My Full Moon Message for You!


My message for what’s in store for you with the energy of tomorrow’s Full Moon!




This month brings both a Super Full Moon and the Summer Solstice.


Tomorrow’s moon is referred to as the Strawberry Moon and is influenced by the energy of Sagittarius.

The energy of Sagittarius values independence and the ability to do what it wants, when it wants, because it is adventurous and likes to take risks.

And, the Solstice is just 7 days later, offering energy that focuses on turning inward to connect with yourself for greater growth and upleveling.

These energies are offering the space for you to boldly go within to know yourself better and get in touch with what you want as you move forward in your life.

You’d think that after being “homebound” for the last couple of years, you’d be ready to be out and about enjoying life, but that is not what is stirring within you.

I’ve been noticing many people sharing that they feel like they want to move away from being around others and want to just be by themselves.

I know I am feeling that way, and I’ve received higher guidance to take the next few months to go deeper within myself to connect with the next level of who I want to be and what I want to experience in my life.

It being summer in Michigan, I resisted that some thinking it is the time of the year that I can go outside and do more, but I can feel the nudging of my soul that it wants to “take a break” from the heaviness that is happening in the world right now.

When you go within, it allows you to discover and uncover new layers of yourself that you haven’t explored or “met” before now.

This energy invites you to really look at what your life is and what you want it to be to tune into it all more clearly for it to be the experiences you truly want to have..

It’s nice to think about what would be enjoyable to experience in your life, but right now, you are being invited to DECIDE what that truly is and to become committed to what it takes to actually see it come to fruition and into your reality.

What will have the world change is for you to get in tune with the truth of who you are and the life you want to be living rather than just “thinking” about it anymore.


As a collective, we have been complacent and the thousands of years of heaviness that is coming to a head now has to change because it is NOT sustainable the way it has been and we are the ones who are here to set that change in motion.

Taking this planet and all on it into a new way of living from the higher dimensional energies that are available to us is what we are being invited to do.

Being it is a new time for all of us, you may wonder what that will look like, and I don’t believe any of us truly know that yet, but being present and part of what unfolds as we step into it is going to be amazing.

If you are feeling called by your soul and higher guidance to take a step back and go within, I recommend you do, even if you are not sure how to do that.

Once you decide that you are going to participate in it, you’ll be shown what comes next.

So much has changed in so many ways and we are not going back to what we thought was “normal” because it didn’t work anymore, that is why we’ve experienced such a profound last two years of change.

Now is the time to embrace who you are becoming and the new “normal” that is unfolding for you and in the world.

Allow yourself to be the caterpillar going into its cocoon to come out the beautiful and free butterfly once it re-emerges after its time in there, being transformed into the higher version of itself.

You’ll thank yourself that you took this bold step, even when your current experience is pointing to reasons not to.

Who you evolve and transform into will bring you so much more joy in your life and overflow out beyond you in ways you have yet to clearly and fully see.

Trust yourself, trust your inner and higher guidance, and trust the Universe in the steps you are taking and you will experience a new higher level of yourself and your life.

I know I am looking forward to what unfolds and reveals itself for each and all of us on these next steps of our journey.

To assist with the seasonal shifts that happen during the time of the Solstice, I’ll be sharing more about the Energy Calibration I offer to help bring your physical body’s frequency into alignment with the higher side of your energy that is out of its frequency range right now, creating irritative, frustrative, and crawl out of your skin energy within it.

Watch for that information coming to you soon.

And, until then, we are on this journey together, so come join us in the Your Spiritual Journey Playground Facebook group.

I created this group so you have a safe, loving, high vibe space to share your experiences and not feel like you are on this crazy journey of life alone.

We get you!


Come and experience my popular and proprietary Energy Blasts that I offer every other Monday to assist you in experiencing the healing, manifesting, and vibration raising that assist you in moving through this time with more ease, joy, and connection to who you truly are as a spiritual being having a human experience.

THIS is the energy you WANT to be in as you uplevel your vibration, consciousness, and life so you are consistently held in the highest vibrational energy.

Changes are coming on many levels so stay in the calm of the “storm” here with us.


What will you be releasing with this Full Moon for more of what you want to come into it now?


Enjoy this month’s Full Moon and Summer Solstice and the upleveling energy they are sharing with you! 💜







Remember you are not alone as you walk your journey through it all.


If you are ever unsure of how to do this or are even hesitant to do it on your own, I am here with you and I have a space where you can experience it with others who are moving through it too and be held in high vibrational energy where you can safely go deep into those places for you.


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You aren’t meant to be on this journey alone! Join us and let’s move higher together!




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