Monthly Q&A Guidance Calls

Live Monthly Q&A Guidance Call Details and Recordings



Join these 60 minute Live Calls with me to ask your questions and receive support, guidance and coaching as you move through the Transformational Package, Program or Course material.

This is in addition to the Facebook Group where you can also ask your questions.

The call times and details will be sent to you prior to each call so you can join in via Zoom live chat or phone, both domestic and international.

Don’t worry if you are unable to make the live calls, you can submit your questions and inquiries before the call to offer them for responses during the call.

You will receive access to the recording, so you can listen to everything again if you attend live, and still listen if you are unable to attend the live call.

All calls offer high vibrational energy that creates releasing, healing and activations on deep levels in your energy field and physical body, including at the cellular and DNA levels. Also moving stagnant energies and old stuck patterns, along with expanding your consciousness and field of awareness.

Be sure to stay well hydrated for 3 – 7 days after being on the live call or listening to the recording. The energy is working at a very intense and high level for the first 3 days, but lasts up to 7.



Call details:






To submit your question if you are unable to attend the live call, please email it to





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