Can you relate to this?

You feel like you are in a place where you are noticing that things aren’t working quite the way you want them to? For example, your finances, relationships, career, health or other areas of your life feel like they are actually going in the opposite direction that you want or are producing less results than all the effort you have been giving to them.

If you are responding with a ‘yes’ to this, then you are actually in an incredible place of possibility.

Why is this?

Before you can shift to the next level in your life, you must be willing to let go of what is not serving you in your current level. If you refer to the article ~ What Floor Are You On? ~ you’ll better understand why it is not possible to be on two different vibrations at the same time.

So, when you find yourself in what feels like a constrictive place ~ you have money or job worries, relationship discord, health issues, etc ~ and you aren’t seeing a way out or a solution, this is actually a time of being in a place where you have the opportunity to expand beyond where you are now and into what is possible at the next level for you.

Imagine being in an elastic sling of sorts (use a slingshot as a visual) and having it drawn back. The point that is drawn back gets smaller as it tightens to be able to be release and project the object into the distance. The tighter it is drawn back, the farther it will project the object held within it.

You and your life would be the object ready to be projected. The constriction you are experiencing is for the greater expansion that wants to occur.

There is a deeper part of you that is ready to be more; to experience more. That part of you that decided to come into this experience for the expansion of it all. You have been wanting this since you were born and on the path to its creation and fullness.

Why is it so uncomfortable and constrictive?

To grow and expand, you must experience discomfort. Being comfortable actually keeps you in the circumstances and life experiences that you say you want to change, so it is through the discomfort that you are able to experience more.

For you to want to create change, you are not usually likely to cause yourself to be uncomfortable, so the discomfort that is required to motivate you to do it must be created first. When things become heavy, stressful, or constrictive, you want change, even if that means being uncomfortable because it is likely to be better than it is.

In the pulling back into the constrictiveness, you have the option to choose to let go and allow yourself to expand in greater ways.

Is this scary?

Yes, it usually is. But, the possibility of what can happen is what is meant to compel you to being willing to take a leap of faith. To move into a space you haven’t known before, but is greater and more wonderful than where you currently are.

And, it wouldn’t be happening if you were not ready for it, so it really can only get better if you allow it to.

The question is, are you ready to allow yourself to expand into the life you can have, and may even be dreaming of, or are you going to choose to stay, for some more time, in this constrictive experience because the expansion is too unknown or uncomfortable?

The beauty of your freewill choice is that you get to choose which you want to experience, so it is up to you to decide! So, what is it going to be?

In love,

P.S. Since the constrictiveness is meant to create the expansion that you want at a deep level, it will continue until you choose to move into the expansion. Just decide if you want it to take a shorter or longer period of time by choosing to let go and expand, or continue to stay where you are for now.

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