Do you feel like your life is directed by outer circumstances and others around you?

You have probably come to believe that your outer world is the cause of how you feel and what you experience. That what happens in the outer world either allows you to have what you want, or it takes away your opportunities to do so, but in reality, your outer world is actually created through you and your inner world.

What makes up your inner world?

Your inner world is who you really are at the deepest, truest level, along with what you believe, think and feel that ultimately creates what you experience in your life.

But, it is likely that the world has been telling you who you should be, what you should want and how you should live. That to fit in and be accepted, you have to act a certain way, be a certain way, live a certain way and you know that isn’t who you really are.

It has you feeling like you are living a lie.

Who the world sees isn’t who you know you are, but you have been living like this for so long that it feels like it is just how things are and you may not know how to change it, or even realize you can.

What you do know is that there is a deeper nudge and calling that is happening for you that is wanting you to change it!

It is time for you to “come out of the closet,” so to speak, and be who you really are. To take off the mask and be free of the labels that don’t reflect your authentic self. You are ready to end the internal struggle and feel the peace and calm that you long for. And, although others may not be used to experiencing your authenticity, or even their own, it allows you a freedom to be who you really are and stand empowered in that knowing and expression of it.

Are you ready to make today the day you live your life as you really are and all the weight you have been carrying to fit in, and be what others expect you to be, to fall away? You no longer have to live your life to make everyone else happy, but to allow yourself to be fulfilled and satisfied in your own happiness, and that will ultimately overflow to those around you.

You can finally breathe in the relief of it being okay to just be YOU! The true and authentic YOU!

Are you ready to let go of what the world has had you believing is who you are and step into the truth of who you really are?

Who you really are is an amazing, fabulous, unique, gifted, and powerful divine being ready to spread your wings and soar!

In love,

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