You want to live the best version of your life that you can, but you still haven’t found that sweet spot where it seems easier to get there.

I know you’ve heard this before…do the healing work and your life will change.

As much as you’ve heard this, I bet that you have done a bunch of work on yourself and are still wondering why things aren’t quite where you want them to be…yet.

What is taking so long? Why is there more inner work to do?

This may feel easier said than done, but it is possible.

In my 50 years on this planet, I have had a lot of trial and error on my spiritual journey of growth, evolution and expansion. At times I was unaware of what was even happening and it wasn’t until I was on the other side of the experience that I recognized what had occurred for me. Sometimes it took years before I was able to recognize what I had moved through.

Experiences that stand out for me are ones where I took on the collective emotional state, being I am highly sensitive and empathic, not realizing that was what I was doing, and then attempting to process and deal with the intensity of the emotions by myself.

It hasn’t always been a fun or easy ride this thing we call life, but I look back now knowing that it was all part of the journey my soul wanted me to experience in this lifetime.

So, what have I come to know from this bumpy, yet exhilarating journey?

That the quickest path to the expansion and growth we want is through processing and healing the lower level aspects of our experiences that we haven’t fully moved through that present themselves as repeating patterns and emotional wounds that still linger long after the experience.

Our soul came with the intention of having experiences. It doesn’t deem any experience good or bad, it is just an experience. It allows our soul to know itself in new ways through the physical experience of our senses, emotions, and thoughts that don’t exist for it when it is in its pure energetic state.

We must process, in a satisfying way to our soul, all of our experiences. And, when our soul feels complete, it will no longer repeat that version, or ones similar in nature to it, again.

I am sure you can come up with some scenarios and stories in your life that you would love to stop repeating. Well, to do that, you must allow your soul to be satisfied with the experiences by processing them. That means to some degree you must feel them and bring them to completion.  There are ways to do this without being as painful or unpleasant as when it originally occurred for you.

To uplevel into a new, higher, expanded vibrational energy, the lower side, that is equal in vibration to it, must collapse and then the higher side can expand. This repeats itself in new and different ways over and over while we are in the human experience.

Your upleveling will consist of some smaller steps and some bigger leaps, but they are all part of the journey your soul intended to have while it is here.

Although the human aspect of you gets to choose how it wants to move through experiences, by allowing or resisting what is happening, your soul gets to ultimately decide whether it will repeat any of them or consider them complete. Either way, the fullness of the experience must be had to some degree for your soul to be satisfied. This way it can move on from having that kind of experience again, now or in any other lifetime.

Becoming aware of this helps you to recognize patterns as experiences that have not been completed to your soul’s satisfaction. This allows you to make choices to help that occur.

Once any story or pattern is complete, your energy automatically expands and opens up even more into a higher level of vibration.

The reason you want this to occur is that lower vibrational energies are constrictive and limiting. The space created by them is tight and there is not enough room for movement of the energy inside of that constriction so growth cannot occur. That is why, when someone is experiencing being in a low place in their life, they are unable to see possibilities, opportunities, or a way out.

On the flip side, the expanded, higher vibrational energies are open and limitless. There is room for movement and flow so it has us feeling lighter, freer, and like anything is possible. We notice when opportunities we desire appear as well as recognize, with appreciation and gratitude, the good that is in our life already.

In this level of vibration, it feels like everything is happening more easily and what you desire shows up for you quickly and without feeling like a lot of effort on your part. This is because energy likes to move and when it is confined in a smaller, lower vibrational space, there isn’t much it can do.

Every moment that you can spend in an expanded space of thinking, feeling, and knowing, you allow more possibilities to come in and your life feels like it is working for you rather than against you when you feel down, sad or unhappy.

There is a big difference in your life when you live this way. It feels like the right people, circumstances, experiences, and opportunities show up without you having to do much to prompt them to do so and everything is flowing in a way that feels good to you.

Your next step…

Begin looking for the patterns and stories in your life that you want to change.

Recognize them as part of your soul’s journey, neither as bad or good in nature, but just as experiences.

Invite the best way to receive the support your need to process and heal these repetitive patterns and emotional wounds, that are still influencing your life, to satisfy your soul and bring them to completion.

If you open yourself up to allowing the best way to reveal itself to you, it will show up for you – through the support of another person, information on a website, a conversation that leads you to a method of creating change – because the ways to have it happen are endless.

Remember to notice when the support you have asked for arrives and step into the opportunity to create the change you want to have in your life.

This will uplevel your vibration and expand the space through which energy can move for your highest good and your life will feel magical in how it is unfolding for you now.

It’s time to expand your vibration to take your life higher!

With love and appreciation,

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