Turn Up Your Vibration

Consciously Raising the Frequency of Your Life Audios





What if you could consciously attract into your life the things you WANT over that which you DON’T WANT just by changing your vibrational frequency?


You are like a radio station sending out a frequency that draws back to you similar people, circumstances and situations that are a similar frequency. It is like listening to 88.7, you are not going to hear the music on 103.5 unless you change the channel.

The same applies to you. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you want to know more about the Law of Vibration because you are attracting to you that which you resonate with. Change your frequency, change your Point of Attraction and what you experience as your reality.

Once you know how to recognize the frequency you are on, you are able to more consciously raise your vibration to one you desire to create the results you actually want.


In these audios, we’ll focus on raising your vibrational frequency to shift your Point of Attraction and call into your experience more of the things you desire.


To do this, you’ll discover:

  • What your vibration is and how your vibration influences what you experience
  • How you can change your life by raising it and how to tell where your frequency is at
  • And an exercise to raise your vibration whenever you want to


Being aware that you are a vibrational being that is creating your life experiences from the frequency you are on at any given time will allow you to consciously notice where you are at and then create the shifts you desire to change that which you do not want to continue experiencing to things that you do.


Listen to this audio first (Approx 6 & 1/2 minutes in length)


Listen to this audio second (Approx 5 minutes in length)


Listen to this audio third (Approx 8 minutes in length)


Exercise audio (Approx 15 minutes in length)



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Tammy’s clients share their experiences in working with her:

“I was elated to get the opportunity of finding Tammy! She is so friendly. She listens. She’s coaching you to make your decisions by your gut feeling and good sense. She has made me aware of how we can find opportunities to make our dreams reality. No matter how little or BIG. We must have a mindset of what we want and the determination to pursue it whether it be financial, health, relationships, etc. Focus on the benefits presenting themselves, and Voilà! Tammy is a very talented soul.” Bette R.

“I connected with Tammy when I took her college class and find what she shares to be valuable and interesting information. Things she has shared with me have brought new insight into my life and have improved the quality and experiences of it. I feel more centered; have more peace of mind; noticing what’s not best for me is moving out of my life; I haven’t had any disagreements with anyone; feel more positive; I am re-thinking my life with the very best in mind for me. I do believe my life has changed for the better from working with Tammy and I would recommend her work for everyone who wants to be more centered in their life. And who wouldn’t? Thank you very much, Tammy, for your life-changing processes!” Sandra H.

“You are wonderful and have incredible healing skills. When we spoke, you helped me release the emotions I was holding onto about my mother, which was 17 years of misery that I didn’t have to live with. I didn’t know that was one of my issues when I spoke with you, but you helped me to understand that it was and helped me to let her go. That changed my life and understanding of everything. I would recommend that others use your services to heal their issues that are holding them back too.”  Tracy B.

“After working with Tammy for over two years, it has been an amazing and awesome journey. We have done clearing and healing work in my past lives; identifying and releasing emotions from my past that have been keeping me from receiving and experiencing more of what I want in my life; and intuited and channeled insights and guidance, specifically for me, that have helped direct my path in new and exciting ways. Each and every session offers new information and new things to be shifted. Looking back to the past, it is amazing how I have been able to expand my awareness in such profound ways. I don’t know exactly how I got here because the shifts were subtle, but the work we have done together has been exciting, profound, deep and transformative. I have had the most wonderful and amazing realizations, adventures, insights, and inspirations with her.” Putri S.

“You’ve helped me immensely, Tammy. There is a real difference in the love that I feel for myself, the gratitude I feel every day, and my willingness to do the work necessary to move forward, and consequently, move up. It’s become so very obvious to me when I’m thinking, seeing, and acting on a higher energy level than someone else in my life. It’s changed my perception, attitude and the way I react to someone making choices based in fear. You’ve helped me to see this. You’ve helped me to make choices that have created positive change in my life. Little by little (and sometimes in grand leaps), I am changing in positive ways. You have a gift. You can truly help people to think and see better things in themselves and others around them. I’m so thankful for the work you’ve done with me. You’ve helped to move me from a place of fear, indecision, and longing to a place where I can honestly see myself. I can (and have begun) to do the work a little more every day. I leave behind the feelings of despair and overwhelming thoughts and move to a place of clarity, health, and abundance. I’m making time to meditate, to focus on what is truly important to me. You’ve given me that gift. Thank you from my heart.” Tracy T.

“Tammy is one of those special people that comes around once in a lifetime!” Charles B.




Meet Tammy


Tammy Braswell, known as The Vibrational Goddess, is an intuitive channel, high vibrational healer, Akashic Record expert and Energetic Creation coach and teacher.

She supports women on their spiritual journey to heal their emotional traumas, limiting beliefs and old patterns to vibrationally align with their soul’s truth, path and purpose so they can fully express that in how they live their life now with confidence, clarity and connection.

She has been sensitive to energy, spirits, and the unseen planes of existence since she was a young child. She is highly connected to Spirit, higher energies, and the unlimited consciousness of Source itself, which she channels as All That Is. She understands how energy moves and our role in creating from the vibrational frequency we are at.

Through her own experiences, she knows the value of having support, which for many years she did not have, so she assists others along a similar path in their journey to navigate through the unknown and unfamiliar experiences they are having. In this way, they may embrace who they really are by stepping into their truth to experience and express their unique gifts, abilities, and connection in ways that serve them and the collective whole, as their soul intended.

Tammy’s work is her proprietary blend of all that she has studied, intuited, channeled, and experienced firsthand in her own life, as the intuitive channel, high-vibrational healer, Energetic Creation coach/guide/teacher, and creator of new energy methods, she shares now.

She is here to support and guide you along your spiritual journey!



Energy is powerful when you know how to consciously give it purpose to assist you in creating what you desire.

Discover the 4 powerful ways to use this energy technique to amplify your ability to manifest what you desire in your life now.

Your life is meant to be the way YOU want it to be!

Use the Magic available to make it so!

Thanks for connecting with me!