Medical Intuitive

What is a Medical Intuitive?



A medical intuitive is a healer who has the ability to perceive physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances within their clients body on an energetic level. It is through using their intuition, or sixth sense faculty, that they can receive information from their client’s energy field allowing them to see with x-ray vision into what is happening on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level for their client.

Because everything is energy, by tuning into the client’s energy field, they can “see” what is happening within the body, its organs, cells, etc. And, because every physical imbalance, or dis-ease, stems from a deeper emotional or energetic root cause, the client has just moved out of their natural state of well-being as a result of it.

The medical intuitive is able to see what is happening on a physical level as well as being able to find the root emotional cause(s) which allows the client to become aware of where the imbalances may be originating from, thus providing the opportunity for shifts to occur that can return the system back to optimum health, wholeness and its natural state of well-being again.

Another benefit of this is that every form of dis-ease and imbalance begins in the energetic field before it manifests in the physical body, so the medical intuitive may be able to tune into ailments and conditions that have not yet become manifest in the physical body, which opens the opportunity to create the changes necessary to stop them from doing so, or to detect them early and the treatment may be less invasive than it would have been if it had gone undetected for a longer period of time.

Medical intuitive readings and sessions are not meant for diagnosing or treating medical conditions, nor is it meant to replace conventional treatments, but it can enhance and compliment the treatment the client is already receiving. And, if the client has a concern, it can help them find more peace with what is happening while working with their doctor or healthcare professional.


I have been incorporating medical intuition into my sessions with clients, and even using it to help family and friends, and wasn’t really aware that was what I was actually doing, so to enhance my own understanding and abilities, I attended a 20 hour class offered by medical intuitive, Tina Zion, the author of Become a Medical Intuitive ~ The Complete Development Course, and I received a Certificate of Completion. By doing so, it has allowed me to put more of a specific focus on this in the work I offer.



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