My New Moon Message for You!







My message for what’s in store for you with the energy of tomorrow’s New Moon!



This month’s New Moon tomorrow is in Cancer and that is the sign ruled by the moon, so this is a powerful combination of energy for you when they come together.

Cancer energy is about comfort, self-care, and domesticity.

When the moon is in Cancer, it accentuates your sensitivity and desire to seek comfort in your own space…the sanctuary that most feels like home for you.

You may find yourself wanting to be alone and feeling the desire to go within so you aren’t taking on the emotions of others or situations around you.

This is an extenuation of the energy of going within for more profound transformation that the Full Moon this month invited you to already move into.

This New Moon takes it a step further in inviting you to go within so you can expand to a new higher level for yourself.

You have an internal light that emanates from you and expands out as your energy field which is what others experience when they come near you, and vice versa for you as well.

With all the energetic shifts that we’ve been going through as a collective, and you as an individual, the time is now for you to allow that soul part of you to expand out and shine in greater ways.

For it to radiate out and draw to you those who resonate with your energy, and you theirs, to bring more fullness to your life and theirs as well.

The Cancer New Moon energy also amplifies your intuition so you can tune into yourself, your surroundings, and your heart’s desires with more clarity.

The energies that are moving all around you have much to offer in understanding how you want to view your life and the way YOU CHOOSE to live it.

When I was waking up the other morning, I received higher guidance that it is time to expand my light and field even further.

I already thought I was doing that because I have consciously worked with my energy to do so, and when I shared that, I got a visual of a golden bubble around me that grew beyond what I had ever visualized for myself up to that moment.

I will say, it felt a little uncomfortable to imagine it could be THAT BIG and I could feel that I’ll have integration time for that kind of expansion and functioning at the even higher level being in it.

It is a whole new level of outreach with my energy and who/what I will connect with now.

I’m being shown from a higher perspective that we are all being invited to do the same as this is part of the collective expansion into higher dimensional energies and consciousness that is happening now.

It isn’t about “playing small” or “not shining your light” already.

This is a whole new level that goes beyond even what you have been paying attention to in what is possible for you.

It’s more about stepping fully into collaborating with your soul and allowing yourself to consciously play with it on your journey in this lifetime.

This is part of what makes this time in history different from any other…you are no longer asleep to who you are or that this is your soul’s journey and you are the means by which it experiences it.

There is power in knowing that and in living in conjunction with it in a more awakened, intimate and dynamic way.

There is so much more to you than you even know right in this moment, and it is ready to reveal itself so that this life you live becomes one that is beyond your wildest imagination.

Part of what I love doing energetically is to tune into ways that allow us to integrate the energetic changes that are occurring for us, especially at the exponential rate they are.

The time and energy that we are in are definitely unfamiliar from our human understanding, so don’t feel like you are going through this alone.

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Remember to embrace and enjoy the powerful energy this New Moon is offering you! 💜










Remember you are not alone as you walk your journey through it all.


If you are ever unsure of how to do this or are even hesitant to do it on your own, I am here with you and I have a space where you can experience it with others who are moving through it too and be held in high vibrational energy where you can safely go deep into those places for you.

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