Polar Harmonics™

Polarity Switching Session


Instantly Flip to a High Vibration to Create Exactly What You Want


Are you ready to create new patterns of thought and action to experience real results in your life and get exactly what you want, or something even better?

It’s time to uplevel your…

  • Finances and Abundance Levels
  • Health and Quality of Life
  • Relationships – with Yourself, Partner, Family, Friends, and Business Associates
  • Spiritual Growth and Development

If any area of your life isn’t what you want it to be, somewhere in your subconscious is a belief, a pattern or an emotional connection to something about it that is keeping you safe by not allowing you to experience what you want on a conscious level.

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same old patterns, same low places and you feeling like you just aren’t changing at the level or speed you want them to. You do the inner work and healing, you focus on the positive but you are still in that place, getting the same results, and your life reflects it. So, what if you can change all that in an instant? To shift the energy that you have been in to one that you want to be in. Based on the Law of Polarity

I keep doing the same thing over and over and I’m not moving forward on something important to me.

Is your childhood programming still influencing your life? Whether you are aware of it or not, it still is.


Are you ready to shift the old patterns, emotional traumas, out of date beliefs and energetic connections to other people that are keeping you stuck in undesirable experiences that seem to just keep repeating themselves, over and over in your life?

It is time to finally release and heal what is keeping you stuck in areas of your life, and what you would like to create and experience differently.

When you still have old patterns, emotional traumas, out of date beliefs and energetic connections with other people and experiences, they continue to create the situations, circumstances and experiences that you would like to change. You are unable to consciously choose to change them when you are not clear, on deeper levels, what it is that continues to perpetuate the same scenarios in your life now. You know that you want to experience something different and more to your liking.

The things that keep you stuck are like programs running in the background of your energy field. They continue to influence how you experience:

  • your finances and levels of abundance
  • your relationship with other people such as family members, friends, lovers, in business and at work
  • your body and level of health you have
  • your spiritual growth and development
  • and ultimately being able to trust yourself and your decisions as your authentic self.

In this session, the focus is on ONE specific area, topic, person or thing in your life that you are ready to change. Once it is brought to the level of conscious awareness, it can be released, healed and realigned so that it no longer keeps you on a hamster wheel of experiences that you are ready to bring to a level of completion and experience differently.


Polar Harmonics™


A proprietary energetic method of using activations, through high resonance vibrations, to switch from a lower vibrational focal point into its polar opposite higher vibrational focal point, clearing any remaining imbalances in the energy field and body, to create desirable, high-level experiences more easily and quickly in your life.




During your session, we will uncover and heal what it is that has you repeating the same old unwanted patterns. These patterns may include:

  • emotions you have not processed fully
  • generational energy that keeps being perpetuated down through your family
  • other lifetime attachments and repetitive energy streams
  • outdated beliefs that you acquired when you were young and have been functioning from subconsciously ever since
  • stuck energy in your physical body that is presenting itself as ailments, discomfort or dis-ease
  • and some type of connection to another person that has you living in a state of not being good enough or fear


Your Self Image – How you view yourself, love yourself, feel enough, worthy and lovable moving you into more confidence and clarity about who you really are and what you deserve


Your Religious/Spiritual Upbringing – How the religion, or spiritual teachings, you subscribe to influences your ability to step into your spiritual growth without feeling you are in conflict with their teachings so that you can begin to know the expanded truth of who you are and what you are a part of


Your Relationships – How your romantic, friend and family relationships have been playing out until now to creating more harmony, healthy, joyfilled and loving connections that feel good


Your Health – How your state of health is, and has been, to begin creating healing on all levels – physical, emotional and mental – and experience “reverse” aging for more vitality, vibrancy and vivaciousness


Your Money and Abundance – How having the abundance you desire is reflective of your own self value so allowing more of it to flow into your life with ease now and believing you deserve it and being open to receiving it


Your Spiritual Growth – How you have been on your spiritual journey thus far into experiencing more of your highest potential, purpose and possibility through an expanded view from higher levels of awareness, consciousness and connection



Experience a Transform Your Life Session

 In which you…


Receive a private one on one session offered remotely, via video chat or phone, anywhere you are in the world. For the best experience, please be in a comfortable, quiet location where you can relax and be open to receiving what is possible during this time for you.

Receive, prior to your session, me spending 30 minutes preparing by tuning into your energy and responses to the pre-session questions you provide relating to what it is you want to work on in this session. I inquire intuitively as to what, and even from where, it is that the experience, emotion, belief or pattern originated. This is where we will begin our work in the session and allow it to unfold from there. You may even feel or sense the connection I make with you during this time. I also initiate healing and energy work that assists in the shifts that will be occurring for you.

Will spend up to 60 minutes with me, working with the intuited information I received prior to the session as well as what presents itself in our conversation during, along with the intuited and channeled information that will come through then.

Receive guided and intuited exercises and processes that are specific to you and what you are currently experiencing in your life that we are releasing and healing. These are offered to help you create greater results by anchoring the work you experience during the session, to raise your vibrational frequency, allowing it to become your new natural state of being, thus creating more pleasing life experiences which will benefit your growth and expansion. You can use these as suggested and as desired.

Experience being held in a sacred space of love and a high vibration throughout the entire session, which will activate healing and shifts to occur for you on deep levels that we do not necessarily have to identify but will assist in the work we are doing.

*All sessions are offered Zoom video chat or by phone. A recording of your session is provided to you as an audio file for download and to access whenever you want to review the information shared and continue to receive the high vibrational energy and new awarenesses from it. You will receive the recording in a followup session email within several business days after your session.

Polar Harmonics Session ~ $297

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