Are you open to the opportunities that show up for you?

Opportunities come in response to your requests and desires. They are not necessarily verbal in nature, but are always emanating from you as a frequency that is responded to by the universe.

The thing about an opportunity is that it doesn’t always show up as you expected, thus, that is why many opportunities are “missed.”

Why do you not notice the opportunities that present themselves in response to your desires and requests?

You are conditioned to view life, and what is possible, through the lens of limited thinking according to your belief system, which is in place to keep you safe. If you believe that things have to show up in certain ways, such as to be wealthy you would have to win the lottery, you may not notice when an opportunity to fulfill your desire of wealth appears if it is not in the form of a winning lottery ticket. Your mind cannot fathom another way for it to happen.

How do opportunities show up then?

Opportunities can show up in any form in accordance with the frequency that they are on. The caveat to that is that opportunities will always show up at a higher frequency than you are currently on because they are meant to help you grow and move beyond your current comfort zone.

Your desires and dreams are beyond where you are now, or you wouldn’t have them. You would be content with where you are in your comfort zone and wouldn’t want anything beyond that, but you are not created that way. You desire more and that is part of what helps you grow and expand and become more.

So, when an opportunity shows up, and know that they always do in response to your requests and desires, they will ask of you more than you are necessarily comfortable giving, such as more of your time, money, effort or commitment.

People let opportunities pass them by because they will say that they don’t have the money, time, effort or commitment required to step into it. But, the interesting thing about opportunities that appear for you, is that it is possible for those things to be fulfilled once you say ‘yes’ to the opportunity.

Nothing ever shows up in your life that you cannot be, do or have if you really desire it. The universe doesn’t work that way. When an opportunity appears, it is inviting you to grow and step outside your comfort zone and when you say ‘yes’ and decide you are going to do it, the means for you to do so will appear. Of course, it will initially look like the things you need to do it aren’t there, but if you hold fast to the knowing that you can’t be offered something that you cannot actually have, then you must know that it is totally possible for you.

There is a quote by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, that shares…

“When opportunity came it appeared in a different form and from a different direction than he has expected. That is one of the tricks of opportunity. It has the sly habit of slipping by the back door and often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. Perhaps this is why so many people fail to recognize opportunity.”

With this new awareness, how will you begin noticing opportunities that show up for you and will you be willing to say ‘yes’ even when you don’t know how you can possibly do it? You only have to know that it can be done and be willing to take action in the direction of the opportunity. Your success is a desire of the universe, so it won’t let you down if you believe in you too!

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