Does it feel like you want things in your life but they are not showing up for you?

You know, when you want to experience something in your life, such as with your job, or a relationship or your health, but it is still not showing up the way you would like it to.

Why is this?

You are a vibrational being, and with that, you are always sending out a vibration that is indicating where you are at, and that vibration is what the Law of Attraction responds to and brings back to you the things that are like it

So, when what you want to experience and what you are experiencing do not match up, that means that the true vibration you are on is not in harmony with that which you say you want.

How does this look in your life?

It appears that all the things you say you want don’t show up in ways that you want them to. Say for example that you want to attract your ideal mate and all you keep getting are people that have only some of what you say you want or they are of the same pattern you have been getting up until then that is what you are wanting to change.

This indicates that you haven’t shifted a belief or pattern enough within yourself to raise your vibration to be in harmony with the new thing you say you want. You, of course, want to experience something differently in your life, but you haven’t done the work of shifting and raising your vibration enough to be in harmony with it.

Are you doing something wrong then?

No, because it isn’t about judgment, it is about awareness. Only through awareness that something isn’t the way you want it to be can you even begin to shift or change it. You have been running on programming that began as a child and repeating patterns throughout your life from that programming. It’s not that the programming is “bad” but that it may not create the results or experience you desire to have.

Can this be changed?

Of course it can. You want to become aware of what your current circumstances and life experiences are. From this, you can evaluate what vibration you are really coming from, meaning that if you say you want one thing, but are experiencing another, less desirable thing, then you can know your vibration is not in harmony with what it is that you say you want.

Through this awareness, and your desire to actually put forth the time, effort and what is asked of you to create the shift, along with getting clear on what it is that you really want, you can begin to shift your vibration so that it harmonizes with what you want to create.

Now, it may not show up as you anticipate it to from the limited, human view that you currently have access to, but it will show up. And, if you are paying attention, the results will amaze and delight you.

You can create great shifts in your life by becoming aware of the vibration you are currently on so that you can begin to change it and be in harmony with that which you really want.

In love,

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