Up-leveling one’s life is not an easy task, for if it were, then everyone would be doing it, and obviously they are not. It takes effort, but does not have to be “hard” in the process. It is actually our natural state being the ultimately spiritual beings we are. It is our nature to want to expand and become more, but we can get caught up in the heaviness and density of the 3D world in which we currently have chosen to live, and thus, we forget this. We create resistance to our expansion and growth and becoming more of who we are through the illusion of believing that we do not have what it takes; that we cannot afford it in time or money; that others will not accept it because it will have an effect on them; or numerous other “reasons” we have come to use to feel okay with remaining small.

There are higher, universal truths that, when you really come to connect with them and begin to truly understand them, your awareness of what is available to you expands in ways that you never knew possible. The information you begin to receive and wrap your conscious, human conditioned mind around can actually feel like too much because on the deepest level you know it to be true, but your life doesn’t reflect it and others may not support you in it. Once you become aware of this information, you can never go back. It is now yours forever to know and, once known, means you have to base choices on how you are going to live from this information now.

As a topic to refer to, let’s talk money. Money causes the most problems in the world. It is our struggle with money that seeps into our relationships, our ability to have what we believe we want, how we live our life and even into our health. We focus on the “not having” of it and feel limited in what we can be, do and have. We base our life choices on money and how to get more of it, or not having enough of it. We feel trapped by it; controlled by it; even prisoner to it. But on an energetic level, all it is is a form of energy, a current if you will, that flows with ease once we remove our resistant and ignorant beliefs around it.

Everywhere you look, money is being referenced. People ask you for money for themselves or to help others less fortunate than you. You realize how much money you have or don’t have by the choices you feel you “have” to make due to its availability. You hear that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. You may believe things have to change with what the rich have so that you are able to have more.

The universal truth is that EVERY human being on this planet has the same flow of abundance that is available to them. It is equal in nature and available at all times. If that were true you may ask, then why doesn’t everyone have the same amount then? The answer is because of our conditioning and belief systems. Like the bodies of water on this planet, they continue to move and flow as they are created without effort because that is their natural state. The only time they really change is when man comes along and places a dam or some form of blockage in their way. And, even when this happens, the natural flow doesn’t really change, it just may be rerouted, adjusted or constricted. The same is true with the energetic current of abundance. Actually, it isn’t even about “money” really because money is a form of exchange we use as humans, it doesn’t really exist on an energetic level. The things that truly create your life in an abundant, joyous way, do not require money – such as love, joy, happiness, internal fulfillment and relationships. None of those really cost anything, but are more of the currency of our higher selves.

Only we can control our level of happiness, joy and internal fulfillment. It isn’t outside forces that determine that really, it is our ability to create that from within. Love is always free. When it is the highest form of unconditional love, there is no price to be paid for it. The type of love most function from is more conditional. It is about what you do for each other in the relationship as to how much love is shared. We use love as a weapon or a threat when things are not going how we want them to. The Source from which we all come doesn’t put any conditions on Its love for us. We may think It does, but It doesn’t. It supports and loves us just as we are and knows that It gave us the gift of free will choice to express and experience ourselves however we choose.

We are all always in relationships, with ourselves and others. There is “no cost” to our relationships other than those we impose from a human, limited mind, “what I will get” perspective, not from the higher self, “we are all one” perspective.

So, on a higher level “money” has no real value anyway. It is just our current human form of exchange for the things we desire. And, even then, it is not the only way through which the things you desire can come to you. Think back in your life when something that you truly desired, and this is an important part of the equation because it is about you TRULY desiring it, showed up without you having to exchange any money for it. Has this ever happened for you?

Money is really secondary to your heart felt, deep desire for a thing. An energetic truth is that you must first desire the thing before the money will show up for you to experience it. Money’s purpose is to fulfill a desire, so if you don’t have a desire, then there is no need for money to fill. This translates to those who live in struggle or lack as there being no money for the things they want, but yet, they really don’t have any strong desire to create new in their life and, here’s an important part too, to take leaps into the unknown without seeing the physical evidence of it first.

What does this mean? We have been conditioned to believe that we are first shown that the thing is possible by means of having the money for it before we have the need or desire for it, and then we just comfortably say yes to it and there it is. That is not how it works. You must first have a sincere, heartfelt desire for the thing and then decide that you want it enough to do what it takes – investing your time, money and effort into it – for it to begin to be created and show up for you. Instead, we want the money to show up first, like winning the lottery. What do people say as to why they want to win the lottery? Most say, “if I won the lottery, then I would buy these things,” but what they don’t realize is that without the clarity of what it is the money is really for, along with a true desire for it, if the money does show up that way for them, they would spend it up quickly, leaving them in the same place they began, only in a higher price/debt range, and probably not even realize how it happened.

To have the money you say you want, you must first get clear on what it is that you want. And, we are not talking about passing fancies of thoughts that sound nice, but the things that are truly important to you that you want to experience. That does not mean it has to be limited to things that you have been taught “should” be important to you, but really what you want. If you want to travel the world to see all the major sites and experience different cultures and people, and you really feel it at a deep level of desire, then the money, or more so the means to do it, will show up for you from you moving in that direction without necessarily knowing how it is going to happen.

If you just think it would be a nice thing to do because it sounds interesting, then the money, or means, will not need to be created and show up. As a matter of energetic fact, all the abundance, which includes the energy of money, that you could ever want or need is available to you right now. There is nothing you have to do to deserve it or to access it other than to become aware that it is available and that you must first have a reason, a heart’s desire, that is strong enough to bring it into your physical experience. Imagine if you really live from this knowing and never had to struggle with, or worry about, money again.

There is a vibrational frequency that you are currently in harmony with that is showing you what it is by the amount of abundance, including money, that you have in your life right now. It is not indicating anything is good or bad by what you have right now, all it is indicating is that you are in harmony with the frequency of what is currently showing itself to you in your life experience. It is likely not the truth of the frequency that you can be on because you are living in discontent, struggle, lack, worry and any other lower vibrational experience you can be having.

This is not your natural state. This is conditioned and learned experiences that you have accepted as your own truth and functioned from them. This information you are reading here is actually shifting your awareness of who you are and what is available to you. You get to choose to take it and create something new, or to just read it and continue as you are. It’s up to you!

Going back to the vibrational frequency, you can be shown how to connect with what is really true for you and anchor that frequency as your new one so that different experiences show up for you. This is something that will be shared in the near future, so stay tuned.

The biggest take away is that you are already abundant beyond your wildest dreams. It may sound wonderful, yet like a bunch of unobtainable BS at the same time. But, it is true. All the abundance, in all forms including physical world money, is available to you right now, you are just on a frequency where you cannot easily access it or even be aware of it.

Astronomer, Carl Sagan stated that the “absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence.” Just because you are not personally aware of something does NOT mean that it does NOT exist.

What if you have an energetic bank account with more abundance in it than you could even spend in one lifetime that is just waiting for you to become aware of it and access it through certain methods by which it can be utilized by you to express and experience yourself in amazing ways? It isn’t about just walking into this energetic bank and asking for it because then everyone would just be doing it, but it is about becoming in harmony with that bank account and understanding how to access it for you to become more and live your life from your soul’s perspective, not one of a superficial human experience based on what you believe you “should” be, want or have.

There is so much more than you see with your human eyes that once seen with your soul’s vision of truth, you will never be the same nor want to be.

Are you ready to shift your relationship with money?

In love,

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