What comes to mind when you think of experiencing change in your life?


Does it bring up curiosity for what could happen next, or does it bring up levels of fear and worry about what is going to happen next?


Change is inevitable. The only constant in life is change. Everything is always in motion and changing. Without change there is no growth, and it is the nature of life that everything, including you, always be growing, expanding and becoming more of itself.


What ways do you experience change?


You have been experiencing change in one form or another since the moment you were created. Some of that changed occurred because you consciously participated in it, but most of it likely occurred in ways you may not have desired, leading to you believe that it was outside forces that were doing it to you.


Change can be viewed as empowering or as limiting. It can allow you to be in a place of conscious choice or in a place of being an unconscious victim.


How do you create change through consciously choosing to?


When you create change through your conscious choices, you are in charge of what you are thinking and how you choose to experience it. You participate in your life experiences with more power in creating your desired outcome. You may not know how it will show up for you, but you have confidence in being part of the creation of what you want to show up and know that it is always going to be for your ultimate good.


How do you know what choices you have been making if they haven’t been fully conscious ones?


Your current life experiences, which are what you see when you look at your life currently in all areas, are based on your energetic patterns that have been created up until this point.


Whatever your patterns currently are, and please know that they are neither “good” nor “bad” on an energetic level, they are just the results of the energetic patterns you have been creating through the choices you make.


Most of your choices are unconscious and based upon what you think you should be doing, and this is the result of your conditioning and upbringing that has been going on for generations and lifetimes. It is when you become aware of how your life is, and choose to then create something different, can you start to shift this conditioning and live a life of your own conscious choosing and design.


How can you embrace the changes that are occurring?


There must be contrast for you to even become aware of what you want and what you don’t want. Otherwise, everything would just be acceptable as is and you wouldn’t know if you truly wanted and enjoyed an experience or not.


Because you have free will, you get to live your life experiences however you choose. And, make no mistake, everything you experience, is a choice. You cannot escape making choices, just some of your choices have been from an unconscious place and allowing others to influence them. If you choose not to make a choice, that is a choice. Also know that every choice has a result or consequence. It has been called Cause & Effect or even the Law of Karma, but it happens your entire life, in every moment.


This isn’t meant to be a frightening realization, but a moment of true empowerment. Even when an experience arises that you don’t feel was a conscious choice, you still get to choose how you allow yourself to move through it. You always have that power.


Change is a process. Sometimes it is subtle in nature and just flows in a way that you don’t notice it that much, such as growing from a baby ultimately in to an adult. Other times, change is dramatic, such as a life threatening illness, a death, a divorce, or a job loss, any of which generally grabs your attention more profoundly and immediately.


You get to choose whether you want to allow the changes in your life to move with more conscious choice on your part, or whether you want to allow them to happen from an unconscious place. There is no judgment in either, just the experience of it.


Now that you are aware that through making conscious choices in your experiences of change, you can create different, even more pleasing, results. Isn’t that awesome and life changing in itself?


Enjoy your life and the journey!


In love,

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