Do you focus on one side of the coin when it comes to where you put your attention?

In the spiritual community, many are promoting being “positive” and staying away from the “negative” but how many are pointing out that they are two sides to the same coin?

You cannot have half, or one side, of anything. All things in the universe are created as a whole. These two sides show up everywhere in life as light/dark, up/down, left/ right, front/back, male/female, north/south, east/west, positive/ negative, sickness/health, good/bad. The opposite side must also exist and exist in the same place.

Have you ever seen someone walking down the street with only their front side and no back? It is not something that you are going to see and that is because of the Law of Polarity.

Everything has an opposite which is equal and opposite. Because of this law, you can know that if there is a lack of anything in your life, there must also be an equal amount of abundance of that same thing that is available to you at the same time. It is about where you are putting your focus and if you have become polarized to one side or the other.

How can you shift your focus?

If you only focus on the lack, you are polarized to that side and you literally cannot be aware of the abundance that is in equal amounts that is there for you as well. The way to notice both sides is through centered awareness.

From the place of centered awareness, you can notice both of the sides and then choose which you want to experience at any given time. This is a very empowering place to be because you are in control of where you place your attention and what you want to amplify in your life.

What does centered awareness look like?

In math, you worked with an axis on a graph. To the left of the axis was the negative side and to the right was the positive side. The locations on the graph were always equal from the center if you went to the same point in either direction of the axis.

Imagine sitting in the center of the axis and if you go to the left, that would be lack, and if you go to the right, that would be abundance. You acknowledge and are aware that both sides exist, but your experience of each is determined by which direction you place your attention.

Why does the Law of Polarity even exist?

Because, as mentioned, everything is created as a whole with two sides. You came to earth to experience the contrast this 3-D world offers which is created by this polarity.

You get to decide where you put your attention for what you want to experience. You wouldn’t even know there was abundance if you didn’t know or experience lack. You wouldn’t know there was darkness if you were only in the light. The experience of the two sides offers the contrast that makes life more exciting and rich in its wholeness.

Each side is offered in every experience so that you can have the fullness of the experience. Instead of holding your focus on the thing that you do not want to experience, acknowledge that it is there and then turn to the opposite side and place your attention there. Where your attention goes, the energy flows, thus amplifying it so you will experience more of it. As much as you can believe something is bad, it has to be equally as good.

Isn’t that an amazing and empowering awareness to have? So now that you know, which side of the coin are you focusing on?

In love,


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