Do you ever wonder what the right path is for you to be on in your life? Or, whether your current path is even the right one for you?


Looking at your path in life from universal truth, you come to understand that no path is the “right” or the “wrong” path because all paths have aspects of them that will benefit you, and who you are becoming, and that you can course correct any time you want if the path you are on is not leading you where you want to go.


There are two kinds of paths for you, one is the path of probability, which is the path you are currently on, and the other are paths of possibility, which are alternate paths you can choose to take at any time.


Let’s begin with the path of probability. It is the path that you are energetically currently on and if you continue to take the next steps you are taking, you are likely to stay on this path. It can often times become the “comfortable” path that keeps you from wanting to take another one when you know that new path would serve you better.


If you were to have a psychic reading, for example, the energy that most strongly comes through is that of your current path of probability. Actually, anything beyond 3 to 6 months is difficult to “see” clearly because that is too far off and could mean a shift in your path which would adjust outcomes beyond that time frame. And, if you believe an outcome to be a certain way, say you are told you will meet the love of your life in a year, you will likely make choices based on that information and what happens is that you actually alter the original path of probability due to those choices, ultimately not becoming the person who was on the original path from the choices and experiences you would have had not knowing that outcome, and it causes you to move to a new path that is now the probable path and you do not end up meeting that person. Basically, you knowing your future too far off caused you to make different choices, thus creating a new outcome that was different than the one that was forecasted.


Why is that?


Because you now moved to a path of possibility. The paths of possibility for you are endless because those are all the other options you have available to you. Many are paths that haven’t even been walked yet so they are very unknown or unfamiliar to you and may be scary to think about. Some are just outside your comfort zone and offer you a new way of living and being able to experience more of what you desire. They hold the magic and miracles that are available to you. These are more challenging for someone to “see” for you because your freewill choice can have you on any one of them or even moving from one to another quickly.


Imagine yourself standing in an open area and all around you are doors. The one right in front of you is your path of probability and the other doors are your possibilities. It is like the game show “Let’s Make a Deal” if you are of a mature enough age to remember that. You are offered multiple doors by your host, Monty Hall, who would represent the universe in this scenario, and you get to choose which one you want. You don’t know what is behind each one, so you make the best choice you can to achieve an outcome that you want. But, on the level of energy and universal truth, no door is the incorrect door, nor is it the “right” door, it is just the door you have chosen to experience and, if it doesn’t offer you the experience that you want, you can choose another door at that point, or at any time you want.


Knowing that these paths exist allows you to have more conscious power over your freewill choices and the ability to change your path whenever you desire. Again, all paths have benefit for you because they offer you the opportunity to become more of who you are, whether by a little or by a leap.


Now that you are aware of your paths of probability and endless possibilities, how will you make new choices or continue to live in your current patterns? You have the power to choose whatever path you want, and to change it whenever you want to too!


In love,

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