Do you…


Feel lost in the sea of all the other people on this planet?


Ever wonder what makes you special or different from them?


Ever wonder what even connects you to them?


Being in a human body can make you feel so separate from everyone else. You look out at the sea of different faces, bodies, beliefs, actions of each of them, and obviously notice that you are separate and different from all of them.


You were likely not taught that you are unique or even really should be.


Since you were young, you were likely taught to fit in and to compare yourself to others.  To notice where other are at with their levels of happiness, success, accomplishments, dreams, goals and aspirations and compare what you have, and where you are at, to theirs.


This way of viewing your life often has you feeling like you are not enough if what you currently have does not live up to what you believe others have and that you should have.


But…this view doesn’t allow you to see just how amazing, magnificent and uniquely special YOU truly are!


Snowflakes are a wonderful way to see how you can view your life differently and recognize just how special and unique you are as an individual as well as your contribution of that within the whole.


Think of all the snowflakes that have ever fallen throughout all of time and that each one is unique. No two snowflakes are exactly alike. That is a lot of uniqueness in what would look to the naked eye as just a bunch of snow.


Each of those snowflakes, in their unique specialness, does not look to the other snowflakes to determine their being enough in the scheme of things. Each one plays its part in the snow fall process. They live in the fullness of what they came to do. Each one is important and significant because it adds benefit and value to the whole by being a part of it, and just being itself.


You wouldn’t hear a snowflake being jealous of another snowflake and what it looks like. They wouldn’t be comparing themselves to what the other snowflakes are doing or how well they are doing it.


They are each equally beautiful, special, unique and valuable individually and as part of the whole.


What if you lived your life with a snowflake’s view on life?


You are amazing as you are. Your individual uniqueness makes you so. You bring something special to your life and the lives of everyone just because you are YOU!


There is no one else like you. Even if you are an identical twin, you still have your own unique qualities, and likely as special little mole or birthmark that sets you apart as a unique individual.


There is no need to compare who you are or where you are in your life to others. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Everything you have experienced up until this point has brought you here and made you into who you are.


And…that is awesome!


You have unique gifts that are ready to be expressed and experienced in your life and to be shared. You being here makes this world a better place.


Are you ready to embrace your uniqueness, know that you are enough just as you are and allow yourself the beauty of being part of all that is because the world would never be as wonderful without you in it?


Be proud of who you are and be your own snowflake!


In love,

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