Do you ever wonder why, when things seem to be going so great, suddenly unwanted stuff starts happening and it seems to overshadow the good stuff?


The reason for this is explained through the Law of Polarity, which states that everything has an opposite, and it’s equal and opposite. This translates into there being two sides to everything, as seen in a left and a right, an up and a down, a front and a back. The opposite side of everything must exist and it does so in the same place. For example, if it is 6 feet from the top of the door to the bottom of the door, then it must be 6 feet from the bottom of the door to the top of the door. Both are equal and always present in the same place.


So, why does everything have an opposite and equal side to it? Because all things in this universe are created as a whole. You don’t see only the front of something without also having the ability to see the back of it as well. It shows itself in the yin and yang symbol, in light and dark, in positive and negative, in male and female. Each one of these exists to make the whole. You can’t have one without having the other. There are no halves or partials in creation, as this can be seen in all of nature. Just take a look outside at the perfection of it all.


If you think there is only half of anything, it is just in your perception. By focusing on only part, or one side, of something, what you are looking at is incomplete and false in nature. The conditioning you received in your upbringing, and from society, is likely to have directed you to only look at one side of things, this is where judgment comes in.


By judging things, you focus your attention on only one side of the thing, causing a polarization to occur. You only see the one side, so you end up just noticing that side, not realizing that there is the other side of the whole and when that side shows up, it surprises you because it is unexpected in your perception. This is why being aware of the Law of Polarity can greatly benefit you in how you experience the fullness of everything in your life.


There will never be a time that the whole doesn’t exist in any situation or experience. This is a wonderful thing to understand because, that means, if things in your life are not as you would like them to be, when you are able to recognize that the other side of the situation or experience exists, then you can know that how you would like it to be must also exist and does so in the same place.


Since you look through the lens of your understanding and belief system, which is generally only looking at half or part of your experiences, circumstances and outer world, that is where your attention is going and you feel almost blindsided when the opposite of it shows up. What if you were to take a step back and open yourself up to the possibility of seeing both sides and allowing yourself to acknowledge that they both exist, and then direct your attention to the one that feels the best to you?


Here is the caveat, you can only see in another, be it a person, situation or experience, that which is in you. So, to see the whole, you must become whole.


Your wholeness lies in knowing yourself as your authentic self and choosing to live from that place in your choices and the way you express yourself in the world. Living from your authentic self is the purest form of expression that your soul can have and brings you into balance in all areas of your life. It is your truth and where you will find your purpose and why you are here. By becoming whole, you are able to shift your consciousness and how you perceive your life. When your perception changes and allows for a greater expanded view, you can choose to do things differently.


How would it feel to have more balance in your life? To live from the authentic you where you are aligned with what you really desire to experience and express in your life? It is possible and accessible to you at any, and all, times.


In love,


Published in the February 2017 issue of Body Mind Spirit Guide and can be viewed online

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