My High Frequency Energy Transmission Messages for You!



I’ve created these high frequency messages for you to experience in this moment.

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February’s Full Moon Message + Boosting Your Connection

“What’s Next”…

Once you’ve listened to and received the divinely guided and channeled information I share in the audios above, if it resonates, below you’ll find ways to take your spiritual journey to the next level.

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Temple of Higher Healing

For the spiritually conscious woman who is ready experience higher level health and wealth in all areas of your life as your natural state of being.


Relax. Rejuvenate. Release.

The human side of us looks for safety, security, and comfort, while the higher spiritual side of us understands our limitless perfection and ability to grow through the human experience of life’s uncomfortable experiences and challenges.

You’ve been through so much in your life and there are parts of your experiences that linger within your energy system…your mental, emotional and physical bodies…that continue to influence the way you experience your life today.

It isn’t necessary to carry these heavy energies with you any longer.

They were meant to be part of your journey and what your soul desired for you to experience, but the human side often holds onto these energies far longer than is necessary, so it is time to process through them fully to satisfy your soul and then let them finally go.

Come into the Temple of Divine Healing, the safe, comforting space where deeper healing is easy so that you can experience higher levels of health and wealth in all areas of your life as your natural state of being.

It is your natural state of being to be healthy, wealthy and filled with joy.

It isn’t that it has been taken from you, but rather selectively “hidden” to be uncovered and awakened within you again. In this high frequency energetic space, you’ll safely uncover and unravel the streams of old patterns, beliefs and conditioning that hold emotional attachments that feel constrictive and no longer resonate at the new frequencies of the life you desire to live.

You’ll open yourself to the magic, miracles and wonder that the universe holds for you and allow it to enter into your every day experiences in more overflowingly abundant ways.

Nothing in this universe is withheld from you and it is time for you to claim the wealth of life that is the present you can be living. Being conscious of your healing journey releases stuck and stagnant energies that have you feeling that the life you desire is inaccessible to you. It is all here, ready and waiting for you to move through what has yet to be fully processed so that you can express and experience yourself in new higher level ways.


Healing the lower layers opens you up to new higher levels.

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High Vibrational Masterclasses


What do you want to experience on your spiritual journey of elevation, evolution & expansion?


Transform your life with higher teachings and energetic processes that will: 


🌌 Expand your perspective, consciousness, and levels of awareness in what is possible for you


🪐 Provide you with guided journeys and higher information to take your vibration and experiences, both energetically and physically, to new elevated levels


🌠 Consciously create the life you dream of by healing your past, expanding into the fullness of who you are, and connecting with the higher guidance and frequencies that support you in having everything you desire

Each Masterclass has energetic processes and guided exercises to anchor the energy you want to shift and truly have you embodying the change you want to experience in yourself, you higher connection, and your life.


“Growth is inevitable. It is how we choose to grow that makes the difference in the journey.” ~ Tammy Braswell


 Check out the variety of High Vibrational Masterclasses that will assist you in deep healing, consciously creating the life you desire, and connecting with higher beings and energies.

Private Your Desire Accelerator Experience

An invitation for the spiritually conscious woman to get clear on what she truly desires to energetically align with the frequency and version of herself that magnetizes her to the next level life she wants, unleashing the magic that creates it for her to experience it all now!



 You’ve done inner growth and healing for yourself and know what it is to commit to your own expansion, but you know that there are higher levels that you want to explore.

Exploring anything new about yourself and your next steps is unfamiliar and brings up old, lower energies in the process as you step into the moreness of yourself and what is possible for you.

When you allow yourself in each moment to feel into whatever is coming up relating to those old, lower energies, you free yourself to move with more ease and flow into the next higher version of who you are becoming.

Although that may sound easy, being able to become the observer and not be attached to any emotional charge that is coming up, can be challenging, and even many high-level personal development people look to their trusted support to help them navigate through it.

You’ve found your way here because you are looking for the guidance and support to confidently make choices to live your desired life, magnetizing you with your desires and moving the stuck energy that comes up in your daily life that keeps you from experiencing it all now!

It’s in the moment when you notice that an old experience you haven’t processed fully, even some that you thought you had, come back to the surface of your current experience and you feel the low-level influence they are having on you upleveling creating an inner resistance you recognize is there.

You’ve come to a place where you’d know the value of higher-level confirmation so that you can better navigate your choices or decisions and feel confident that you are making the ones that are most beneficial for the direction you want to go.

Although you can “figure” these out on your own, why put the extra strain on your possible attachment to them that can oftentimes cloud your being able to make the swiftest, feel-good decision that you’d like to from what’s presenting itself to you?

When you are “in” a life experience, it can be challenging to view it from a higher perspective to really make different decisions that would be best for you and ultimately that you would have preferred to make in hindsight, particularly when old conditioning subconsciously still influences decisions that you make.

Or, you may realize you are in a “stuck” place and can feel there’s a block in your energy and in the way of what you’d love to create or experience differently in your life, and again because you are too involved and attached to it, understanding where it is stemming from can be challenging and is part of why you end up not taking action or feel like you repeat old habits in your choices.

To expedite your experience and move it into one that you want to be having more, it is helpful to have support and guidance that has the ability to take an outside, unattached observer perspective and tune into the higher perspective side of what would be best for you in your next steps and/or in identifying what your block may be with more ease and accuracy.

Allow Tammy to support you!

She offers private 1:1 work with her where you have access to her intuitive guidance and expertise in uncovering the origin of your old, lower energies, blocks, and stuck points, whether they originate from this lifetime or another one.

She’ll tune into your energy and from what you share with her about what is coming up for you in the moment, she’ll provide the energetic support, guidance, and healing work moving the energy so that you can be living your life at the highest version possible with greater ease, flow, and joy.

Allowing for more free-flowing fluidity in this level of work, rather than “scheduling” sessions with her, you’ll be working with her with in-the-moment communication.

💎 PLUS…during your time in this private experience…

You’ll receive access to the Ultimate Life & Vibration Upgrade Package during your time in the private experience that includes a library of Masterclasses, additional energetic processes, techniques, exercises, and more to support you in healing, creating and connecting with yourself and higher energies. (A $3,663 value)

As well as access to The High Frequency Calibration which is a 30-day experience to elevate your frequency so that you magnetize yourself to the life you desire and step into becoming the next version of yourself with greater ease, flow, joy than ever before. (A $495 value)

And, you’ll be added to the Temple of Higher Healing while you work privately with me as an added benefit for deeper healing, growth and creation in our time together. (A $99 monthly value)

All of these offer you additional support along your journey of elevation, evolution, and expansion in fully living as your divine self in this human experience.

Private Your Desire Accelerator Experience is the support, high level guidance, and energy moving experience you are looking for to take you to the next level of evolution and expansion in your life.

Energy is powerful when you know how to consciously give it purpose to assist you in creating what you desire.

Discover the 4 powerful ways to use this energy technique to amplify your ability to manifest what you desire in your life now.

Your life is meant to be the way YOU want it to be!

Use the Magic available to make it so!

Thanks for connecting with me!