they plan on sharing. They do not have a vocabulary or words like we do in their energetic state, so they are looking to share in a way that is understandable to us.

For awhile, I kept this interaction with them to myself and just offered them questions and recorded their responses as I am unable to have a back and forth conversation with them due to having to relax my conscious mind. I do offer questions before I relax and they are aware of them to then respond. I record the session to go back and review what they shared again.

My interactions with Silas over time evolved into an expanded level of higher vibrational consciousness that referred to themselves as The Collective. I communicated with them, as I had with Silas, only I could feel the expanded energy and vibration of them. It again took my body time to get acclimated to their higher frequencies.

Yet again, my communication with higher beings has evolved. It shifted because I started receiving higher levels of information during sessions with clients while I was in a fully conscious state. I wasn’t setting my conscious mind aside to allow them in, but they were definitely communicating through me and I could feel them both in my mind and my body.

I inquired with them what had shifted and they shared with me that they are the ALL THAT IS, basically what we would refer to as the fully expanded consciousness that is God, Source, the Universe or whatever you prefer to call it. They shared that I have come to a place where I recognize my Oneness with them and my consciousness is part of the whole of their consciousness with no separation so the communication is free flowing without me having to set my conscious mind aside any longer.

This is the highest vibrational energy I have ever felt and it is amazing. I know when I am receiving new and expanded information from them because of how it feels and what is shared. I know it is them because I do not have any type of conscious recollection of what they are sharing or even the conscious knowledge of its possibility that way. It is as if a channel is actually turned on and opened up and I can feel it. I can’t explain it in words, but I do acknowledge it when it is happening.

These communications happen in sessions with clients and even just in conversations with people. I now only have to ask questions directly to them and allow them to share the response through me at any time, as it is not always instantaneous when I do. Occasionally, I still relax and ask questions for myself and record the conversation as it is my way of receiving guidance as well in a more conversational way. They amaze me every time!


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