My New Moon Message for You!







My message for what’s in store for you with the energy of this month’s New Moon!



Tomorrow, the 23rd, is the last New Moon of 2022.

It’s in the energy of Capricorn, and interestingly enough, the first New Moon of 2022 was also a Capricorn moon.

Capricorn energy is determined, resilient, and sets its mind on a goal and achieves it.

As we head into the new year, it is perfect timing for the new beginnings this energy brings.

The new year is going to bring lighter, more expansive energy than we’ve experienced ever before.

We are opening to a new heightened level of frequencies and experiences to go with them.

You’ll be invited by this new beginning energy to really step into your uniqueness, to express yourself in this world in ways that only YOU specifically can.

They don’t have to be grandiose or earth-shaking, but they are meaningful, significant, and important all the same.

It is time to embrace ALL of you, including all that has been beautiful in your life and all that has been challenging too.

The energy of this moon will be amplified because it will be closer to us than usual so this will boost the energy it offers us.

You’ll also be invited to get clearer on the path you want to take in your life and the directions you want to go.

As with all journeys, there will be side roads and course corrections along the way, so the clearer you are on where you want to go, the easier it will be to navigate the choices that present themselves to you.

The energy we are in is also ideal for designing what you want to experience in this next year of your life.

By reviewing what you want to bring to completion for this year and envisioning what you want to create for the next, you step into the new year with confidence, clarity and powerful momentum.

To support you in doing this, I’ve created The New Year Shift Event that is happening on the 27th at 7 pm EST via Zoom.

You’ll be creating lists for the energy of your experiences that it is time to close out and for those you’ll be bringing with you, as well as getting clear on what you want to experience in the coming year.

I’ve been doing this myself for a while, but once I started sharing this with others as a yearly event, I’ve experienced even more amazing results in my life and the way I energetically enter each new year.

I invite you to join us for this high vibrational, energetic experience we’ll go on together of consciously transitioning the energy of one year to the next.

You’ll see more clearly where you are going and even connect with your future self to find out what may happen along the way.

I love this kind of energy play and if you want to join us, then claim your seat at here.

As soon as you register, you become part of the energy of the event, so shifts will start happening in your energy field even before we are together.

Registration closes 24 hours before the event begins.

You’ll also receive lists you can download to assist you in determining what you want to release the energy of for 2022 (and even before) and what you want to create new for 2023.

I know how it has helped me consciously live the life I desire in more significant, powerful and purposeful ways.

I’d love to share this energetic experience with you!

And, please be aware that if you are unable to attend live, or whether you want to just experience it again, there will be a replay you can access until January 15th.

Remember to embrace and enjoy all the energy that this New Moon and elevating energetic time is offering you! 💜


Also, come be with us in the high vibe space of Your Spiritual Journey Playground Facebook group where you are among those kindred souls, always welcomed, seen, and loved.

This is a journey of connection, so come connect with us!

As I expand, so do the spaces I offer and hold for you to do so too.

We are in this together!

I invite you to begin thinking about and envisioning what you want as you complete 2022 and head into 2023.

These are magical, wondrous, and amazing times we are in, so let’s make the most of them from our highest, most conscious self we can.

⚡ You can experience my Monday Energy Blast that I share to assist you in experiencing more of what you desire to be in your life right now.

Stacey C. shared this about her experiences with the Monday Energy Blasts…
“I feel the shift in my physical body…volts and energy unblocking. I flinch or my spine adjusts or I feel something each time I do these Energy Blasts. It’s really Cool!! My business goals are happening now too since being in Tammy’s energy work.”

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Remember you are not alone as you walk your journey through it all.


If you are ever unsure of how to do this or are even hesitant to do it on your own, I am here with you and I have a space where you can experience it with others who are moving through it too and be held in high vibrational energy where you can safely go deep into those places for you.

It’s The Higher Consciousness Circle and I’d love for you to join us here!

It is a space where you can experience the next level version of yourself that is ready and waiting for you to step into with more ease, flow and alignment…and you don’t have to figure out how to do it alone!


You’ll receive daily high vibrational energy so you can live in your highest potential, purpose and possibilities to experience it in your life now!


In addition to that, you’ll experience high vibrational healing energy sessions, creation circles to amplify manifesting your desire, and expand your understanding and perspective with higher teachings, and lots more to have you living your best life!



You aren’t meant to be on this journey alone! Join us and let’s move higher together!




P.S. And, I invite you to join my Facebook Group where you can share your New Moon experiences and desires with us in the amazing, high vibe energy and connection you’ll experience there.






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