New Year. New Energy. New YOU!

Are you ready for 2021 to be a happier, healthier

and more abundant year for you?


New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

About 80% of resolutions never get accomplished.

Why is this?

Mainly because of a lack of deep enough connection to really wanting them for ourselves.

Most resolutions are created out of the thought of what you “should” do, based more on what the outer world tells you is expected of you, rather than based on being emotionally involved in the “what” and “why” of YOUR desire to experience them.

Energetically, You Carry Last Year’s Energy Patterns Into Your New Year

This may seem fine if you are bringing in those things that felt good and were going well, but what about all those experiences that you didn’t feel so good about or didn’t feel like they played out as you would have liked?

Most people, likely because we were not taught to do this, do not realize the importance and relevance there is in reviewing the experiences of the year that is ending and getting clear, with intention, on what you desire in the new year. By doing this, you are consciously pre-paving the energy of the next year of your life, rather than like most, just having it play out unconsciously by default for you again.

Successful, happy people with, what they would refer to as balanced lives, take the time to review what worked, what didn’t work, and what they want to create differently now.

Are you willing to take the time to do this for yourself?

In this busy and noisy world, we often forget to take stock of our lives and what we do want to experience more of and what we’d want to experience less of ideally. This step in itself can set you up for an amazing new year because you are ahead of most who don’t even realize the significance and power of doing this.

Although it is great to review old patterns in your life on a regular basis, and to get clear on ones you want instead, consciously bringing one year to an end and beginning the new year in a new energy is a very powerful and life-changing process. New insight and information bring with them the opportunity for greater up-leveling.


Would you prefer to repeat your undesirable patterns and experiences of the past year, or create and guide your life this new year into how you want it to be?

There is power in completing and shifting energetic streams that have been created. Energy continues to flow according to the purpose it was originally given.

Once you give energy a purpose, it becomes the pattern that it continues on until you consciously change it.


By bringing conscious completion to the experiences of 2020, and moving into 2021 with new energy, you will open the space for you to experience your intentions with more clarity, possibilities, and opportunities for making it your best year ever!


New Energy For The New Year

Instead of just contemplating what your life could be like, consciously create the energy that you want to step into as you move through the experiences of your life in 2021.

By consciously moving from the energy patterns of one year to the ones you want to create in the new year, your life will dramatically shift in the way you are living it in 2021 and even beyond that!



The energetic theme of 2021 is that of SELF PERMISSION.


It is about allowing yourself to be the one who gives you permission to be living the life YOU want to live.


We think that living our life according to what others accept or believe it “should” be is the way we have to live, but it is not!


We have been taught to ask for permission from everyone else in our life since we were a child. Permission had to come from our parents, older family members, teachers, clergy, and those we viewed in a place of authority. We weren’t allowed to really “decide” or “choose” for ourselves without them first saying it was okay. And, this continues into adulthood when we continue asking our employer, spouse, maybe still our parents and even our own children if we can be, do and have things.


The result of not receiving the permission we think we need from others is to feel guilt, obligation and shame for actually wanting something different than they may approve of.


These are ALL low vibrational feelings that produce more low vibrational feelings and experiences to continue to uphold and perpetuate them in our lives.


This is interesting since the greatest gift we were all given in this human experience is that of Free Will Choice.


Not even Source/God itself will make decisions for us, and we don’t have to ask It for permission to live the life we want. It will actually help us do that when we give ourselves permission to be, do and have what we truly want!


The energy of 2021 is inviting you to give yourself permission to live the life YOU want and the way YOU want it to be!


For you to step more fully into the power of who you are in the way you express yourself in your life and to release, and experience relief from, the heaviness that you have been carrying from the past and the life you were led to believe was the one you “should” live.


We are finally done with these old energies of believing that our life has to be lived for others rather than in the truth of fully expressing our own unique desires and who our soul intended us to be.


Let’s Do This Together!


There is amplified energetic power and creation when people come together with a similar focused intent.

