Do you ever find that the things you want to manifest the most seem to elude you no matter how many “techniques” you use to create them in your life?

By universal law, anything and everything you put your focus on must become manifest to some degree into your reality, but the caveat to that is based on how clear your focus on the thing is as to how it ends up manifesting in your reality.

So why is the thing or experience you want not showing up?

It is part of your makeup in this physical body to be kept safe from birth to death, and your subconscious mind bases this, not from a place of judgment, but from a place of what is programmed into your belief system. Whatever your deepest held beliefs are is the basis for the standards of safety specifically for you.

What happens in the process of manifesting what you desire that is based upon this “keep you safe” programming?

There are things and experiences you desire, and you truly believe in your heart that you desire them, such as a wonderful love relationship, a great job, increased prosperity, helping others in a bigger way, etc, but there are underlying beliefs that were created in your childhood that have your subconscious pushing these things away or holding them out as a future event that will never really happen, thus keeping them from you like a carrot on a stick.

Because you keep focusing on certain desires, your subconscious realizes that you want the thing or experience, but it currently is not in harmony with your belief system around it, so instead of attempting to get you to just forget about it, it actually places the achievement or acquisition of the thing out in the future. This way, you are content knowing that it is going to show up at some point, and you end up not stressing over it as much.

Well, if it is in the future and you are going to end up reaching it, what is the problem then?

Energetically, the future does not exist! The only moment that truly exists is the one you are in right now. Yes, you can plan for a future event, but those that actually come to fruition are those you are taking steps to create, such as a planning a trip or a wedding, taking courses to achieve a certain outcome, etc. When you are planning events such as these, or taking a course to achieve a certain outcome, you have specifics that you are doing to create them, but when it comes to finding your romantic love partner, the “planning” for it doesn’t work the same.

It generally doesn’t work if you just decide on a person you want to be with and then take specific steps to make that person “yours.” This manifestation is best created by deciding the qualities you want in a love relationship and the other person, putting yourself on the vibrational frequency of those qualities, and then being open to them showing up; however, you have likely experienced other “love” relationships that haven’t turned out the way you had hoped.

So, from this, your belief system has a program in it that for some reason you are unable to find this wonderful, ideal person and relationship, so it ends up being some far off thing that would be great if you achieve it, but your subconscious knows that you believe you won’t really ever do so.

Is it possible to change this?

The good news is that yes it is! When you start to become aware that what you want is hanging out in the “future,” you can start clearing away those beliefs that are keeping you “safe” where you are and also consciously shift them, which will close the gap of your now and your perceived future attainment of it.

When you actually realize that what you want has been in the “future” because you have a belief that is keeping you safe by keeping it out there, you will have a moment of panic (to some degree) of what will happen when this thing or experience you have been wanting really does show up.

Not just will you feel some level of panic, but your subconscious will also realize that you have begun altering the belief that was running to keep you safe. Your subconscious mind will allow you to change your belief, as it is mostly getting past your conscious mind that makes this part difficult, but because of the change, chaos and turmoil will begin to occur that makes you question the whole thing anyway.

This turmoil and chaos is actually a wonderful sign that you are on your way to dissolving the old belief that is keeping you from the thing you want by holding it out in a future moment, to realizing you can have and experience it now, and guiding you toward the support and help you seek to close the gap and have it be in your present moment.

It may sound complicated, but you have already been doing it to some degree, mostly for the “easier” things in life, but because of your collective conditioning, you likely believe the attainment of the money, relationships, health, spiritual enlightenment and other larger life accomplishments and events you desire, are much more difficult that is why they remain “out there” somewhere in the future.

Simply becoming aware of this and deciding to change your beliefs around the things you want to experience differently begins the momentum of bringing it into your now!

What beliefs do you have that are keeping what you desire away from you and out in the “future?”

In love,

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