Clarity to Creation

Bring your vision into your reality quickly and easily

…even if it feels like it’s impossible


Congratulations on taking this amazing step for yourself!

You are about to bring what you dream of into your reality so you can experience it as part of the life you are living right now!

Please be sure to read the following important information and bookmark this page:

 In this 3-month program, you will experience:

Monthly Group Clarity Calls to hone in on the details of what you want in your vision to bring it into your reality

Monthly Private 1:1 Session to process, heal and release old patterns, emotions or beliefs that come up to block what you desire from coming into your experience

Weekly Vibration Alignment Blasts to move you into the vibrational frequency match of what you want and holds you in it so that becoming that version of you living that life is easier

Monthly Energy Clearing and Healing around Being Enough, Being Worthy and Deserving, and Receiving, because the limited, constrictive energies of these keep you from what you desire coming into your reality

Private Facebook Community to share your visions for support, encouragement, and holding the energy for each other


The 3-month schedule and links are here:

Monthly Group Clarity Calls the first week of each month cycle. They are at 7 pm EST on the following dates: Tuesday, May 24th; Monday, June 20th; and Monday, July 18th.  They will be approx. 2 hours providing time for each member to share their what they are creating and then to receive feedback and insights to tune into it even more. Figuring on 15 minutes per person.

Monthly Private 1:1 Session to be scheduled during each of the 3 month cycles: January 24th to February 18th; February 21st to March 18th; and March 21st to April 22nd. Click here to schedule each of your sessions during each of those periods of time.

Join the Private Facebook Community to share your visions for support, encouragement, and holding the energy for each other here.

Weekly Vibration Alignment Blasts offered in the private Facebook group you can join here. They will be at 12:15 pm EST each Monday beginning May 23rd through July 19th. The replay will remain available each week until Friday of that week.

Monthly Collective Energy Clearing and Healing will be offered in the private Facebook group with one per month. The current ones available are: Being Enough; Being Worthy and Deserving; and Receiving. There will be 3 more, one for each month of the program, that will be created for the group of souls that come together. We’ll shift your energy into being confident, clear, and connected with who you are and what you want. Dates and times to be announced in the group.



Now let’s make it real for you!


Receive this Free Guided Audio so you can:

 *Feel powerful, centered and in charge of your energy and where you are choosing to share it*

*Stop feeling depleted, drained or scattered by people and circumstances around you*

*Experience connection, confidence and clarity within yourself and what is best for you*

Thanks for connecting with me!