My New Moon Message for You!







My message for what’s in store for you with the energy of this month’s New Moon!



Since the Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8th, the collective energy has shifted.

Although we are in our cold season in the northern hemisphere where I am, and that is usually a time for “hibernating” because of the weather, the cool brisk air actually feels awakening and activating the senses.

Being in a higher vibrational frequency opens up your senses at a much higher level and what you likely didn’t notice before seems like a whole new level of vision and experiences for you.

I know that since I downloaded, and received for myself, the Divine Love & Appreciation Frequency Calibration and the Ultimate Divine Trust Activation, my senses have opened so much more that it feels like I am experiencing many things in my life for the first time in more glorious ways, and I was already hypersensitive, so what is happening now is next level sensory experiences.

The month of October for me felt like the longest month and like I had been “away” and hadn’t interacted with those around me, but I know that wasn’t the case, it is that I have expanded into a much higher level of vibration and it is truly a new one that I haven’t experienced before.

You may be noticing deeper internal changes for yourself as well.

Have you noticed any changes in the way you are experiencing your life and the world that feel more elevated than ever before?

The energy of tomorrow’s New Moon in Sagittarius (which is my sun sign) is an expansive one as we are heading into the end of the year.

As I mentioned, although outwardly it appears things are going to “sleep” for the winter, internally, we are waking up.

It’s as if our soul let us know that it is time to live from the higher version and frequency of ourselves rather than needing to continue in our old stories that weigh us down.

Viewing your life from the higher perspective and leaning into what is possible from there, is more elevating and expanding than viewing if from what isn’t working and trying to figure out how to change it.

Creating from higher frequency energy and calling it into your experience is way easier than attempting to manipulate or change the heavy dense experiences you are currently having.

Feeling good before you begin creating is helpful in working in the higher frequency energy of creation.

Sagittarius energy is adventurous and expansive and with this moon, Jupiter, its ruling planet, is very active adding to the expansive, abundant and playful energy.

Together, this is a next level expansion opportunity as we round out this year with its theme energy of Extreme Expansion.

No more playing around on the sidelines, wishing something would change, or just sticking your toe in water.

It is time to step up, invite those hidden parts of you to show themselves, embrace them for the experiences they’ve offered you, and join hands with your soul on this next level journey you can choose to be on from here on out.

It has been a decade since the many energy shifts began back in 2012.

We’ve had that time to play in the muck of our old stuff and work our way through it, returning to that heightened place of love from which we came.

Holding on to the old pains, wounds and traumas are out of safety knowing that gives us a place here, over exploring who we can be without them.

It is just old habits, conditioning, and outdated beliefs that keep perpetuating century-old stories.

No resistance to it will have it moving quickly, easily and almost comically through your energy.

You’ll be like…”I was still holding on to that thing why?”…and letting it move once and for all out of your energy.

Your soul is ready to take the human experience next level and more will begin presenting itself as opportunities, possibilities, and choices for you to do this with more ease, joy and fun!

Are you ready to say “Yes” and allow yourself to be guided in magical ways to what’s next for you on this human journey?

To support you in this next level expansion, I have a special for this Holiday “sale” season.

It will be announced in the Your Spiritual Journey Playground Facebook group this weekend when it begins on Sunday the 27th through Tuesday the 29th.

Come be with us in the high vibe space of Your Spiritual Journey Playground Facebook group where you are among those kindred souls, always welcomed, seen, and loved.

This is a journey of connection, so come connect with us!

As I expand, so do the spaces I offer and hold for you to do so too.

We are in this together!

I invite you to begin thinking about and envisioning what you want as you complete 2022 and head into 2023.

These are magical, wondrous, and amazing times we are in, so let’s make the most of them from our highest, most conscious self we can.

New Moon energy is that of new beginnings, so work with the energy of this moon to get in tune with what that means and looks like for you in the life YOU want to be living.

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Remember to embrace and enjoy the powerful energy this New Moon and energetic time is offering you! 💜










Remember you are not alone as you walk your journey through it all.


If you are ever unsure of how to do this or are even hesitant to do it on your own, I am here with you and I have a space where you can experience it with others who are moving through it too and be held in high vibrational energy where you can safely go deep into those places for you.

It’s The Higher Consciousness Circle and I’d love for you to join us here!

It is a space where you can experience the next level version of yourself that is ready and waiting for you to step into with more ease, flow and alignment…and you don’t have to figure out how to do it alone!


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In addition to that, you’ll experience high vibrational healing energy sessions, creation circles to amplify manifesting your desire, and expand your understanding and perspective with higher teachings, and lots more to have you living your best life!



You aren’t meant to be on this journey alone! Join us and let’s move higher together!




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