I do this process for myself for the transition between 2020 and 2021, and for the last several years, I have invited others to join me.


I invite you to join me this time too!


I have already begun to create the space and my own intentions for the transition into the new energies of 2021. I can feel the energy of 2020 becoming lighter and many powerful shifts are already occurring for me, you, and the collective energy. It was just last week on the 21st that we entered the time we have been waiting for…the Age of Aquarius…where we will experience life from a higher perspective view of being part of the greater collective and Oneness from which we come.


So, here is what I am offering to support you in making 2021 your best and most amazing year ever!


Join me on Sunday, January 3, 2021, at 1:11 pm Eastern to


Bring conscious completion for you to your experiences of 2020 – both to the desirable and undesirable ones you have experienced so that the energy you take into 2021 is a higher vibrational level.

Step into 2021, and this new era we are entering, with more clarity and in a new, cleaner, high vibrational energy for the possibilities and opportunities that are available to you. This allows you to create your year ahead, and even beyond, from the new level of energy of the experiences you want to have moving forward in your life.

Begin the New Year from a conscious place of power, clarity and confidence in creating it the way you want it to be!

Calibrate your energy with the new frequencies the new year and new era (the Age of Aquarius) offer and align you with what you want to create and experience now! Including calibrating you to the theme energy of the year which is Self Permission.



“Tammy is a phenomenal healer and high vibe person.  As a healer myself, I know how important it is to surround myself with people with excellent energy.  This New Year, I’m investing (it is a million times worth it!!!) in her New Year’s event.  I KNOW how powerful it will be because every time I connect with Tammy, magic happens.  Join me, with Tammy, if you’re truly ready to release everything from the past that’s holding you back.  Let’s create bigger in 2020 and contribute to this collective energy.” ~ Annaliese Koltermann


The areas of your life you will be bringing completion to the energy of 2020, and amplifying the energy of creation for 2021 are:

Your Health, Vitality, and Fitness

Your Relationships – Romantic and Family

Your Spiritual Growth and Development

Your Social Life and Friendships

Your Career or Own Business

Your Money, Finances and Wealth

Your Emotional Well-Being


Your Contributions to Humanity/Collective Oneness

Your Overall Quality of Life


What would you like to bring to completion in each of these areas for 2020?

What would you like to create in new ways for this coming year of your life in each of these areas?

To prepare:

You will receive an email upon registering for this event that will provide the details that will help you to prepare your lists of what you are bringing to completion and what you are creating new streams of energy for.  You’ll want to read the email carefully and follow the information provided prior to attending the event. **You will receive PDF worksheets to write out your lists more easily.

If you are unable to attend the live event, that is okay. You will receive a recording of the event to still do the process fully. The beautiful thing about energy work is that you can prepare with the intention of participating even if you won’t be on live, and you will still be part of the energy of the event. Listening to the recording will help you to move through the process we will be doing together to solidify and ground your intentions and the new energetic streams of purpose you are giving to them.

Once you register, you will be in the energy of the event immediately, because of your intention and commitment to participate. I will be energetically preparing the space for the process we will be doing together, so the moment you register, your intention will be to participate in this specific event and the energy will already be moving and shifting for you even before January 3rd when we do it live together.

There will be Q&A time on the live event to receive additional support from me in bringing completion to the energy of your 2020 experiences and moving forward into the new energy of 2021 in your life.


*The event offered Zoom video chat or by phoning in. You will receive the details once you register. You will receive the recording in a follow-up email shortly after the event.


January 3, 2021 at 1:11 pm Eastern

New Year Event

Only $63


Yes! I want 2021 to be my most amazing year ever!



NOTE: Registration closes on January 2nd at 9 pm EST to have time to prepare your intentions and lists.




Join me for this New Year Event to release the old and bring in the new to live with more confidence, clarity and connection in 2021!


**Here is a Time Zone Converter to determine what time the event is where you are!**