The Key to Your Akashic Record Program

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Congratulations on saying ‘yes’ to accessing and utilizing the powerful spiritual resource…your Akashic Record!


Accessing and working in your Akashic Record is going to change your life! There is no other spiritually based resource that is as true or powerful as it is!

It is ALL the stories of your soul’s journey in this physical plane.

Your Record holds more information than you could imagine or are even aware of that explains the choices you have made in each lifetime that has led you to here. By working with the energy of the stories in your other lifetimes that are continuing to play out and influence your experiences in this one, you can transform the life you have and want to live now!

Please follow the order the audios are in the first time you move through the Program. They are in the order that is necessary to provide you with the most benefit from the Program and you will have an understanding of the work you will be doing within your Akashic Record.

Once you have moved through all the audios once, you can choose to listen to the ones that you feel will assist you.

Please note that the Activations are only meant to be listened to, and experienced, ONCE, so those you will not need to listen to again once you have completed them.

Anything is possible for you with the knowledge and wisdom that your Record can and will share with you. Have fun and enjoy this level of your journey in this lifetime!

Much love,



Begin here…


1.  The Instructional Audio ~ Listen to this audio first (1st)


This audio provides you with all the information you need to understand:


    • What the Akashic Records are
    • Why your soul chooses to live multiple lifetimes
    • Why you want to access your Record
    • How you can change the energy of your other lifetime experiences
    • What is like in the Akashic Records 
    • What you can do in them and how to do it 
    • How you go into the energy of your other lifetimes 
    • How to inquire about your future in this lifetime
    • And more


(Time: 47:57 minutes)




The Activations…


These are ONE TIME Activations so you only listen to these once and you will receive the Activation that they offer.

**As a reference point in this work, an Activation energetically, through frequency, opens you up to something you already have access to, such as dormant abilities, qualities and gifts, that you are not conscious of to open for yourself.  Some Activations are meant to be received once and others can be received multiple times.  It depends on the intention of the Activation and what it is meant to open up within you.**


2.  The Activation to Enter Your Akashic Record ~ Listen to this audio second (2nd)


With this audio, you simply listen to it and it activates your ability to easily access your Akashic Record whenever you desire. 


(Time: 14:26 minutes)




3.  The Activation to Connect with Your Guide ~ Listen to this audio third (3rd)


With this audio, you simply listen to it and it activates the connection with your guide within your Record that will help you navigate, locate and retrieve the information you are looking for along with assisting you in doing the healing work you want to complete.

(Time: 14:59 minutes)




Prepare To Do The Work…


4.  The Examples of Healing Work Audio ~ Listen to this audio fourth (4th)


This audio provides you with examples of a variety of stories and experiences that have been revealed in individual Akashic Records and how the healing work for each was completed. This will assist you in getting started in how to go about doing the healing work in your own Record. 


(Time: 33:13 minutes)


Transcript of Audio



The Journey into Your Akashic Record


5.  The Journey into Your Akashic Record Audio ~ Listen to this audio fifth (5th)


This audio guides you into the Hall of Records and your personal Record where you’ll be able to review the stories of your many lifetimes. In doing so, you can identify where your old patterns and emotional traumas originated to do the healing work you desire in them.


(Time: 10:50 minutes ~ This is the actual time of the audio, but you will pause in the middle to do the work you want to in your Akashic Record)




Advanced Akashic Record Work


Advanced Akashic Record Work Audio ~ Listen to this audio after finishing all other audios and becoming familiar and comfortable in accessing your Akashic Record


This audio offers additional advanced ways to work within the energy of your Akashic Record to reveal your theme energy for this lifetime as well as connecting with your personal spirit guides and receiving the details about them so you can consciously know each of them and communicate with them for their higher support in your life.


(Time: 20:41 minutes)




Live Q&A Call


On this Live Q&A Call, you’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions and receive support from Tammy as you navigate through your Record and what you are experiencing there. (Value = $297)


Call Details:

When: Tuesday, November 3rd at 6 pm Eastern Time

Where: Zoom

There will be an audio recording replay if you miss the call. Please submit your questions to if you are unable to attend but would like your question to be available for a response.


Live Q&A Audio – 11/3/20 (56 minutes)




Special Bonus


Doors to Possibility:  Consciously Stepping into the Next Level of Your Life Guided Audio


Listen to this audio after you have completed one time through the other 5 audios for The Key to Your Akashic Record Program.


With this guided audio, you’ll move from the path of probability you are currently on to consciously choosing the new path of possibility you want to take your life more quickly to the next level. 

You’ll be able to see what is possible for you in the next several steps you could take and choose to leap forward into those experiences without having to take the slow steps of getting to each one. See what is available next for you in your life now! 


(Value = $198)


Part 1 – Listen to first  (Time: 6:45 minutes)


Part 2 – The Exercise  (Time: 15:44 minutes)




Private Session


Uplevel Your Experience In Your Akashic Record…


Have a private session with Me!


I know the value in having one on one support to ask YOUR questions that are specific to your situation, so to add to all you will already receive in The Key to Your Akashic Record Program that will have you accessing your Record, I want to open up a special private session with me.


In the Akashic Record Clarity Session:


  • You’ll have a 50 minute 1:1 private session with me that will provide personalized support to help you get clear on any aspects of accessing or understanding your Akashic Record that may come up on your journey into your own Record and the work you can do in it.


  • This session will support you as you navigate through this work you’ll be doing in your other lifetimes and bring clarification to any aspects of it that you will be unique and specific to you.


  • I can go into a lifetime you are working with to assist you in better understanding and deciphering of the work you want to do in it and answer any other specific questions you may have that will help you perfect the work you can do in your Record.


  • You’ll receive a recording of your session to have access to the information we go over as often as you desire.


The investment for this private 1:1 session with me is


Only $297



Yes! I want my session with you!



** Please be aware, I only offer a select number of private sessions with me now. **