My Full Moon Message for You!


My message for what’s in store for you with the energy of tomorrow’s Full Moon!




It’s an intense upgrade time with this moon’s energy.

November 8th is the Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Taurus and its energy is pointing the way to choose the timeline you want to be on.

Taurus is an earth sign and brings in the energy of persistence, determination and love of the finer things in life.

Though down to earth, Taurus loves experiencing high end comforts and does what it takes to have them.

With this moon’s energy, it’s a time to decide how you want to be living your life and choose that as the direction you now go, head on, tapping into the power that is waiting within you to be fully expressed in the world.

This time we’re in is still about introspection, but with it you can experience the higher side of the life you truly desire, over continuing to stay stuck in old ways of being that have worn themselves out like a broken record. (Remember those vinyl ones?)

The power and intensity behind this moon’s energy, that the Eclipse so generously lends to it, is about looking deep within to uncover what it is that you truly desire and also the flip side of that which is no longer vibrationally aligned to come with you as you become the version of you who has it.

As always, bringing your old “stuff” to the surface isn’t necessarily a pleasant experience because there is generally significant emotions attached to it and those have been sat to the side so not to have to address them.

But…it can no longer wait because as the timelines are jutting off into exciting new opportunities and experiences, the parts of you that can no longer come along for the ride, and have actually been holding you back, must be addressed and brought to completion.

All that comes up and the intensity of the energetic timeline shifts can have you feeling drained, irritable, and out of balance.

This is only temporary provided you embrace and join in the healing that is available for you now.

Next level a-ha’s and ways of living that truly light up your heart and soul are what will come of your willingness to experience the emotions you’ve tucked away.

You know it’s time because you can feel the pull within you to really step out into something grander for yourself.

Your soul is with you and cheering you on as you elevate, evolve and expand from the upcoming steps you take on this physical journey of yours.

Maintaining a space of love and appreciation for all you are going through and experiencing will help buffer the lower side of things as it isn’t necessary to get down and dirty with them, just for you to ride the edge of those feelings enough to set them and you free.

ALL you have ever experienced in your life has been part of your soul’s desired journey in the physical and has brought you to here, that makes it all worthwhile and valuable along the way.

This moon and eclipse energy will have you tuning into your value and the value that your experiences offer in your life.

Some things will need to be released now because their value no longer matches up with where you are at and going.

Others will have you discovering a new level of love and appreciation for them and yourself in recognizing the value they and you bring to your life.

In addition to all this energy, just 3 days later is the 11/11 portal energy.

Eleven is a master number and so is twenty-two, making 11/11/22 even more potent in its energy of opening up next levels of your intuition and clearer divine guidance to assist you with your next steps as shared here.

You’ll be able to see more clearly all that the moon’s energy has opened you up to.

No matter where you feel you are on your conscious spiritual journey, we are all experiencing higher choices and upleveling for the greater expansion of our lives.

As always, I want you to remember that I am here with you on this crazy ride called life!

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I created this group so you have a safe, loving, high vibe space meant to be an oasis in life’s stormy moments.

We get you!

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THIS is the energy you WANT to be in as you uplevel your vibration, consciousness, and life so you are consistently held in the highest vibrational energy.

What will you be releasing with this Full Moon for more of what you want to come into it now?


You’ve got this even if you think you don’t! I’m holding the space to help you do so.

And…just FYI…there won’t be another Blood Moon Eclipse until 2025, so savor, appreciate, and enjoy all this rare energy is sharing with you while it is here! 💜 💜







Remember you are not alone as you walk your journey through it all.


If you are ever unsure of how to do this or are even hesitant to do it on your own, I am here with you and I have a space where you can experience it with others who are moving through it too and be held in high vibrational energy where you can safely go deep into those places for you.


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You aren’t meant to be on this journey alone! Join us and let’s move higher together!




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