Thank you for scheduling your session!


💥Please read this page!💥

To receive the most benefit from our time together, please review the following information carefully in preparation for your session:


• You’ll receive an email with your unique session details to connect with me via Zoom. Be sure to keep it in a safe place for access to the information. You will receive reminder emails as well.

The reminder emails will come to you closer to your scheduled time, so be sure to watch for those emails, as they are your confirmation of still attending at the scheduled time. Since both of our time is valuable, I will show up for you, so please commit to showing up for yourself, and me, as well. Should there be any changes in your schedule, please make the appropriate changes to your session to honor and value both of our time.

• You’ll want to be in a comfortable, quiet location where you can relax and won’t be disturbed during our time together so that you can be open to receiving all that is possible for you. This time is about you and what can be created in your life!

• We will spend up to the amount of time referenced for your session, so please plan for that in your schedule.

• Be aware of your intentions for the session and what you want to experience and receive during our time together.

• During the session, you will be receiving very high vibrational energy that will be permeating your energy field and body with activations and healings for your highest benefit to assist you in living your soul’s intended expression of itself in this lifetime.

• This high frequency energy also creates movement in stagnant, blocked or old energies in your body and energy field that are ready to be cleared, released and healed so that you can move into the next higher vibrational frequency

• There will be shifting in your cells and DNA to assist in your physical structure acclimating to the higher vibrational energy you receive.

• This higher vibrational energy will open you up to receiving and experiencing greater awarenesses and expansion of your consciousness so that new information, both from your energy field and soul, as well as from infinite wisdom, become part of your experience now.

*If your session is a paid one, you’ll receive a recording as an audio file for download and to access whenever you want to review the information shared and continue to receive the high vibrational energy and new awarenesses it offers. You will receive the recording in a followup session email within one to two business days after your session (but usually sooner).

• If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them as time allows.

Thanks so much and I look forward to connecting with you for our upcoming time together!

With love & appreciation,

Tammy Braswell
The Vibrational Goddess




Energy is powerful when you know how to consciously give it purpose to assist you in creating what you desire.

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Your life is meant to be the way YOU want it to be!

Use the Magic available to make it so!

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